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the Staffordshire terrier is considered one of the most dangerous breeds, but numerous fans of these dogs can argue with it. They are sure that staffa are the most courageous, clever and hardy dogs. Experts note that representatives of this breed perfectly give in to training. They are rather clever therefore if the owner behaves correctly, then and with a dog problems will not be. But the Staffordshire terriers need high-quality training. At the correct approach it is possible to make a good dog who will be suitable for any kinds of works of a strong shchenochk: both for protection, and for hunting and even sports competitions.

Description of Breed of Dog Staffordshire Terrier
the Staffordshire terrier is considered one of the most dangerous breeds

there Is a stereotype that staffa very aggressive. Actually they possess quite steady mentality, but it is necessary to work with an animal. Otherwise the dog will begin to be capricious, and in such situation of problems not to avoid.

Description of Breed of Dog Staffordshire Terrier
the stereotype that staffa very much агрессивные

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This breed is the bright representative of views from number of guard dogs. Dogs grow low, but they have very powerful constitution, strong paws and a thick neck. Such dog at the correct training can become the excellent watchman of the territory or the bodyguard of the person. With well trained staffy it is not terrible to walk in the evening on dark streets.

This breed of dog differs in special mind, but at it also the obstinacy share is present. Therefore the manufacturer should work much to come into contact with an animal. If to show to the Staffordshire terrier who in the house the owner, then problems with a dog will never be. But it is necessary to consider that at this breed the security instinct therefore there are problems in communication of an animal with other people, except the owner is very strongly developed. It will attack at once any being who стафф will consider potential danger to object of protection.

But the Staffordshire terriers worship the owner. These dogs do not transfer strangers, but will love the person to the last gasp. Best of all staffa work as security guards of private houses. They can protect the yard, but it has to be reliably fenced. If the dog manages to get out, then there will be many problems.

Description of Breed of Dog Staffordshire Terrier

In the apartment the Staffordshire terriers are suitable for contents too. The good security guard is useful everywhere. But it is necessary to consider that needs to bring up such dog , otherwise it will become uncontrollable and dangerous to people around. Living in the apartment, staffa will require a lot of attention and long walks. The manufacturer has to be ready to the fact that he should fulfill these requirements. Otherwise the dog will behave very badly and to intentionally create problems, the obstinacy share in character of the Staffordshire terriers nevertheless is.

As for a possibility of simultaneous accommodation of a staff and other animals then it is necessary to think several times properly. If the dog since the childhood got used to neighbors, then nothing terrible, most likely, happens. But you should not bring new pets at an adult staff precisely. Especially it concerns cats.

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Main features

This breed was removed in 1 half of the last century, but in our country became popular much later. A long time there was an installation of standards, but only in the 70th the Staffordshire terriers were officially registered by the international organizations. Since then it was established that the sizes of boys and girls have to be, respectively, 47 and 45 cm in withers. It is worth noticing that there is no for this breed standards on weight. It is not limited at all therefore even the most powerful staffa are considered as quite admissible phenomenon.

Feature of the Staffordshire terriers is their thickset body under which 4 most powerful paws are located. The dog is in proportion put, has a big neck and the head with short ears. Too thin or fat representatives of this breed meet very seldom. All the matter is that a staffteryer very vigorous therefore quickly builds muscles.

As for standards for ears, also the stopped ears, and usual are considered as normal. But even in not stopped look ears have to stand.

The color can be any. There are no special rules, can be стафф white, tiger, but the white, black and reddish shade is given smaller preference.

That at this breed really special, so it is character. Presently staffa lost a little the popularity as cases of attack on people became frequent. But it happens not because of a dog, and because of the wrong actions of the person. If it is correct to bring up the Staffordshire terrier, then with him there will be no problems.

Description of Breed of Dog Staffordshire Terrier

Nevertheless it is necessary to remember that this breed was initially removed for participation in dog fights. As a result even at contents in the apartment the animal will demand similar entertainments. For a staffa force, a powerful grasp and a molniyenosnost are characteristic. Therefore in fight he feels just fine.

Some people had an opinion that staffa are the real monsters. But actually they can be very gentle. However only one person, namely the owner gets all dog caress. Other members of household will be considered, but the great love to them should not wait. Nevertheless, so far as concerns protection and protection, the Staffordshire terrier will perform most qualitatively and responsibly the work. But it is worth noticing also that he is good not only as the watchman. Staffa can become great detectives therefore representatives of this breed quite often work in police. They well hunt and not against to descend on fishing. With the Staffordshire terrier it will be always cheerful, but the main thing that he did not start missing, differently whims will begin. It is not a sofa doggie which enough 10-minute walks. With staffy it is necessary to walk for hours, and at the same time the dog, and the owner should move much both.

Manufacturers note that representatives of this breed become beautiful partners for those who love jogs, swimming or other active sports. Such business will surely please the pet. And here long are not able to lie on a sofa of a dog стафф. Therefore even in the day off when the owner very much wants to get enough sleep, he should get up very early and go for a walk with the canine friend.

To features of the Staffordshire terrier it is necessary to be ready in advance. It is not that dog whose character can be arranged under itself. She is rather exacting, but if all conditions of a staff are satisfied, it will give to the family much more.

Description of Breed of Dog Staffordshire Terrier

Education of a staff

Education has to begin with the birth. The dog of breed is obliged to understand Stafford who her owner that the person could achieve obedience and adequate behavior. Uncontrollable and ill-bred стафф can be threat for life. But if the dog is well trained and brought up, then she will become the reliable partner. Even concerning small children about what parents so strongly worry, the Staffordshire terriers behave most frostily and correctly. But it concerns only correctly well-mannered dogs.

