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Among fans of dogs becomes more and more popular the dwarfish Dobermann terrier resembling usual superficially, but it is less by the size.

Among fans of dogs becomes more and more popular dwarfish доберман

Также at this breed the following names:

  • mini-Dobermann terrier;
  • dwarfish pinscher;
  • zwergpinscher;
  • royal pinscher.

The breed combines graceful appearance of a Dobermann terrier and diminutiveness that allows to support these animals in city apartments.

At first people used a tiny Dobermann terrier as the security guard and the rat catcher on farms and конюшнях.

История origins

Many cynologists consider the homeland of breed Germany. It is supposed that the mini-pinscher ancestor (English a black and subdead terrier) was delivered from Great Britain there. Some researchers consider that history of these dogs originates in the 15th century. The dogs living at that time in Switzerland resembled a modern dwarfish Dobermann terrier superficially. However authentic data on origin of these dogs, unfortunately, do not exist. It is still unknown why this breed is called sometimes "the Japanese pinscher".

At first people used a tiny Dobermann terrier as the security guard and the rat catcher on farms and stables. Selectors paid the attention to a mini-pinscher at the beginning of the 20th century Great popularity these dogs began to get in 1954 when the representative of breed for the first time participated in the exhibition held in England. Since then the dwarfish mastiff began to contain as a decorative pet in Europe. In Russia pinschers became known after World War II.

of Feature of a dwarfish pinscher (video)



Interesting feature of a dwarfish pinscher is his gait. It is often compared to gait of a horse. The dwarfish mastiff strongly raises forepaws when walking. Such gait is called still dancing. The standard size pass the pinscher is made by 25-30 cm. The weight of an adult individual reaches 5-6 kg. The small size makes these pets convenient for contents in small rooms while ordinary Dobermann terriers are not recommended to be supported in conditions of the city apartment.

the Zwergpinscher differs in perfectly developed muscles and strong frame . Standing ears have triangular shape. Dark eyes differ in big expressiveness. According to the standard of breed at puppies of a dwarfish pinscher the tail is stopped to 2 cm. However a large number of opponents of this procedure appears recently.

Wool cover rigid to the touch and very short. Therefore zwergpinschers are unpretentious in leaving. The color is one-color (red) and two-color. Among the last are known black and subdead and brown and subdead (the American representatives have breeds).

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Character and temperament

Breed of dog the dwarfish pinscher differs in high intelligence. It is considered very clever and bright doggie. However it it is impossible to call character simple. Such lines as pride, obstinacy, independence are characteristic of it. Pinschers do not tolerate persistence and the negligent attitude towards themselves. Therefore adults are recommended to get them.

If in family there are children, then it is necessary to explain them rules of treatment of these pets. Also it is not necessary to leave a dwarfish Dobermann terrier together with the small child unguarded. The pinscher is rather friendly dog and will not show aggression without cause, however will not be able to suffer rough and inaccurate actions of small children.

In relation to other pets the dwarfish mastiff can show aggression, especially to same-sex dogs on walks. If in the house there are already animals, then it is not necessary to get an adult individual. The little puppy of a pinscher who usually friendly treats other animals will become good option.

The zwergpinscher usually is suspicious of strangers also mistrust. At appearance of new guests in the house he can loudly begin to bark. But the correct education will be able to correct a situation. The socialized pet will show aggression only to those people who threaten his owner.

Fine memory of a dwarfish pinscher allows to train him easily. This dog remembers teams very quickly. It is easy to accustom a puppy of a dwarfish pinscher to a toilet. But it is worth remembering that constantly it is impossible to indulge a dog of this breed. Her representatives need education and training. It is necessary to get such doggie to strong-willed people. Otherwise the puppy quickly will become whimsical and spoiled.

Description of a Dwarfish Dobermann Terrier

Leaving and health

An important condition of keeping of a dwarfish pinscher are regular physical activities. The breed has big mobility and playfulness therefore suits the people leading active lifestyle. It is necessary to walk a dwarfish pinscher not less than 2 hours a day. It is worth remembering that the hunting instinct at him is strongly developed. The breed was used not only for protection of farms earlier, but also for catching of rats. Therefore on walk it is necessary to watch the pet constantly. It is not recommended to lower him from a lead at all.

Thanks to short wool it is rather easy to look after these dogs. It is necessary to comb it a special brush 2-3 times a week. Bathing with shampoo is carried out in process of pollution (1 times in 2-3 months). You should not abuse water procedures as it can break a protective layer of wool and lead to irritation of skin. After walk it is enough to wash up paws and to wipe a wool cover with a damp towel.

Description of a Dwarfish Dobermann Terrier

Besides care of wool, the dog needs to clean regularly ears, eyes and to cut claws. Special lotion which can be bought in any pet-shop well is suitable for cleaning of ears. At emergence of the dried-up allocations from eyes they are deleted with the wadded tampon moistened with warm water. Claws cut in process of their growth of kogterezky.

some diseases occur In mini-pinschers, namely:

  • diseases of eyes (cataract and glaucoma);
  • stones in kidneys;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of joints.

Because of short wool they can freeze on walk in winter season. Therefore at subzero temperature it is necessary to reduce duration of walking or to dress the pet. Average life expectancy of a dwarfish pinscher makes 15 years.

Description of a Dwarfish Dobermann Terrier

How to feed a zwergpinscher

The owner needs to decide on a type of a forage at once. It can be either natural, or dry. When choosing the last it is worth paying attention to its quality. The balanced diet is the key to good health of an animal therefore it is not necessary to buy the cheapest forage. It is better to choose dry feeds of the famous producers.

the smallest breeds of dog (video)

At natural feeding it is necessary to make a diet correctly. Low-fat meat, fermented milk products and wholegrain porridges surely has to enter it (in a small amount). It is possible to add a diet with fresh or boiled vegetables. Many dogs eat vegetable marrows and carrots with pleasure. The list of undesirable products includes potatoes, pork, bread. Is strictly forbidden to give to a dog confectionery, smoked products, fast food.

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