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the Big German spitz-dog is one of ancient European breeds. Germany is considered the country of origin of dogs. Perhaps, the peat dogs living on swamps in the Stone Age were their ancestors. Spitz-dogs are room, however they well feel also in a country house, living in a garden. They differ in rather good health and are capable to sustain severe weather conditions.

Description of Breed of a Dog German Spitz-dog
the Big German spitz-dog is one of ancient European breeds

of Dogs of the German spitz-dog refer to small breeds which include several versions differing in the size and a color of wool. Allocate 5 options of breed:

  1. Wolfspitz (кеесхонд). The largest representative. Its growth averages 43-45 cm weighing from 20 to 25 kg. They are distinguished by compactness and a harmonious constitution. "Points" – a combination of various shades around eyes are characteristic of a keeskhond. Representatives of this look are only a gray wolf color.
  2. Big spitz-dog (grosspitz). It is less than previous version, but also belongs to dogs of the average size. Growth in withers fluctuates from 40 to 42 cm. Average weight is 17-20 kg. The spitz-dog can have a color white, brown or black with a black underfur.
  3. Mittelspitz (mittelspitz). Height in withers is 30-37 cm, weight – 8-12 kg. Can have a double curl on a tail. Dogs of this version have a color continuous black, brown, white, orange, wolf and other (cream, sable and any of the called flowers in combination with white). The spitz-dog white has to have purely - white wool without signs of yellowness.
  4. Small German spitz-dog (klyaynshpitsa). Has height in withers of 22-29 cm and the weight of 5-8 kg. It is called still tiny. The spitz-dog possesses dense fluffy wool and reminds a little young lion. Color of wool at a kleinspitz, as well as at an average, differs in a variety.
  5. Zwergspitz (Pomeranian). Has height of 18-22 cm with an average weight of 1.5-3 kg. The color is allowed any – gray, red, beige, brown, black.
Description of Breed of a Dog German Spitz-dog
of the Dog a spitz-dog are very mobile and vigorous, especially at young age

At all species of dogs height and length of a body have a ratio 1:1 therefore their format easily fits into a square. Thanks to the small sizes spitz-dogs move smoothly and quickly. It seems that they almost do not concern the earth. Dogs a spitz-dog are very mobile and vigorous, especially at young age. They are very sensitive and require from the owner a lot of attention and caress. The breed type does not affect character and temperament of a dog in any way.

of Feature of breed German spitz-dog (video)

Description of appearance

All kinds of breed have similar lines of appearance. Dogs are distinguished by a compact harmonious body, strong extremities, a short strong back and very fluffy tail which the dog holds curtailed into a dense ring over a back. The healthy dog has to straighten easily him and wag freely. the Main signs of breed are the following:

  • small growth;
  • wool direct, vertically raised with a dense short underfur;
  • on a neck and a breast wool lies in the form of a volume collar;
  • the head and ears are covered with a hair with short hairs;
  • the small head has the extended form and gives similarity to small types of breed with a fox;
  • small triangular ears are located closely to each other, always standing;
  • kleshcheobrazny bite;
  • paws are roundish, short with volume small pillows;
  • the tip of a nose, lip and eyelids of black color, only at dogs with a brown color is allowed dark brown pigmentation;
  • eyes are oval, the average size, dark.

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of Feature of character

Spitz-dogs are cheerful and tender dogs . But at the same time they are mistrustful to strangers and are good security guards. Dogs with pleasure participate in noisy games, active walks in the fresh air. They have balanced character, differ in mind and devotion. It is easy to train them as they obedient and easily remember all teams.

Spitz-dogs are good friends. The mood of the owner is transferred to them, and they skillfully adapt to it, without showing importunity. They are courageous, but not aggressive, good partners for children.

The spitz-dog easily studies various tricks and with pleasure shows them. At education it is necessary to show endurance, to exclude punishments and shout. Otherwise it is possible not only not to achieve result, but also to do much harm to mentality of an animal. They like to be the focus of attention and are ready to attract it in any ways: jumps, run around owners, loud bark. They well get on with other pets, showing to them friendliness and tolerance.

Description of Breed of a Dog German Spitz-dog

Care of a spitz-dog

Care of a dog begins from the first days of life in the master's house. It is necessary to allocate the place where the pet will be able to have a rest. From early age a puppy has to get used to water procedures. should Bathe him 1 time in 2 months, and after each walk it is enough to wipe paws of an animal from dirt. Dense hair of spitz-dogs needs daily combing. Puppies are born with a short adjacent hair which rises in 2-3 weeks. From 3 months at dogs the periodic molt begins. At this time the special brush combs out not only the long confused wool, but also underfur hairs.

Description of Breed of a Dog German Spitz-dog

of the Rule of food

The healthy nutrition will allow a dog to keep as long as possible good physical shape and to have beautiful brilliant wool. Puppies should be fed 4 times a day, to the adult pet of rather 2-times food. It is necessary to include meat in any kind in a diet, dairy products (milk, cottage cheese, kefir), eggs. It is necessary to avoid flour products, potatoes. It is impossible to give small or sharp bones. Fish it is necessary to clean from bones. Rice, millet and buckwheat are suitable for preparation of porridges. Carrots, beet, cabbage are recommended to be crushed and added to porridges. It is possible to feed the pet with ready-made feeds, but it is better to combine them with home-made food, dividing on reception time.

the Interesting facts about spitz-dogs (video)

Dogs of this breed are more often than others suffer from obesity therefore it is necessary to watch the frequency of feedings and quantity of food. Vitamin supplements can be given only after consultation with the expert.

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