• May 5, 2019

Dwarfish doggies gain the increasing popularity, and many think that "the pocket option" of a pet delivers a minimum of cares. Veterinarians think differently. Even at good leaving and the correct feeding the doggie can get sick and is quite serious. There are at least 5 diseases which small breeds of dog often are ill. Knowledge of them will help owners to distinguish them and in time to begin treatment. Otherwise the loyal friend can become a disabled person or die.

5 diseases which dogs of small breeds often have

Many small breeds are predisposed to different problems with health and no change in behavior of the pet can be ignored.

the Most frequent pedigree pathologies, following:

Periodontosis at Doggies

Hypoglycemia at Dogs

Diseases of Small Doggies

  1. Periodontosis . The main symptoms of a disease — an unpleasant smell from a mouth, exposure of a tooth neck and also the mobility leading to inevitable loss of one or several teeth. Periodontosis treat only in veterinary clinic, it is not necessary to self-medicate.
  2. Pertes's Disease strikes a femur head . Usually develops at puppies after half a year. Symptoms: lameness, change of mobility of a joint, when walking a doggie draws in a paw to a stomach. Most of veterinarians consider that the disease is descended. An optimal variant — operation.
  3. Hydrocephaly — congenital pathology of a brain, is characterized by a liquid surplus in brain ventricles and shown from first weeks of life of a puppy and often proceeds asymptomatically. Characteristic signs — not overgrown fontanel and a dome-shaped shape of the head. The dog becomes sluggish or, on the contrary, too excited, she often has nervous attacks and losses of consciousness, the sight decreases less often. A disease at average weight of a current treat medicamentally, in hard cases only in the surgical way.
  4. the Hypoglycemia is a critical decrease in sugar in blood. If within two-three hours the dog does not eat, there comes the coma and often lethal outcome.
  5. Atrophy of internals . The majority of small breeds suffers from such defect. It is a sharp renal failure, problems with a cardiovascular system because of which the animal is forced to suffer until the end of life.

the Listed diseases is not a sentence, and many animals with such pathologies often live up to old age.

But the owner is obliged to learn to distinguish a sick animal from healthy to provide timely medical care.

Health of pets in many respects depends on observation of the owner.

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