• Jan 14, 2019

Dog breeders often humanize the pets, claiming that the dog is able to cry. What upsets favourites, it is not always easy to understand therefore it is necessary to show consideration for such manifestations. Scientists are discordant with this opinion, but also here theories disperse. Some consider tears a consequence of certain diseases, others — way of communication with the person.

The Dog Is Able to Cry That Upsets Favourites

Physiological reasons

Veterinarians claim that dogs are not capable to cry with a surplus of feelings as people. At their eyes there is a plaintive liquid, but at a healthy dog it is emitted in the small amount sufficient for moistening of an eyeball. It is the protective mechanism protecting a cornea from drying and helping to get rid of pollution.

If at the pet plentiful dacryagogue is observed, it is necessary to find out the pathology reason as soon as possible. Distinguish violation of slezootvodyashchy ways from the most common causes. It occurs if any foreign matter which is not eliminated naturally got into an eye. In this case it will need to be removed independently, but it is recommended to see behind it the veterinarian not to do much harm to an animal.

If at a dog cold, eyes can come out the purulent allocations reminding tears.

the Main reasons for plentiful dacryagogue at dogs:

Dogs Cry

  • diseases: inflammation of a cornea, plaintive bag or century, conjunctivitis;
  • the increased dryness of air indoors;
  • pathological processes in internals;
  • infections around eyes;
  • chemical damages: hit of aerosol in an eye, abundance of household chemicals on surfaces near an animal.

Many owners, wishing to indulge the favourite, give to an animal of sweet. Because of it plaintive paths are also formed. It is extremely dangerous invention which can provoke development of a set of dangerous diseases. is forbidden to be given to Dogs:

  • salty;
  • smoked;
  • sharp;
  • fried.

Ways of the independent help

When the Dog Can Cry

If hit in an eye of an animal of foreign objects became the reason of dacryagogue — it is possible to remove the disturbing object by means of specialized eye drops. It is impossible to dig in human medicines in the pet's eyes. If the thaw near was not, recommended to wipe eyes with the wadded disk moistened in the cooled-down camomile broth.

The pets suffering from dryness of air will be helped by the Artificial tear. Also the owner has to moisten constantly air by means of a spray and put basins with water in room corners where the dog sleeps.

Dangerous symptoms

If at a dog the long time is observed plentiful dacryagogue, it is necessary to see the veterinarian. It can be one of symptoms of a disease of internals. Very dangerous is a state if except tears at an animal it is observed:

Crying of a Dog

  • hypostases of eyes;
  • an opaque veil on an eye-socket;
  • changes in the size of eyeballs;
  • the dog tries to scratch eyelids paws;
  • reddenings century or proteins;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • decrease in sight;
  • the brown, yellow or green allocations accumulating in corners of eyes.

At emergence of one or several additional symptoms from the list it is necessary to visit the veterinarian immediately. These are dangerous pathologies which can lead of the pet to death.

of the Tear as communication method

I.Q. at a dog is similar to the 3-year-old child. They easily catch mood of the person, analyze and draw the conclusions. Remembering habits and emotional reactions, the pet learns to manipulate and the owner acts by the same principle, as during training, namely : supports desirable behavior of the person with tears .

Tears at a Dog

So-called tears of grief is a result of behavior of the owner who did not manage to establish borders. Once the person, leaving the house, took pity on the favourite and took it with itself. The lesson was learned and now every time, seeing undesirable behavior of the owner, the dog begins to shed a tear.

Gratitude tears — the most widespread trick. The same principle works. The animal is allowed to do what was forbidden earlier, and it supports behavior of the owner with a grateful tear that further the situation did not change.

Crying in a dream

Dogs Cry in a Dream

Dogs as well as people, have dreams. But their dreams are much brighter and more dynamic human therefore also reactions to them more obvious. The povizgivaniye, pulling of paws can be observed or even howl. For example, run for a cat in a dream will provoke active movements by paws, and a nightmare about the leaving owner — howl.

If the pet is disturbed by a bad dream — he cannot be awoken at once. First — it will interrupt a phase deeply of a dream and will interfere with recovery processes of an organism, secondly — suddenly woken dog will be disoriented and can simply not recognize the owner. And it can quite provoke attack.

Though there are many convincing researches on the fact that of a dog are not able to cry in the fulness of the heart , in the world the set of situations which cannot be treated according to the dry scientific theory is observed. For example, the well-known video on the Internet about the dog crying on a grave of the owner. Razvodchiki of dogs often observe a situation when the dog mother sheds a tear if return it her puppies, and homeless animals can mourn the died friend therefore how to treat tears of the favourite, everyone solves for himself.

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