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the Neapolitan mastiff – the most ancient breed of dog. Its homeland is the Apennine Peninsula. Mastiffs are used most often as security, sentry dogs. The dog of this breed is known for the impressive sizes and excellent working skills.

Description of Breed Neapolitan Mastiff
the Neapolitan mastiff – the most ancient breed of dog

the History of origin of the Neapolitan mastiff

A mastiff neapolitano, as well as the most part of large thoroughbred dogs, is a descendant of molos – dogs which lived on the planet still to our an era. For the first time the brave huge dog began to be bred in the Roman Empire when bloody fights were a favourite show of locals. The mastiff neapolitano not only was a permanent participant of such fights and struggled on the arena with bears, bulls and even elephants, but also served in Julius Caesar's legion. At local high-ranking officials these huge dogs also enjoyed popularity. Ordinary inhabitants used mastiffs generally for protection of the territory.

After the Roman Empire fell, the number and popularity of dogs of this breed was considerably reduced. Began to breed huge dogs in Naples, and here called them mastino neapolitano. Dogs of this breed continued to be involved in bloody fights and were in them champions . In similar terrible fights could support as the rival in the right leadership unless a mastiff. Mastiffs and mastiffs long time were used for participation in bloody competitions.

Description of Breed Neapolitan Mastiff

In the middle of the 20th century when there is practically no thoroughbred mastiff left already, Pietro Scanziani undertook restoration of breed and its further cultivation. By careful selection he managed to receive dogs which corresponded to the accepted characteristics. Soon from a male of the Neapolitan mastiff belonging to Pietro the standard of breed which works till today was written off. Serious changes in the description it was not included, and only insignificant amendments over the years were added.

The Neapolitan mastiff by nickname Hercules at the beginning of the 21st century was included in the Guinness Book of Records. The dog reached in the weight of 128 kg, and the grasp of his neck was equal to 97 cm. The dog of really huge size used nearly 2 kg of an industrial forage and 1 kg of fresh meat a day. The record-holder dog owner, Flynn assured journalists and experts that did not add any special additives promoting his growth to a diet of the pet. For comparison, a male of breed the mastiff neapolitano reaches 70 kg, a female – 60 kg, and in growth – about 68-75 cm

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Colour and type of wool

The dog of this breed has no underfur, and ostevy the hair is the only protection of skin. At the same time wool at the Neapolitan mastiffs is only direct, rigid and elastic on structure and skintight to a body.

As for a color, a huge number of coloring, admissible the standard exists. Color of hair of the Neapolitan mastiff can be gray with an outflow (shades from saturated light to deep bluish), red (from brown to a lemon shade are welcomed) colors. Let's allow also a tiger color (presence of dark strips on one of above-mentioned flowers of wool). A shortcoming are marks of white color on a breast and extremities of a dog, and defects – a mask and big snow-white spots.

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Character and training

Puppies of a mastiff from early age know the own worth and behave very majestically and independently, but also from active games, as well as any kids, do not refuse too. Physical activities of a little mastiff need to be controlled constantly that further the dog did not have problems with joints and a cardiovascular system. Young individuals consider Neapolitans to 3-year age.

the Mastiff neapolitano has rather reserved character , but it does not mean that the dog does not need early socialization and training. From puppyish age of a mastiff it is necessary to accustom to society of people unfamiliar to it and animals. Also the reduced training course which will help to control a huge dog is necessary for a dog.

The Neapolitan mastiff perfectly gets on with small children therefore he suits big families. Many owners even call the Neapolitan mastiffs four-footed nurses. The dog not only looks after kids during walks, but also with pleasure plays with them and protects.

Treat other pets living with them in one house very loyally. However during puberty mastiffs can share the territory with other same-sex dogs.

