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as the lovely, obedient and devoted pet as well as possible. This breed is suitable for contents in small apartments and families with children 8-9 years are more senior.

Description of Breed of Dog Papilyon
as the lovely, obedient and devoted pet the dog папильон approaches as well as possible.

Papiyon treats continental toy spaniels. Feature of appearance of a dog are the her ears similar to wings of a butterfly. Because of this similarity the breed received the name.

Breed of dog папильон – small and graceful. At dogs the small head with a thin muzzle. Big dark eyes of an almond-shaped form. Eyelids are pigmented. A color, as a rule, white with spots. Puppies of breed папийон are not suitable for contents in families with small children.

Description of Breed of Dog Papilyon
Papiyon treats continental той-спаниелям.

История emergence of breed

The breed папийон appeared in the 14th century. Dogs папийон are descendants of a continental dwarfish spaniel. The homeland of these lovely doggies is France. They quickly gained foothold of favourites among the nobility and kings. The king Henry III was even accused of waste of royal treasury on purchase of small doggies of spaniels. Doggies of a butterfly followed the king everywhere, even on the State Councils, and had access to the king's bed. On medieval cloths it is possible to track as the breed developed, they were often represented by the famous painters. Butterflies remained favourite breed among the high society and in Renaissance and the Reformation.

Standards of breed:

  1. Papiyon in withers has height of 25-26 cm. At most 28 cm are allowed
  2. The head is proportional to a body, the size average.
  3. Eyes are almond-shaped, large, are low put. Surely dark color.
  4. The neck is average, it is smoothly bent.
  5. The muzzle to a nose is narrowed, a straight line, there is a transition from a forehead to a muzzle.
  6. Ears are located highly, at an angle.
  7. From the inside wavy hair.
  8. A tail the long, curved tip slightly touches a back.
  9. A woolen cover long, without underfur.
  10. On a muzzle wool short.
  11. A color white with spots of any color.

At the beginning of the 20th century manufacturers crossed breed папийон to the German spitz-dog. Thanks to such mixing, wool of the French papilyon became more dense and richer, with beautiful gloss. The English club of dog breeders in 1923 recognized breed папийон, and the standard for this breed was adopted in 1998

Description of Breed of Dog Papilyon

Character of an animal

Dogs of breed папильон a butterfly – playful and very active animals. The breed belongs to tiny, but they will not leave absolutely manual and quiet "toys". These dogs enter ten the cleverest on the planet. Exclusive intelligence induces to study constantly these small doggies the world surrounding them. As the breed папийон concerns spaniels, hunting instincts in it is much bigger, than at other dwarfish dogs, such kids with pleasure chase production, butterflies and small rodents.

It is undesirable to get together with papilyony small animals (rats, hamsters, etc.).

Distinctive feature of this small active doggie is invariable optimism and ability always to lighten the mood to the owner. Papiyon – a dog extremely devoted to the owner. They very much become attached to the person, at long separation very much grieve and are depressed. Papiyon does not suffer ill-treatment, they often take offense even at shout. Still these dogs are very jealous. It is shown in the relation not only other pets, but also is frequent to family members.

of Feature of breed папильон (video)

French папильон has magnificent memory that facilitates its training and training. The breed папильон a butterfly is more aggressive in comparison with other dwarfish breeds. The dog is ready to advocate the interests and to resist to other dogs irrespective of their size.

That папийон did not turn into the constraining or aggressive pet , him it is necessary in time and it is correct to socialize. It is better to begin socialization with the earliest age. If not to make it in time, papilyona can show aggression and a negative to other pets and even to family members.

Such breed will suit not really active people as it is impossible by the way. French папильон feels comfortable even in small apartments. To them frequent and long walks and power loading are optional.

Gallery: breed of dog папильон (41 photos)

Healthy nutrition

Good nutrition is a guarantee of health, a brilliant woolen cover and a positive spirit of a favourite dog. Features of feeding of a dog of a butterfly especially differ in nothing from feeding of other types. A difference only in number of the food consumed by a dog. Unbalanced food leads to loss of gloss of wool and its drop-out.

