• Dec 17, 2019

The name of breed "left" with Hungarian it is translated how "to bring", "look for". The name speaks about purpose of dogs of this breed – trace work.

 the Dog of breed Hungarian left the photo On a photo lies: the dog of breed Hungarian left

the History of breed Hungarian left began at the end of 17 century. All hunting dogs of the Province of Pannoniya on the bank of Danube had a bright yellow color of wool therefore they were called still "gold dogs". According to the certificate of the Hungarian count Béla Hadik there were 2 types of cops: red and skewbald for a falconry and golden for hunting for big game. Later this two views were crossed, and to them also "flowed blood" borzois (most likely, a saluki). And after these dogs crossed to the English cops (pointers). So there were ancestors of dogs whom we know now as the breed Hungarian left.

However the tests which are carried out in Budapest in 1882 showed that Hungarian left is not capable to compete with the German and English pointers, and many refused the idea to get выжл. Zavodchikov remained very little, nevertheless, the breed managed to be kept.


In 1924 registered Club of fans of a vyzhla, and in 1935 the breed was recognized by FCI.

Now there is a standard of breed Hungarian left , the accepted FCI which regulates not only appearance, but also features of nature of a vyzhla .

In 1938 the Hungarian vyzhla were for the first time delivered in the USA, and now in America Hungarian выжл it is more, than in Europe.

In the thirties the 20th centuries short-haired Hungarian выжл were crossed to German dratkhaary, and wire-haired vyzhla as a result appeared.

The Hungarian vyzhla as the first hunting dog often is chosen by the beginning hunters. It is explained by comprehension of these dogs, love to water, endurance and reliability hunting.

Today Hungarian left is the universal gun dog, capable, besides, to become the wonderful partner for family.

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