Experts note that among thoroughbred individuals animals most seldom meet unstable mentality. All the matter is that at cultivation of dogs for creation of posterity choose only the cleverest, trained and adequate. Puppies have to take only the best qualities therefore they turn out balanced and rather quiet from parents. Nevertheless they remain same devoted, brave and vigorous.

It is a good dog for those who very need the reliable friend. But it is necessary to consider that the four-footed partner should find a lot of time.

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Maintenance and leaving

The only thing that this breed demands in a large number, is an attention and time. For the rest the Staffordshire terriers are absolutely unpretentious. They have no dense wool which it would be necessary to look after separately, there are no dangerous folds on skin where the intertrigo and in general the nature and genetics can appear awarded representatives of this breed with ideal health. They perfectly transfer cold weather, but not bad feel also during a heat. But the place for a dream should be chosen it that it was not blown. Drafts are harmful to all, and staffa are not an exception.

Feature of the Staffordshire terrier is his wool. It is very short, and the dog almost does not fade that is important for the people inclined to an allergy. 2 times a year are enough to bathe an animal. In addition it is possible to go with a dog to the river or the sea as representatives of this breed very much like to swim.

At the correct feeding, education and conditions of keeping the Staffordshire terrier can live also up to 15 years. But most often life expectancy at such dogs makes 12 years. To dog measures it is an average value.

Staffa very much like to walk. This their main requirement. Therefore it is necessary to be ready to the fact that it is necessary not only to spend 3-4 hours on the street, but also to run, jump or be engaged constantly in training of a dog. Physical activities are very important for the Staffordshire terrier. For the people leading active lifestyle, such breed will be just ideal. After walks it is rather simple to wipe paws with a towel as staffa short-haired, dirt at them in paws does not accumulate.

once a year in the preventive purposes it is worth visiting the veterinarian. the Dog the Staffordshire terrier is not inclined to specific diseases, but she should do inoculations.

Description of Breed of Dog Staffordshire Terrier

Feeding of a dog

Staffa are very powerful dogs, though small on growth. But appetite at them excellent that is caused by active lifestyle. Maintenance of muscular tissue in a tone requires healthy nutrition.

Experts recommend to choose dry feeds. It not only is convenient, but also it is more correct for so powerful dogs as staffa. The dry feed can be stored long, it does not spoil and does not demand special processing. For a dog such option will be the most useful as the balanced food surely positively will affect health of an animal.

But it is necessary to choose forages correctly. For a staff will not be suitable cheap and low-quality croutons with the minimum quantity of nutritional value. These are active dogs therefore also food has to be corresponding. However the qualitative forage will cost expensive. If to spend big money for food of a dog there is no opportunity, it is better to select the special menu from human food. The Staffordshire terrier needs to give meat. It has to be present at a diet twice a week. Well beef, mutton and a bird approaches. Fish is allowed.

The main diet is made by porridges and boiled vegetables. For normalization of digestion it is possible to give kefir and cottage cheese.

Description of Breed of Dog Staffordshire Terrier

Schooling of a puppy

As a rule, in one dung the female brings up to 10 puppies. Their cost depends on a family tree. The it is better, the puppy will be more qualitative, the steadier there will be his mentality and the it will be simpler to train him. But there are always exceptions therefore it is worth choosing not only figures and records in a family tree, but also heart.

Keeping of a puppy of the Staffordshire terrier will strongly not differ from other breeds. As well as the majority of dogs at this age, small staffa are very playful and mobile. They will try сгрызть everything that they will find on a floor. At first will begin to go to a toilet to a floor and to play with any objects which will occur in their path.

it is necessary to Accustom the Staffordshire terrier to an order from the first day. problems in education will be strong> Otherwise. If the puppy scents a weak point, he will constantly look for holes not to fulfill the requirement of the owner. The puppy has to keep at a distance and rules of the house i.e. that it is possible for it and that is not present. If the dog is abused or taught by one family member, others should not feel sorry for her at all. Otherwise she and will constantly look for support at one, at other family member, and it will have an adverse effect on education.

The puppy from the first day in the new house has to have the place. No liberties like pastime on a bed of owners should be. It will be simply impossible to disaccustom a dog later. Besides, it is necessary to provide a small staff with toys. They are necessary in order that the animal released excess energy and did not touch furniture, wires and other objects which can appear in a zone of reach of his teeth.

Trainings and physical activities are very important for puppies of the Staffordshire terrier. But you should not overload the kid at once. Everything has to be moderately. If стафф is to receive too strong loading, at it bones and joints can incorrectly develop. During training it is necessary to remember that the staff cannot be beaten. So far the dog small, she will just stand offense. But when the Staffordshire terrier will grow up, he can revenge. Therefore just it is better to choose the forbidding command which in special cases needs to be spoken most strictly.

Feeding of puppies has to be carried out only after training and walk. It is inconvenient to run with a full stomach to nobody, and with his hyperactivity it can even be dangerous to the Staffordshire terrier. During feeding the bowl needs to be put on a support. It is important as the wrong position of a body at meal time can lead to problems with a backbone. In a diet of a puppy there have to be 30% of protein. It is necessary for normal development of an organism.

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Staffa perfectly study. Therefore even in case the owner does not plan to devote much time to training, to him it is worth teaching sitting, lying, coming nevertheless on command a dog, to go nearby and to bring a stick. Also Stafford has to know the place. Correctly well-mannered dog will be a guarantee that with it there will never be problems on the street.

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