The puppy of a papilyon up to 5 months needs to be fed in certain time of 5 times a day. To two times meal the dog is translated from 8 months. It is impossible to overfeed a dog at all, to feed up her candies and bones. It is impossible to leave constantly food in a bowl. It is important to measure strictly amount of the consumed food, without allowing the pet to gain excess weight. The bowl for water has to be always filled with fresh water.

Description of Breed of Dog Papilyon

Care of the pet

Breed папильон the butterfly does not demand too difficult leaving. It is necessary to comb wool not less than 2 times a week. It is enough for its maintenance in good condition. The breed папийон has no underfur. The molt occurs 2 times a year. At this time it is better to increase wool comb-out frequency. Bathe doggies in process of pollution. Use of special shampoos and conditioners for animals allows wool to sputyvatsya less, and it is easier to comb it, for this purpose apply a special brush. Special attention should be paid wool on ears. To prevent formations of the confused wool lumps, it is necessary to comb ears 2 times a day.

care of teeth is very important For small breeds. for this purpose teeth to dogs clean regularly and give special preventive stones. These measures will allow to prevent mouth diseases to which small breeds are inclined. Claws are cut off 2-3 times a month in process of their growth. Ears from the inside wipe with a wadded tampon, moistened in special gel. For health of a dog it is regularly and in time necessary to visit the veterinarian, to perform vaccination and to save the pet from parasites special means.

Description of Breed of Dog Papilyon

Training of an animal

Breed of dog the butterfly actively contacts to people, they are self-confident and fearless, well give in to training. The dog quickly understands what from her is required, and there is no need to often raise the voice. It is pleasant and easy to bring up this intellectual even to the inexperienced owner of dogs. The main principle of training – persistence and tasty encouragement. On physical punishments a total ban. Changes in intonation of the owner and his relation for a papilyon will be sufficient punishment.

Training needs to be begun right after appearance of a puppy in the house. To start it it is necessary to train to react to the nickname, to accustom to the place and a toilet. It is not necessary to allow the kid to sleep in different places and on beds. Desire to sleep on master's beds is dictated by tendency to domination. Taking the place on the owner's bed, the kid is sure that he becomes the main thing in the house.

For schooling of a puppy to a toilet it is necessary to take out as often as possible it on the street. In successful attempts it is quite good to encourage a puppy with something tasty. So he will quicker learn accuracy and cleanliness. It is very important to teach from the very beginning a puppy that is possible and that is not present.

the Interesting facts about dogs (video)

At the beginning of training for one occupation 15 minutes there are enough. Gradually time can be increased up to 40-50 minutes. Encouragement for command execution has to happen immediately, otherwise the dog just will not understand for what she is indulged. On undesirable actions reaction has to follow also immediately. Training an animal, you should not show excessive softness or rigidity. Too soft address will not allow to achieve any results – папийон just will not consider necessary to execute commands. If to show excessive rigidity, the kid will just be frightened and will only wait for the end of such training. Bringing up an obedient doggie, it is necessary to consider features of psychology of papiyon.

A dog the butterfly is graceful and harmonious. The proud gait and free movements do it by graceful, tiny, incredibly beautiful being. The dog perfectly approaches as the family favourite, with her it will never be boring. Thanks to lively wit, the dog is capable to understand mood of people quickly. It will not bother if the owner is not ready for games. The doggie a butterfly especially needs caress and attention. Remaining alone, grieves and has a stress. A dog you should not leave for a long time one. He has to feel necessary and favourite in family. Good memory helps a dog with difficult situations to find the solution. Fluffy dogs quite easy in leaving. Have good health and very hardy. Easily postpone any travel.

Despite so interesting historical past of a dog, папийон it is not really widespread today in the country from where such remarkable breed appeared.

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