• Feb 26, 2020
do not forget
that when you bring to the house of a puppy, you separate it from mother, brothers and sisters – that is from all with whom to it it was cheerful and safe. And your life at this moment changes irrevocably. In result both the kid, and at you has a stress.

When it is better to take a puppy

is the best of all to take a puppy on Saturday or on Sunday morning – so at your disposal there will be all days off to get used a little to each other. And in a day the kid will be in time though a little to reconcile to separation from mother, more chances will be tired of new impressions, and that night will pass more or less quietly (though all the same the new member of household will whine).

What to take from the manufacturer

Ask the manufacturer to give
in the dowry to a puppy something reminding of a home. It can be a small toy or a piece of a laying. Such subject (more precisely, began to smell it) will help a puppy to adapt on the new place and will make the new house closer.

How to transport a puppy to the new house

you Transport a puppy in carrying, a bag or on hands. Consider that so far the pet is not imparted, he cannot be let on the street or to allow to communicate with other dogs. Preserve the kid against drafts in transport.

Preparation of the place for a puppy in the new house

Still before the puppy lodges at you, he needs to equip the quiet vacation spot and a dream, for example, a lodge or a stove bench. Not on a draft, not in pass where the kid can accidentally be hit. It is desirable, not in the hall – the puppy has to feel presence of the owner, to see it, but not to feel as the forgotten orphan. Ideally, this place has to be assigned to a canine friend for the rest of life.

Accustoming of a puppy to the owner

That a puppy got used to you quicker, put in his lodge something from the clothes. It is possible to offer an old sock. The thing has to be worn and unwashed, so the dog will feel that you always with it.

How to accustom a puppy to a toilet

Near a lodge put a special diaper or newspapers or place a dog tray to accustom a puppy to cleanliness. It is recommended to blot a diaper edge in urine that the puppy understood for what it lies there.

Feeding of a puppy in the first days in the new house

feed with
In the first weeks of a puppy the same as the manufacturer fed. Separation from mother, sisters and brothers – already sufficient stress to add to it also diarrhea. If decide to change a diet later, do it gradually.
has to be surely available a bowl with clear fresh water. In general, bowls it is better to have on a special support that at meal time and drink the head of a puppy was at the level of a back. Height of a support increases in process of growth of the pet.
the puppy has to have the bowl in a certain place and the set feeding mode. But before feeding a puppy, put him near a bowl, hold slightly (literally 1 – 2 seconds for a start), and then give the allowing command and allow to eat.

Rules for a puppy

In the first day for a puppy of the rule. If it is impossible to do something is a taboo from the very beginning. If it is possible to gnaw slippers today, and tomorrow it is already impossible, the dog will just get confused, and nothing good will leave such education. And rules have to be followed by all family members.
is the best of all not to punish a puppy for "bad" behavior, and to ignore it. Remember that punishment is a reinforcement too. But do not forget to praise for the correct behavior! Even for the fact that the puppy quietly lies in "lodge".

Safety of a puppy in the new house

Prepare toys. It is impossible to give to the kid of a pishchalka which he can swallow, or plastic toys which are easily cracked.
you Watch that on chairs and a floor objects which your canine friend can swallow did not roll.
If you do not want to share all life with a dog a bed, you should not take a puppy under a blanket even in the first day. Kind of plaintively he did not worry and did not whine.
Cannot put a puppy on high chairs and a sofa. The pet still small, and a jump is fraught with a trauma.
do not lift a puppy for pads or under a stomach. It is correct to take on hands — one hand under front pads, in a thorax, the second hand under buttocks.
do not close
a puppy in the room of one. It is desirable not to let out in the first days him from a look at all.
Take each opportunity to attract attention the kid, to call him by name, to caress. It is better to do it when the pet only woke up or distracted, having forgotten about your existence. It is possible to give delicacy from time to time.

Walking of a puppy in the first days in the new house

Before beginning to walk a puppy, be convinced that all vaccination is done and the necessary quarantine is taken place. Specify information at the manufacturer. Only after that you can begin to bring the pet to the street.
is obligatory prior to walking accustom a dog to a lead. Use the quarantine period with advantage! If on the first walking you get on on a dog a collar with a lead, previously without having accustomed the kid, he will just be frightened. The first walking — already the most severe stress, do not aggravate a situation.
the Important stage — socialization. It begins in quiet, poorly populated places, and gradually the quantity of incentives increases. If the puppy is frightened, do not focus attention on it and do not console — you only support with it his fear. It is better to ignore a fright. And when you will see that the pet quietly goes and wags a tail, surely praise.

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