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the Dog the setter is a kind of cops of the dogs intended for hunting. On the historical homeland – in Ireland – breed of dog the Irish setter is national pride, and in the world these hunting dogs are quite widespread.

the Dog the setter is a kind of cops of the dogs intended for охоты.

Популярность and the dog won love of manufacturers thanks to the magnificent working skills and appeasable character. Worldwide the Irish setter is known to most of inhabitants thanks to massive advertizing of a production forage Chappi in which the red dog of this breed played a leading role.

the Popularity and love of manufacturers a setter won thanks to the magnificent working skills and appeasable характеру.

История origins of breed

the Dog of breed a setter appeared in the 16th century. at first removed breed of the English setters, and then by crossing of these dogs with bloodhounds and the Irish water spaniels selectors received the new species of dogs called by the Irish red setter.

In those far times the aristocracy of Great Britain was fond of hunting for birds, and dexterous hunting dogs were required for them. Manufacturers decided to remove such breed, and as a result the first Irish setters soon appeared. In some reliable sources there are mentions of red-white and red animals with a mask of black color.

The group of manufacturers worked on removal of new Irish breed, receiving the dog possessing not only working skills, but also other important qualities was their purpose. Pedigree dogs had to differ in fearlessness, excellent intuition and hearing, endurance. They also had not to be afraid of water and shots, to have the average sizes with harmonious proportions, dense wool, an underfur and a strong, not heavy constitution.

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In the middle of the 19th century at a professional exhibition experts showed 60 brought dogs. As officially new breed of dog was not registered by then yet and the standard did not exist, judges estimated setters visually. Thus, each of pedigree dogs was classified differently and could receive excellent or satisfactory assessment. Thanks to such exhibition, the first records about new hunting dogs appeared. In several years in Great Britain, and then and in Ireland created pedigree clubs.

By the end of the 19th century the official description of breed was made. in the territory of the USA soon too became interested in these animals. But the Americans who were engaged in removal of the Irish setters placed emphasis only on an exterior, disregarding workers of qualities. As a result the decision to divide representatives of breed into 2 groups was made. The Irish setters who are falling short on an exterior treated group of working dogs, and the dogs who do not have sufficient skills, but being constants of the participant of exhibitions, were ranked as decorative.

In Russia manufacturers preferred to be engaged in cultivation of working Irish setters. Representatives of this breed were considered as excellent hunters, but it was quite difficult to train them. The Russian manufacturers decided to improve a little breed and soon achieved positive results. The "Russian" Irish setter became more appeasable and clever dog.

Description of a Dog Setter

Appearance of the pet

The Irish setters are the excellent hunting dogs allocated with fidelity, indefatigability, passion and endurance. Representatives of this breed have appeasable, friendly and tender character. According to the standard standard, the weight of the Irish setter has to vary from 25 to 35 kg and be in harmony with growth of a dog. At the same time in growth a male the setter has to reach from 58 to 67 cm, and a female – from 55 to 63 cm

The color of the Irish setter can vary from saturated red to red and chestnut. At a coloring of a red setter there can also be white color at fingers, a thorax and a muzzle of a dog.

There is a wrong opinion that there is a so-called "exclusive" kind of the Irish setters with an unusual color of wool. Actually the coloring is the main distinctive feature of all setters and on it them and divide into subgroups. The Irish red setters can have only above-mentioned colors, and individuals with other color of wool are representatives of other subgroups.

So, dogs reckon with a white main color of wool and red spots as breed of the Irish red-white setters. Dogs with a black color and the sated red podpala are representatives of the Scottish setters, and individuals with black-and-white color of wool – the English setters.

The Irish red setters as it was already told above, are divided into workers and show dogs. At decorative dogs wool quite long, and ostevy a hair soft. To workers who are forced to float, run on thickets and swamps, long wool to anything as it only disturbs them.

