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of the Dog – the best friends of owners, and huge dogs are threat to people around. It should be taken into account them and to learn, the biggest dog, what of them, in the world. However it is not necessary to treat with mistrust such breeds as their size does not affect in any way good nature and desire to play. They concede nothing on cheerfulness to little pets, and some even surpass them in it.

The Interesting Facts about the Biggest Dog in the World
the Mastiff Zeus – the biggest dog

Many give preference in the world to dogs of the big size as they are suitable for protection more, give in to training better and also with them children very much like to be played. At the same time there are people who are afraid of such pets and treat them cautiously.

the biggest dogs in the world (video)

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Being interested in a question of what biggest dog in the world, it is possible to address the famous Guinness Book of Records. In it the huge dog living in America, more than 1 m high is depicted. If to be more exact, its length reaches 1 m and 10 cm, and the pet about 70 kg weighs. It is a mastiff Zeus, which growth if it becomes on hinder legs, there will be higher than 2 m. Officially the animal is the biggest representative some kind of. It is also the highest dog in the world.

To hold houses of such pet, of course, very not easy and pretty expensive. He eats about 14 kg of a dog forage a day, and for transportation of a dog owners of the biggest dog in the world had to buy the special van as in the regular passenger car it was not located. If the biggest dog pushes the person around, he will precisely feel it, this dog of the size of a horse.

The Interesting Facts about the Biggest Dog in the World
the Mastiff Zeus eats a day about 14 kg of a dog forage

Despite the menacing look, Zeus – infinitely devoted, obedient, very noble and good-natured dog. At the same time he very much likes to sit at the owner on hands and does not understand why the last tries to avoid it. As well as all mastiffs, he does not realize all scale of the sizes and all the force, but will definitely not harm intentionally the person.

The biggest dog in the world actively participated in various social programs which were directed to socialization of children by fight against their fear of dogs. It was involved in a treatment method by communication with pets. Zeus already managed to become the real world celebrity , it is always glad to be seen at schools and hospitals.

As it was already mentioned earlier, the largest dog in the world, as well as her successor, is the German mastiff. They have a quiet character. But, being puppies, dogs like to play pranks. These are the clever, distinguished, physically well developed dogs. They have high sentry qualities, though have no property to bark.

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of Breed of huge pets

The biggest breed of dog – Scottish дирхаунд. It was removed especially for hunting for deer. This majestic dog very high, but at the same time quite thin as she needed to run quickly to catch up with production. The large sizes of dogs interfere with their wide circulation therefore this breed pretty rare.

1 more representative of large dogs is the leonberger . It is considered that this breed was removed as a symbol of the German city of Leonberg on which coat of arms the lion was represented. By special crossing of several breeds of people managed to receive the pet at whom long and fluffy wool on a neck reminds a mane. Thanks to such appearance the leonberger is the dog similar to a lion.

One of most not only big, but also expensive dogs in the world is the Tibetan mastiff . It is compared to a bear, and dense wool visually makes already rather big dog just huge. These shaggy animals are very clean. All types of this breed not of the small sizes, but Tibetan mastiff is considered very ancient breed from which there were their other versions.

The Interesting Facts about the Biggest Dog in the World
Scottish дирхаунд
Very few people saw

how this shaggy handsome alive as they rather seldom meet looks. Pets well approach as sentry dogs. The Tibetan mastiff accepts caress and courtesies only when he wants, but at the same time he constantly wishes to be near the owner. Despite the restraint, the dog coming from Tibet likes to jump, run and show extraordinary tenderness, playing with children.

One of the most widespread large breeds is the St. Bernard . These giants the real good-natured persons, they possess an excellent scent, well give in to training and have dense wool thanks to what well transfer a frost. The representative of this breed is the heaviest dog in the world. The St. Bernard by nickname Benediktin weighs nearly 166.5 kg.

The famous Newfoundland dog is considered popular breed because he is often used as labor. These huge dogs love water and perfectly swim therefore earlier with their help often caught fish. Besides, they are hardy and very kind because of what dogs can transfer heavy objects. Very much trust them therefore leave to look for children as the nurse.

The Interesting Facts about the Biggest Dog in the World
Tibetan мастиф

Характеристики giants

It is not all list of the largest dogs meeting on Earth. Are popular also such breeds: Irish wolfhound, алабай, sheep-dog, Akita and many others. Each breed has the features, but there is something similar that unites them. First of all they differ in the impressive sizes.

As practice shows, most of them have gentle disposition: the biggest dogs in the world are the real good-natured persons in comparison with representatives of small breeds. But they can stand for themselves or for the owner. At the same time they are often playful, also very true well study.

If the person decided to get such dog, it is worth remembering that he will demand special leaving. They require a lot of place therefore often it is almost impossible to support such dogs in the apartment. These giants too decently eat and for walking it is desirable to have near by broad lands. Constant physical activities are simply necessary for them.

The Interesting Facts about the Biggest Dog in the World
the St. Bernard

One of the greatest minuses is the small term of life. Everything, of course, depends on breed and care of it, but on average it is the period about about 8 years. An exception is the Tibetan mastiff whose life expectancy makes about 15 years.

1 more problem – the probability of emergence of disproportionate development of various parts of a body because of too rapid growth. Because of a fast set of weight violations in bones of paws are possible, besides, there is big load of heart. Therefore it is very important to pick up still since childhood to a pet the healthy and balanced nutrition.

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Irrespective of the size, even the little room or biggest dog in the world will always remain the best friend of the person. They become the real members of families. Such pet should be brought not only for protection and and to enjoy society of the faithful and ideal partner in life.

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