• Dec 2, 2018

you Thought how it is correct to train a dog? Education of your pet is very important, the well-mannered dog does not deliver to the owner an array of problems. Each of us hopes that his pet was brought up and executed a certain set of commands. Let's sort now how to bring up and train a dog.

Correct Education and Training of a Dog


Do not allow your dog to jump at all on a bed or a sofa as she quickly gets used to it and will give you an inconvenience and a certain discomfort. At meal at a table, never throw her the remained pieces of food. At your pet the corner where he eats is obliged to be. You have to understand huge difference between learning of teams and education.

Correct Education and Training of a Dog

Inoculation of certain qualities to your dog is a schooling to the main laws of behavior and forming with it certain relations where your dog has to understand that you main and you it is necessary to obey.


At the correct approach, it is easy to train any animal. The main thing to know certain rules of training and to follow them. When you already came into contact with the dog, it is possible to start training of the first simple teams. It is better to carry out training in the park or on the street, but after your pet is walked and will have a rest.

Gingerbread or whip? What to choose?

At the initial stage encourage a dog for any executed command. Training is more based on emotions of the pet. If your dog executes the commands delivered to her and to earn a reward for it in the form of delicacy, then process of training will be mastered by her quickly and easily. Also when training the behavior of a dog will be much more favorable.

Correct Education and Training of a Dog

The attempt to train the pet by shout or under pressure is the biggest mistake for beginners. At such training the dog will show aggression or to be afraid and run away constantly, without listening to your teams. But with your dog it is impossible to be and too soft. Do not indulge and do not play time of its training.

Remember that your pet when training needs a certain approach. Also the character at them different is a lot of breeds of dog. Rather you should adjust ways of training, arranging them under temperament of your pet. Remember that the dog is a descendant of wolves. For success in training she has to become the member of your family and to recognize you as the leader.

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