Description of a Dog Setter

Character of the Irish setter

Representatives of this breed very much temperaments are also hazardous as hunting skills in them are developed quite well. They can constantly pursue a game, look for it and survey the territory. are necessary for Active pets long walks and run to dump the collected energy. thus after completion of process of training can walk a dog in the forest and the abandoned parks.

It is possible to call the Irish setter safely by universal breed as he is not only an excellent hunting dog, but also the devoted partner. After active walks and a dense meal the dog turns into the tender, peaceful and good-natured pet. Representatives of this breed like to play with small children therefore suit big families. Loneliness for setters is intolerable – they endure long separation from the favourite owner very painfully therefore the owner should think properly before acquisition of a puppy, to solve whether he will be able to find for it a lot of free time.

As the Irish setters are quite friendly, at timely socialization they will be able to get on with other dogs and cats. Alone with the pet at the same time it is better not to fill small rodents, birds and polecats as they can awaken in him a hunting instinct.

Description of a Dog Setter

Education and training

Process of education and training of the Irish terrier assumes existence of a large number of time. In certain cases the help of professional manufacturers can even be required. The basic course of training is given to a dog not easy, and here assimilation of more difficult tricks after passing of basic takes place already much easier.

On walks of a dog it is better not to lower from a lead as, having heard rustle in bushes or chatter of birds nearby, the dog right there will rush forward, and it will be very difficult to keep up to the owner with her. the Irish setters are hazardous hunters who always concentrate the attention on other small pets and therefore early socialization is necessary for them. The puppy needs to be acquainted with cats and small dogs from infantile age in order that they got used to them and did not perceive in the future as potential production.

The passion of the hunter can lead to unreasonable aggression to other animals, but it is cruel to punish the pet at the same time it is impossible. As well as other cops, the Irish setters are very sensitive and emotional, and ill treatment from the owner can injure their mentality. As punishment it is necessary to use demonstrative offense, but not manhandling in any way. As a last resort it is possible to slap slightly the pet up to grain a newspaper parcel. Next time, having only heard a newspaper rustle, the setter right there will understand that his actions are wrong. The beating a lead or hands will not bring absolutely any results, and the dog will only even more become embittered.

If the owner has no time or an opportunity on long walks with a dog in the forest, then they need to be replaced with dog agility or swimming.

Working setters need special training. After achievement by a dog of six-month-old age it is necessary to begin to train it, and on the real hunting it is possible to take only a year more later. Cops are, as a rule, used for detection and raising of a bird on a wing, but the range of their abilities are much more various. For example, in Germany the Irish setter is used for hunting for badgers and hares.

Description of a Dog Setter

Leaving and keeping of the pet

The universal breed of dog is suitable for contents in multystoried and private houses. At the same time accommodation of a setter in the open-air cage on the street, especially in winter season, is not recommended as at representatives of this breed the underfur is poorly developed.

Care of the pet will demand much free time and efforts of the owner. needs to provide to a dog not only daily trainings, but also hygienic procedures, care of magnificent wool and the balanced food.

When keeping the Irish setter in the city apartment the owner has to be ready to a large number of hair on carpets and things. At the correct leaving the amount of the accumulating wool on coverings can be reduced considerably. In the period of a molt of a dog it is necessary to comb out carefully every day. The underfur which is not removed in time can lead to developing of a bacterial infection.

Water procedures should not be too frequent because shampoos and plain water it is capable to wash away protective lubricant of skin. It is possible to put on special suits which will protect magnificent wool from pollution walk, and on arrival home will only be to wipe to the pet of a paw enough. Not to wash an extremity, it is possible to put on special footwear. At the same time it is necessary to consider that footwear will not allow to be washed to claws in the natural way and they should be cut by means of a kogterezka.

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As this breed of dog has tendency to developing of otitis, the owner has to examine ears of a dog daily. At detection of a raid auricles need to be cleaned. Eyes need also to be processed as required.

The Irish setter can be fed industrial a premium with sterns or natural food. When ensuring the correct leaving, the balanced food, physical activities and routine inspections at the veterinarian the pet will live more than 12 years.

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