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everyone can Distinguish diarrhea, and here what to do if at a dog a diarrhea, not each owner of the pet knows. Diarrhea is defecation repeated within a day a liquid chair. Practically each owner of a dog faced such phenomenon.

A diarrhea at a dog: the reasons, symptoms, treatment
everyone can Distinguish diarrhea, and here what to do if at a dog a diarrhea whether not each owner of the pet

it Is dangerous

Everything cannot be neglected at all and to think that the diarrhea anyway will pass by itself. Really, isolated cases of fluidifying a calla can not demand any treatment from a dog, especially, if she at the same time remains vigorous and keeps good appetite. Simply observe an animal stake. If the phenomenon does not repeat, no treatment is required.

But in certain cases appearance of a diarrhea can be a symptom of poisoning or serious infectious disease. In that case rule one: the quicker to begin to treat a dog, the it is more than chances of her recovery.

A diarrhea at a dog: reasons, symptoms, treatment
of Instructions for feeding of dogs homemade food, of course, not существует

Алиментарные reasons

If at a dog good appetite, she is active and craps no more than 4 times a day, at the same time excrement of yellow color, consistence of dense sour cream and have no strong uncharacteristic smell, then, most likely, she just overate. The one-day hunger strike will help with such situation. The owner of a dog should stock up with patience and not to give in on begging of the favourite. As a last resort it is possible to give 1/3 portions of boiled rice on low-fat chicken or beef broth.

If the dog likes to eat, discuss with the veterinarian in what quantity it is possible to give it daily forages. And also there is a mass of information how to calculate a daily portion of a dry feed depending on the weight of a dog. But at the same time it is necessary to aspire to the ideal weight characteristic of this breed. Instructions for feeding of dogs homemade food, of course, do not exist. But each owner of the pet has to know that it is better to underfeed it, than to overfeed. Especially it concerns adult dogs with a phlegmatic warehouse of temperament. If in a day the diarrhea did not stop, it needs to be shown to the veterinarian.

of the Reason of a diarrhea at dogs (video)

Short-term disorder of digestion of a similar type at dogs is when eating fat, not absolutely fresh, smoked, sweet, containing various spices food. In this case treatment will consist in a one-day hunger strike too.

Quite often diarrhea and vomiting at dogs arise because of poisoning with stale products. In this case the diarrhea can be followed by attacks of belly-ache. The animal is given activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight, Enterosgel, Polifepan, Enterosorb, plentiful drink. At the expressed pain syndrome (when whines) it is possible to give спазмолитик: No-Shpu, Spazmonet, Spazmol, Drotaverin. Good effect have unsweetened kissel on starch and broth of a linen seed. It is not recommended to milk as it can strengthen diarrhea.

To developing of a diarrhea at a dog can bring hit into digestive tract of small foreign objects. Sometimes, to stimulate a vermicular movement of intestines, dogs independently eat a rigid grass or gnaw small sticks.

At animals of choleric temperament the diarrhea can be a consequence of any strong emotions, a stress, a fright, overexcitation. In that case demulcents can help: valerian, motherwort, Novopassit. Some medicines, such as aspirin, cytostatics, corticosteroids, many types of antibiotics can provoke such state.

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Pathological reasons

If the diarrhea of yellow color is followed by a loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting bile, it can be symptom of cholecystitis or pancreatitis at a dog. It is the in that case best of all to address the veterinarian. The veterinary clinic will define the exact diagnosis and will appoint the treatment directed to removal of inflammation, pain, nausea. To a dog will inject the all-strengthening drugs in the form of solution of glucose and vitamins. The course of treatment will depend on weight of a condition of an animal and reaction to treatment. Food in this case strictly dietary, fractional.

If the pet refuses food, he should not push a forage violently at all. It can provoke new attacks of vomiting. Boiled water has to be in unlimited number. If the diagnosis of cholecystitis or pancreatitis is confirmed, having consulted to the veterinarian, the dog can give Liv-52. This homeopathic medicine on the basis of herbs well removes all symptoms of inflammation of a pancreas and gall bladder.

Quite often dysbacteriosis is the reason of a greenish smelly diarrhea. In this case usually it is followed by the increased gas generation, morbidity and an abdominal distension. The dysbacteriosis reasons most often are in improper feeding or pathological conditions of a pancreas or bilious channels.

The diarrhea at a dog arises at very many types of diseases. The helminthic invasion, food allergy, кокцидоз and damages of a gastrointestinal tract other pathogenic protozoa can be the cause (lyambliya, trichomonads, salmonellas, etc.).

If intoxication of an organism and a diarrhea at a dog are caused by an extensive glistovy invasion (what it is possible to be convinced of having examined the pet's excrement), the animal twice at an interval of 12-14 days is given anthelminthic medicines which dosage is defined depending on the weight of a dog.

Such situation can arise at some other diseases, such as metabolic disorder, intestines tumors, impassability of intestines.

