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Children love puppies of a Labrador because of their playfulness and affection for the little owner. The dog is pleasant to adults the unpretentiousness in leaving. Several decades ago this breed was considered as exotic. Today the Labrador can be seen in many families where the dog became really devoted friend to the owners.

Correct Education of Puppies of Breed Labrador
Children love puppies of a Labrador because of their playfulness and affection for the little owner

the First days in the new house

From that, how fast the dog will get used to new housing and strangers who surround her, her health will depend. Too little puppy needs mother. To replace her care even with the best leaving from the party of the person very difficult. For this reason it is necessary to take an animal who already was 4 months old.

If the announcement of sale of a puppy of a Labrador was published 1 month in the newspaper or the Internet, you should not respond to it. Possibly, the pet not the professional manufacturer, but the fan who seeks for fast receiving profit sells.

the New owner of a dog needs to be ready to some difficulties which expect him after emergence in the house of the pet:

  1. Having appeared in a new situation, the animal will want to get acquainted with the objects surrounding it closer. It will taste wires, room slippers of the owner, flowers and books. It is necessary to punish and abuse a dog for such behavior softly and carefully. It is strictly forbidden to beat, leave without food, etc. The more delicately the owner will bring up the pet, the quicker there will be a growth of trust between an animal and the person.
  2. If the puppy snapped at some thing, it is not necessary to try to pull out it by force. The pet's teeth did not get stronger yet.
  3. In the first nights in the new house the puppy can whine. The owner should not put an animal near himself in a bed. The pet should get used to sleep to one, he still small so far. To disaccustom it is almost impossible to sleep in a master's bed of a Labrador of 7 months.
  4. The puppy can have a dandruff that speaks about a severe stress. The animal feels it is in danger. The pet needs bigger attention and has to feel love and care of the owner.

of the Requirement to a diet

Newborn and monthly puppies eat milk. Then the manufacturer gradually begins to accustom them to more rough food. Future owner has to know precisely, than fed an animal in nursery. Within the first four months of a puppy it is necessary to feed with that food to which he got used, adding new products. Sharp transition from one power supply system to another will lead to the fact that the animal will refuse food.

Considering rapid growth and mobility of a pet, the owner has to give to the puppy high-calorie products. Use of dry feeds needs to be limited. It is desirable to apply them only in case of emergency, when there is no an opportunity to cook to the pet full-fledged food: on the way, at the dacha, outdoors. The regular use of dry feeds leads to a kamneobrazovaniye.

The puppy from 2 to 4 months is usually fed by 5 times a day. Then the number of feedings has to be reduced to 4 times. Into half a year the animal passes to three meals a day. In a year the dog needs to be fed twice a day.

Puppies cannot give sweets . Besides, they should not offer that food which is eaten by owners. In dishes for people there is too much salt and spices. Animals suit grain, eggs (protein is not recommended), bread, greens, vegetables, fruit, meat (crude or boiled).

Labradors are inclined to obesity. The owner has to watch strictly a diet of the pet and not allow an animal to eat a large amount of carbohydrates. Three times a day instead of two, but small portions are better to feed the pet. The mobile Labrador will manage to spend calories that will help it not to gain excess weight. However and too it is worth avoiding a lack of weight.

Not to allow an imbalance, it is necessary to adhere to a diet on months – to feed animal certain number of times, considering its age. The vitamin complex which the veterinarian has to appoint will help to support immunity.

Leaving and education

Labradors do not need specific leaving. Wool at animals smooth and short. It is possible to comb it 2-3 times a week. The puppy of a Labrador of 3 months who seldom goes outside or does not walk in general can be bathed considerably less than an adult individual. Representatives of this breed differ in cleanliness and watch themselves at any age.

It is necessary to cut claws as required. If the animal spends the most part of time on the street, this procedure becomes optional. Claws will independently grind off about asphalt and the earth.

Ears of an animal should be cleaned at least once a week. If the owner noticed that the Labrador often scratches an ear from which the unpleasant smell proceeds, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Eyes of a puppy also need leaving. It is necessary to wipe them a damp tampon in process of pollution.

Correct Education of Puppies of Breed Labrador

Education of a puppy has to begin in the first day. needs to acquaint the Animal with the room where he will live, and people with whom he should communicate. The pet has to know how his tray looks and where there are its toys. It is necessary to accustom a pet to hygiene. It is not recommended to leave a puppy alone the first several weeks.

From four-months age of the pet it is necessary to accustom to the street. About one year he has to manage to wean from a tray. Growth of a Labrador at one-year-old age will not allow it to use this adaptation. To accustom the pet to celebrate need on the street rather simply. For this purpose he needs to be walked after the active games, a dream or meal.

Daily walks will help a puppy to adapt to an unfamiliar situation. He has to learn to communicate not only with the owner, but also with people and animals whom he sees for the first time. The owner of a dog is obliged to disaccustom her to react to sounds: voices of passersby, noise from the passing cars, etc. That socialization of a puppy was more successful, the owner should show tranquility in any situation. The dog will feel that everything is under control.

Correct Education of Puppies of Breed Labrador

Health of a puppy

How puppies of a Labrador look, it is possible to judge also that, how well they are looked after by owners. The animal has to be well-fed, but without excess weight. Healthy hair of a dog always smooth and brilliant, without bald spots. Extremities of a Labrador dense. If the appearance of a dog differs from this description – the pet is unhealthy.

Labrador is considered a hardy animal, who is ill very seldom. However to some illnesses this breed has special predisposition. Labradors often have diseases of eyes and ears, paraproktity, osteochondrosis, food allergies and displaziya of elbow and coxofemoral joints.

During the first 45 days of life do to a dog 2 inoculations from worms. If the manufacturer was unfair and not imparted a puppy, the owner needs to give to an animal antivermicular medicine in several days after the pet replaces the residence. It is impossible to offer a puppy of means from worms before going to the veterinarian on an inoculation.

The animal receives complex vaccination in the first 2 months after the birth. At three-months age the pet needs to do vaccination against rage. After vaccination the animal has to be on a quarantine not less than 14 days.

Correct Education of Puppies of Breed Labrador

of the Habit of a Labrador

The Labrador has own habits which representatives of other breeds do not have. The earlier the owner learns features of the pet, the it will be easier to undergo education. Labradors differ in natural bents which cannot be ignored in the course of training, for example:

  1. Even if the pet already big by the sizes, he still likes to play with the owner. Puppies differ in the greatest playfulness. At the same time the animal needs to avoid overfatigue. Long walks and sharp movements lead to injuries of joints.
  2. Puppies of a Labrador like to swim. In city apartments there will be not enough usual bathtub. The animal should be taken out to warm season to the river. Especially useful to the pet will be jogs on shallow water. They will help a puppy to strengthen muscles of extremities and will protect joints from possible injuries.
  3. Labradors need rest. Representatives of this breed much and often sleep. The owner needs to take care of a berth on which rest will be the fullest. It is necessary to explain to children who like to play with dogs that during sleep the pet cannot be disturbed. Defective or insufficient rest can harmful affect nervous system of an animal. The high security of food and a dream is most important in the first year of life of a pet when his organism is only formed.

The dog is often called by reflection of the owner. The animal adopts many traits of character of the person with whom spends the most part of time. If the pet differs in aggression, does not listen to teams, spoils things, the owner has to begin not with punishments, and with revision of the behavior.

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