• Mar 7, 2019

Friends our smaller never cease to surprise with Studying of a dog nose the owners, thinking out new entertainments and studying unusual things. Some people do not even suspect about unique abilities which are put in DNA of pets. Cynologists allocate 10 interesting facts about a nose of a dog which know not all. This information will help to understand better animals and to find with them a common language.

10 most interesting facts about a nose of a dog

Interesting facts

Scientists are engaged in studying of a dog nose many years. They constantly learn the new facts about this surprising organ of smell. Interesting information on a dog nose:

Moist Nose at a Dog

Sense of Smell at Dogs

What Has to Be a Nose at a Healthy Dog

  1. Nose of a healthy dog always damp. It happens because of glands producing special lubricant which helps to enhance sense of smell of the pet.
  2. Unique scent. The canine friend can feel smells in 100 thousand times better, than the person. On this indicator of a dog occupy one of leading places in the kingdom of animals.
  3. Multipurpose nostrils. Unlike his owner, these sites can work for a pet independently of each other. Each nasal cavity is divided into 2 parts. One of them is necessary for sense of smell, and another — for breath.
  4. Dogs do not inhale through nostrils. Air gets into lungs of a dog via the special channels located on each side a nose.
  5. Thanks to a nose of a dog learn the world. On walk any dog constantly smells various objects and remembers their smell. It helps it to define familiar places and to distinguish objects.
  6. The dog is capable to catch a fear smell. During a stressful situation in a human body various chemical reactions begin to happen. As a result of it from his skin the unique smell which is distinguished by dogs begins to proceed. For this reason animals often come to the rescue of people.
  7. Dogs notice skin of the person. Daily people lose several million cages. They are invisible to a human eye, but pets can catch their smell. Such dog ability is used when training the animals saving people during accidents.
  8. Two identical noses are absent. The principal organ of sense of smell of a dog is similarity of fingerprints of the person. It is often used for distinction of animals.
  9. The dry nose is not always sign of bad health. In an organ of smell of a dog there can sometimes be cracks and allocations. This process quite natural, but if it drags on for several days, then it is necessary to conduct the pet to the veterinarian.
  10. The nose replaces eyes. Dogs are capable to be guided and recognize the fellows even in the absence of sight. In this case their sense of smell becomes stronger.

Useful tips

Not to do much harm to a dog and not to spoil her scent, each careful owner needs to follow the strict rules .

They will help to avoid problems with principal organ of feelings of an animal.

Recommendations of cynologists:

Councils of Veterinarians

  1. The organ of smell of an animal differs in hypersensibility therefore it is forbidden to keep in the apartment objects or materials with a pungent smell.
  2. The sense of smell is a basis of life of the pet. Because of it the dog needs to be shown to the veterinarian regularly.
  3. It is not necessary to abuse a dog for the fact that he touches with a wet nose skin of the person or any objects. So the pet studies the world around and remembers the owners.

the Nose of a dog is a unique tool by means of which she distinguishes people, distinguishes food and explores the world around.

If to know all these features, then it is possible to develop at an animal new skills and abilities .

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