A diarrhea at a dog: reasons, symptoms, treatment

Treatment of dysbacteriosis

First of all it is necessary to reconsider food. In pet-shops special forages at digestion violations are on sale. If the animal is on natural feeding, it is necessary to exclude fat, sweet, stale products from its diet; fresh bread and milk are contraindicated. It is useful to give to a dog in this case the low-fat fermented milk products, cottage cheese, porridges from rice and porridge flavored with pieces of chicken or beef. For removal of inflammation in intestines it is possible to use Furasolidone. To remove intoxication of an organism and to restore intestinal flora Laktofiltrum, Activated carbon, Lineks and other prebiotics will help.

If the dog has sharp painful spasms, and the diarrhea is followed by abdominal murmur and a meteorizm, at the same time the act of defecation happens more than 4 times a day - it is symptoms of a pathological condition of a gastrointestinal tract. At the same time the diarrhea can be black or greenish color, contain streaks of slime and blood and, as a rule, has a disgusting smell. Such condition of an animal demands the immediate veterinary help.

A diarrhea at a dog: reasons, symptoms, treatment

Treatment of a diarrhea at infectious diseases

Clinical symptom of many infectious diseases, such as plague, parvoviral enteritis, cholera, колибактериоз, коронаровироз, etc., the liquid chair with change of color and impregnations of slime and blood is. It is possible to cure these diseases, only if to begin complex treatment at emergence of the first symptoms of a disease.

The bloody diarrhea is very disturbing sign. As a result of intensive dehydration all systems and bodies of an organism suffer. This state is frequent is followed by temperature increase of a body of an animal by 1-2 degrees, vomiting, breakdown. Eyes of a sick dog become hollow, wool becomes dry and dim, paws, ears and the basis of a tail – cold. If these symptoms appeared at a puppy, on the account every minute. Only having begun treatment at an early stage of a disease, it is possible to save the favourite.

Adequate treatment will be appointed by the veterinarian after definition of the reason of a diarrhea at a dog. For suppression of an infection and removal of inflammation in digestive tract various antibiotics can be appointed. Most often at intestinal infections veterinarians appoint Tseftriakson, Tsiprofloksatsin, Levomitsetin, Penitsillin. Some veterinarians practice appointment at infectious diseases of sulfanilomidny medicines, such as Sulfalene, Ftalazol, Sulgin, Ftazin, Furasolidone.

A diarrhea at a dog: reasons, symptoms, treatment

If at an animal severe dehydration, to it can be appointed artificial feeding through a rectum nutrients and medical solutions. After a cleaning enema enter solutions of useful substances into a rectum. Usually in such cases glucose solution, Ringera solution, Reosorbilakt, Enterosgel, etc. is appointed. At total absence of appetite thus it is possible to enter liquid broth of rice, oats, meat or chicken broth into a rectum.

At home the sick dog can give rehydration solutions (Smekta, Regidron) and also broths of the anti-inflammatory and knitting plants: camomiles, calendulas, St. John's wort, sucker, oak bark, immortelle. Salt solutions and broths of herbs can be entered into a mouth by means of the syringe without needle. To fill liquid volume in an organism, give to drink to a dog each hour on 2-10 ml depending on weight. If at an animal vomiting opens, then artificial input of the fluid through a mouth needs to be stopped at several o'clock, and then to try again.

A diarrhea at a dog: reasons, symptoms, treatment

Feeding of the pet

If it keeps appetite, then 12-hour starvation is appointed. If the dog itself refuses food, do not force and do not persuade the favourite to eat a piece of delicacy. Dog instincts prompt to an animal when it is necessary to refuse food . If the dog began to show interest in food, she needs to be brought from a hunger strike very carefully. In the first day after the hunger strike only rice broth is allowed, but it is so much how many the pet will want.

In the second day after the hunger strike it can give the rice porridge, well razvarenny on water, which is a little added some salt for taste. It is possible to add a little fast meat or chicken broth to porridge. Feeding can be diversified with crude and boiled eggs. Even to large dogs this day the portion is limited by 2-3 tablespoons. Small dogs can give no more teaspoon of food for one feeding. In 3 hours it will be possible to feed with the same quantity of food of the favourite still. For the fourth day it is possible to enter fermented milk products, children's dairy mix, a bifidok into a diet. If the animal feels normally, from the 8th day it is transferred to usual food.

First aid at diarrhea (video)

to keep health the favourite needs to follow several rules strictly:

  • you feed a dog only with fresh food;
  • do not allow it to select food waste on the street and to take food from others hands;
  • do not overfeed an animal;
  • you hold drugs and I go in the place, inaccessible for a dog;
  • time in half a year the dog needs to give anthelminthic medicines;
  • for protection against infectious diseases surely annually you carry out vaccination of a pet.

Full walks and sufficient physical activity of a dog are of great importance for strengthening of immunity of a dog.

The diarrhea can happen also at a healthy dog. If it passes within a day, then there is no reason for concern. But if at a dog the diarrhea does not stop within two days, you will need the help of the veterinarian. But the first that needs to be made at a diarrhea, – a hungry diet for day.

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