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Representatives of the Chinese crested breed of dog by the size very small, have the graceful building. These dogs are strongly attached to the owners. The bald crested version (they have hair only on the head, paws and a tail) practically does not fade. Other kind of this breed is the Chinese crested dog down. It has soft hair, cover practically all body. Both species of dogs have no smell.

Representatives of the Chinese crested breed of dog by the size very small, have the graceful building.
In structure bodies of KHS are divided

into 2 types. The first look very mobile, has light frame, and to the second type heavier body is characteristic. The place where precisely this Chinese down breed for the first time was removed, is not known to scientists. Assume that it occurred in Mexico, China or Africa though the Chinese crested down breed in Great Britain was officially approved. In China such dogs are considered as a wellbeing symbol. At excavation in Mexico found skulls of the dogs living about 1400-1500 BC, and the Chinese analogs have age 2000 years smaller. As the dog of this type got from Mexico to China (or on the contrary), scientists cannot understand yet. In Europe this breed appeared in the last quarter of the 19th century. After that studying and improvement of these animals began.

All about breed Chinese crested (video)

As looks an animal

Description of breed of the Chinese crested dog:

  1. A cranium at this animal slightly roundish, has the graceful form.
  2. A muzzle both at down, and at a bald version flat. It is narrowed in the direction of a nose.
  3. Transition from a forehead to a muzzle is smoothed, has no sharp borders.
  4. The dog Chinese crested according to the standard has to have length from a nose lobe prior to the beginning of a muzzle same, as from a nape to a muzzle.
  5. Lips at an animal have to adjoin to a muzzle surely densely.
  6. The color of a lobe of a nose can be practically any.

The down version differs from other animals in existence on the cop head. It is visible from the beginning of transition of a forehead to a muzzle, and comes to an end in a neck. Length of a cop can be different though more preferable to this breed experts consider the falling cop type.

Dog the Chinese Crested

The doggie has dark eyes (most often black), similar to olives. And the iris of the eye at all dogs of this type occupies all space of an eye that does protein imperceptible. Eyes have average size. They are placed quite widely.

Ears according to the standard for this breed have to be on one line with external corners of eyes. They have to be standing and have rather large size. Is allowed existence on ears of the lowered fringe.

The down dog can have trailing ears. For both kinds of breed the located close light eyes and ears standing on half of cartilages are considered as a shortcoming.

Though dogs of this breed of the small size, they possess strong jaws. Their bite is similar to scissors. According to the standard the shortage of teeth at an individual is admissible, the sizes of canines which do not differ from cutters can be reduced.

Presence at some copies of this kind of canines which are directed forward is considered feature of a naked crested dog. They look as small tusks.

All types of the described breed have a long, dry neck. It has to be beautifully bent. Shoulders at these dogs have strongly developed relief muscles.

Gallery: Chinese crested (43 photos)

Other parameters

Paws at these doggies are similar to extremities of hares. They narrow also have rather big length. On a bone wrist extended, but on dimensions tiny. According to the standard fingers have to be closed by wool, but it should not be on a wrist. Paws have to be straight lines, without any turn in any party as it is considered a serious shortcoming.

And long front extremities have to be harmonious. Elbows of doggies have to adjoin to a trunk densely. Hinder legs can be widely placed. Hips of dogs are considered as normal if on them elastic, strong muscles are accurately visible. The shin according to the standard has to have a certain length.

The tail at this breed is put highly. Usually it has big length, and is narrowed by the end. If the dog is not excited, then the tail usually is in the lowered state. On it surely there has to be a brush which covers (according to the standard) up to 2/3 lengths of body. The tail which cannot reach on length skakatelny joints and also lack of a brush on a tail is considered a shortcoming.

Dog the Chinese Crested

Wool should not be very dense, but the fluffy doggie is welcomed. It is the best of all when it covers big areas of a body of an animal. The sponge skin soft, warm, very elastic, has no underfur. There is only a wool, quite long.

The naked dog has usually smooth body without any wool which can be only on the end of a tail, pads of an animal. At the head there is also a little wool.

In withers this breed of dog can have height of 23-33 cm. Weight is 2-6 kg. Boughs look very gracefully. They have thin bones. The color of such doggies of both versions can be practically any. And any coloring of this animal is not considered a deviation from the standard.

Life expectancy at these animals makes 10-12 years. Such dogs are recommended to the people who do not have experience of keeping of animals. In the winter coloring of pets is lighter, and can be bronze or even graphite in the summer.