Description of Breed Neapolitan Mastiff

Leaving and maintenance

In the small-sized apartment the dog of such impressive sizes is not suitable for contents. The spacious room is obligatory point in keeping of the Neapolitan mastiff. In spite of the fact that representatives of this breed are rather sluggish also maloaktivna, they always carefully survey the territory entrusted to them and control a situation. In a country cottage the mastiff will feel quite comfortably, realizing in practice the security qualities.

Also regular long walkings are necessary for a dog. It is the best of all to walk with the pet on the specialized platform or in the park. Dogs also need standard physical activities.

In hot season it is necessary to watch that the mastiff long time did not stay under open sunshine. Because of the impressive size the pet does not manage to be cooled completely therefore it is inclined to overheating and can receive heatstroke. It is desirable to postpone summer walks to morning time or for evening, after sunset.

Wool of the pet needs regular cleaning and comb-out. The molt period at the Neapolitan mastiffs lasts about 2 weeks, and it is desirable to comb out these days it daily. Water procedures can be carried out as required, for example, before participation in a prestigious exhibition or at strong pollution. It is also necessary to remember that due to the lack of an underfur, frequent washing can do harm to gentle skin of a dog. To you it is not necessary to be fond of use of shampoos and soaps during bathing too – the mastiff can have a dandruff or skin irritation.

Description of Breed Neapolitan Mastiff

Representatives of this breed of dog have a tendency to the increased salivation. For this reason it is regularly necessary to wipe a muzzle of a mastiff not to allow developing of an infection.

Eyes and the pet's ears need special attention. They need to be cleaned time in couple of days. Claws are most often erased in the natural way, but if all of them are scratched about a floor, then it is necessary to tonsure them by means of the special nail clipper – the guillotine, intended for large dogs.

Teeth of the Neapolitan mastiff need to be examined on existence of a raid and at its detection to bring to the veterinarian who will help to get rid of it.

Perhaps, feeding of a huge dog raises a large number of questions at the potential owner. the Neapolitan mastiffs eat really much, but the quantity of portions depends not only on need of a dog, but also on the forage. When choosing an industrial forage, and this way of feeding prefers most of owners, the portion is much simpler to be calculated. The Neapolitan mastiff needs the special forage developed for thoroughbred short-haired large dogs. The tinned and damp forage for the Neapolitan has to be only a premium or a superpremium class.

The diet from natural food for the pet has to consist of meat (not less than 40%) and an offal (hryashchik and a liver). When choosing this way of feeding it is necessary to watch carefully the weight of a dog and to periodically feed up him vitamin supplements.

Description of Breed Neapolitan Mastiff

Health and life expectancy

Representatives of this breed, as well as the most part of other large thoroughbred dogs, are not long-livers. Average life expectancy of the Neapolitan mastiffs – 8-10 years. Predisposition to genetic illnesses at dogs insignificant, and all their diseases are connected generally with physiological features. Neapolitans are inclined to a dysplasia of joints which can be both congenital, and acquired. To eradicate predisposition to developing of this illness it is not provided possible as it has hereditary character. For this reason before acquisition of a puppy of this breed it is necessary to demand from the seller all necessary documents and a family tree. If parents of a puppy had a dysplasia, then there is a high probability, as at the kid this disease can be shown. It is possible to cure a dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint at the Neapolitan mastiff only by means of surgical intervention. Operation is performed under a deep anesthesia which can affect a condition of heart of a dog extremely negatively.

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The Neapolitan mastiffs also are inclined to allergic reactions, and not only food. The allergy can affect extremely negatively the state of health of the pet and the list of possible consequences which it it can is almost impossible to cause, predict them. Reaction of an organism at each dog is individual. It is possible to distinguish dermatitis, characteristic rashes, severe dacryagogue, inflammations and hyperactivity of a mucous membrane from the main and most common symptoms.

Large Neapolitan mastiffs are inclined to a fast set of weight and obesity. Excess weight considerably increases load of joints and heart of a dog. For this reason a diet it is necessary to control and not to overfeed a dog carefully.

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