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the Dwarfish poodle slightly bigger on the weight and height in withers than the average cat, differs in charming appearance, congenital natural impressiveness, bright temperament and existence of the developed intelligence. The breed is hypoallergenic that can become the defining factor when choosing a dog for allergic persons.

Graceful and Intelligent Dwarfish Poodle
of the Poodle can be carried safely to hypoallergenic породам

Происхождение breeds

It is for certain unknown how the breed a dwarfish poodle was created. According to the most widespread version to which researchers in the different countries incline two ancient breeds of dog are related to origin of a poodle.

One primogenitor – the German shepherd's dog having curly wool, the second – a widespread "water dog" in Spain whose hair on appearance reminded cords. Both breeds were used for hunting for a natatorial game. The dog a dwarfish poodle bought a peculiar wool, appeasable character, uncommon mind and love to water procedures from the ancestors.

At first distribution of a poodle was observed in France and Belgium, later – in Germany, then the breed became popular and in other countries. Throughout the 17-18th centuries there was a formation of breed. For giving to an exterior of prettiness mixture with blood of decorative breeds of dog was carried out. Long time of all small representatives of this breed was called that - poodles, without paying attention to their obvious differences. After at the beginning of the XX century selectors came to the coordinated streamlining of characteristic signs of breeds, dwarfish poodles gained official recognition.

of Feature of breed poodle (video)

Characteristic signs according to the standard

The standard of breed approved in 1936 in France became the first uniform official. This main document was corrected later, changes and additions were made to it. Today the standard published in 2007 works. According to it, in breed of a poodle is:

  • big;
  • small;
  • dwarfish;
  • they are poodles.

Requirements of the standard are uniform for all types:

  1. The color can be brown, black, white, gray and apricot. The main demand made by the standard – color has to be continuous. Insignificant variations of primary color are admissible though preference is given to pure equal color. The option does not receive confirmation of breed if the apricot poodle has in a color of an impregnation of brown, black or any other color. The same rule extends also to any other color of wool: the white poodle has to be white, without impurity of other flowers, including from those which are recognized by the standard – brown or gray.
  2. The head is supposed the standard a little extended, graceful in a form, with a characteristic hillock on a nape. Not the wide forehead smoothly passes into a muzzle which length – about 90% of all length of the head.
  3. The muzzle should not be pointed. Lips are dense, dry. A nose lobe large, developed. A black dwarfish poodle and all others, except apricot, have a lobe exclusively black. Color of a lobe at an apricot poodle can vary from dark brown to black.
  4. Eyes – on transition from a forehead to a muzzle. A black, gray and white poodle have very dark color of eyes with a black fringing a century. The brown poodle differs in dark amber eyes with a brown fringing a century. Eyelids of dark eyes of apricot can have a brown or black fringing.
  5. Paws of a poodle strong, oval, with dense high small pillows. Black claws have a black and gray poodle, brown – black or brown. Claws at white – horn color or with existence of a pigment, up to black. Apricot has claws brown or black.
  6. Landing of a tail high, in the movement it has to go slantwise up.

Height in withers at adult dwarfish poodles is in range of 28-38 cm. Less than 28 cm have that is the poodle, near him the ordinary cat quite often looks large. The weight of dwarfish – 12-14 kg, that no more than 7.5 kg can weigh.

Gallery: dwarfish poodle (44 photos)

Food of a poodle

The diet of a dwarfish poodle has to consist of the correct products. It is important in order that the dog remained healthy and active. Can feed with natural products or a dry feed. At natural feeding needs to take care of the required variety of food and inclusion in a diet of all products which saturate an organism of a dog with vital vitamins and minerals. The qualitative dry feed in itself is the ready balanced mix of all food necessary for a dog, including vitamins and minerals.

Graceful and Intelligent Dwarfish Poodle What option to choose, each owner of a dog solves independently.

What should be avoided in feeding:

  • to feed with products from a table;
  • to allow to regale on sweets, sausage and sausages: such food is capable to do serious harm to a liver, besides the dog gets used to beg, disaccustom her to it then will be difficult;
  • to give to a dog thick porridges, pasta and fresh pastries: such food badly is digested, breaks work of digestive tract;
  • to mix the stern of different producers.

Graceful and Intelligent Dwarfish Poodle

of Feature of leaving

The most important – care of hair of a dog. The hairstyle has to be regular – 1 time in 1.5-2 months that depends on wool growth rate. At poodles does not happen molts, wool that it did not get off in lumps and koltuna, it is necessary to clean daily. To avoid this procedure owners quite often choose a regular short hairstyle.

Dwarfish poodles need regular toothbrushing, removal of a scale. One more point in the schedule of regular leaving – trimming of the growing claws.

Dogs of this breed quite often have hypersensibility of eyes therefore it is important not to forget to wipe them. Wool around eyes, especially also needs processing if it has a light color.

Duration of daily walk long active games are necessary for it for a dwarfish poodle – at least half an hour, besides.

Graceful and Intelligent Dwarfish Poodle

Exhibition hairstyles

The hairstyle of a dwarfish poodle with whom the owner plans to participate in exhibitions has to be sustained according to relevant requirements which are described in the addition to the standard of breed:

  1. Hairstyle "Lion". the name lets know that the dog will externally look as this huge predatory cat. For achievement of it wool on hinder legs to edges is cut off. Forepaws can be cut to a breast, but to leave admissible so-called trousers. The tail is cut off everything, for an exception of a round or oval pompon on its end.
  2. Hairstyle "Modernist style". This option is suitable for dogs of all age and types of a constitution. The experienced groomer, carrying out a hairstyle in this style, tries to obtain that as a result it turned out to hide possible insignificant shortcomings of a figure and to emphasize advantages. As the main idea the concept of natural naturalness is enclosed in a plan of this hairstyle. The seeming simplicity, ease and smoothness of lines, their harmony and symmetry create an image of elegant intelligent refinement.
  3. Hairstyle "English". Is a kind of the Lion model, but with some differences. On paws leave not cut off coquettish cuffs, and on the head it can be built top notes, but this element is not obligatory, the standard allows its absence.

How to cut a poodle in house conditions (video)

Behaviour and character

The dwarfish poodle is very attached to the owner. In the presence of the owner the dog quietly perceives any environmental conditions – both in the city apartment, and in a country house.

The poodle has ideal character. At the correct education this dog does not bark in vain, treats strangers absolutely calmly, without aggression other dog, a popugaychik or a cat perceives other pets, whether it be.

The clever dog easily gives in to training and with pleasure joins in various active games.

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