Dog the Chinese Crested

of the Rule of leaving

Dogs with wool need a periodic hairstyle therefore they are might support only by the experienced dog breeder. It is necessary to cut hair and on the head of an animal. After a hairstyle it is recommended to process a body of a dog antiseptic creams and light aromatic oils, the children's cream made on herbs.

Dogs should be bathed each 7 days. For this purpose use a soft sponge and sensitive skin gels. The mane is washed by means of shampoo. After bathing an animal it is necessary to get wet by means of a soft towel, and to process leather cosmetic oil.

In hot days of summer it is necessary to protect skin of a dog special cream, otherwise she can get severe burn. It is recommended to look after wool of such pet every day or at least in a day. For this purpose apply a hairbrush with wide teeths. It is better to remove the died-off layer of wool constantly as animals practically do not fade.

It is necessary to examine constantly an animal . If on skin it has cracks, there will be rash or eels, then it is necessary to grease an integument of a dog with cream which will not cause in it an allergy. It is the best of all to take away an animal to the veterinarian.

It is impossible to shout at these pets, they do not transfer noise. From it they become very nervous. It is better not to allow the small child to play with such dog as the animal can accidentally suffer a serious injury. That wool did not get off in lumps, it should be combed periodically. This breed of dog loves sweet fruit.

To walk it is necessary to bring such pets to the short term (no more than 30 minutes) 3-4 times a day. It is necessary to provide warm clothes for dogs in the winter. It is better to accustom an animal from puppyish age to a tray.

Dog the Chinese Crested

of the Disease and prevention

It is necessary to consider that the dog can get sick. Usually the owner of such small animal should be ready to the fact that at his pet can arise the following problems:

  1. Allergy, eels, rash.
  2. At a knot there can be difficulties at childbirth.
  3. Often dogs of this look have dislocations of patellae.
  4. There can be damages of eyes.
  5. There are problems with teeth which drop out already at early age. Especially puppies of the Chinese crested sponge have this disease.
  6. Sometimes symptoms of a disease of Pertes develop.

At appearance of the illnesses stated above it is necessary to take away an animal to the veterinarian urgently. It is necessary to watch teeth of an animal constantly. They have very thin layer of enamel, are subject to caries. They should be cleaned (and to accustom a dog to this procedure) from puppyish age. As this breed has a tendency to a set of excess weight, it is recommended to a thicket to walk the pet, to force it to move more. At a game on the street it is necessary to be afraid of cuts and wounds as the Chinese breed suffers from them more, than other species of dogs.

Dog the Chinese Crested

As animals of this type can quickly overcool or receive sunstroke, it is not recommended to bring them in a toilet to the street. Owners of such dogs learned to use children's diapers for this purpose.

It is necessary to know that these animals like to dig, therefore if the owner has a giving, then he has to at once teach the pet to make excavation in any certain place. If not to make it, then the dog can dig over all kitchen garden.

the Knot can bring on average up to 5 puppies, but there are cases of emergence and 7-9 cubs.

Many fans ask, how much is such animal? On average the cost of a down dog is equal from 10-12 thousand to 20-25 thousand rubles, but the thoroughbred puppy of naked type can be bought for 40-60 thousand rubles.

Dog the Chinese Crested

Character of dogs

Dogs of this look are not used on hunting as are purely decorative, pets.

The puppies who are just brought by future owner home at first test shyness, but then, having a little got used to a situation, become cheerful and very playful.

It is necessary to understand that the content of similar breeds is impossible for such people as, for example, businessmen. These dogs need continuous contact with the owner, strongly miss if they are left at home some. They whine, howl and demand constant communication.

In relation to other pets the Chinese crested are friendly.

They are very betrayed to the owner and his family, and establish very close relations with 1 or 2 members of family collective. Usually the animal barks a little if nearby constantly there is an owner or other family members. It is necessary to know that it is better not to buy an adult dog as this breed has difficulties with adaptation on the new place.

If not to drive crested dogs on new places, not to acquaint with other animals or people, then they feel shyness and fear of unfamiliar living beings. If to leave an animal for a long time, then it has a problem with chewing, it becomes boring, very much is nervous. These problems can be excluded if to leave to an animal many toys which can be chewed, and to try to plan so the day that near a dog there was always one of family members.

the Interesting facts about Chinese crested (video)

This breed rather easily and quickly studies. It is capable to execute many commands and tricks, for example, to dance attendance, to get on a ladder, etc. Animals are executive, try to satisfy all requests of the owner.

Very much love when they are embraced, want to be the focus of attention of the owner. The dog of this look well feels a condition of the person. If he is busy, then she quietly sits in a corner. For doggies of this breed the main thing that the person was near as they do not take out loneliness.

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