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of the Small shchenochk a Jack Russell Terrier Gerry was brought to the daughter by Father Frost as a gift for New year nearly 2 years ago. Sofya asked a doggie, and we were not against. Agreed with the kind wizard that the pet was a certain breed. The husband was for that the dog resembled a dog. And even put the ultimatum: with a spitz-dog or a Yorkshire terrier will not walk. Jack Russell pleased all. Read reviews of breed, of character. Decided that such dog will suit us.


Is easy to cope with a vigorous puppy of a Jack Russell Terrier?

Gerry though Jack Russell, but not "thoroughbred". Mother at it a wire-haired terrier, and the father – sleek-haired. Ours the handsome went to the father. On a color – black-and-white. Other shchenochka in a dung were as mother, white-brown, wire-haired, with small beards.

When it at us appeared, he was only two and a half months old. Well I remember the first joint night: the puppy whined all the time, did not fall asleep for a minute. Here we received such present. But we perfectly understood what responsibility we take, getting a dog.

And still Gerry was beautiful "child", shkodnichat, of course, but not strongly. I remember, once "read" the textbook by the daughter, gnawed through a wire from the laptop. And when it developed a box with threads and needles, were frightened for it more, than were upset because of the spoiled set for sewing. Were afraid that needles did not appear at it in a stomach. But, thank God, it was!

Gerry never was especially annoying, impudent or troublesome. From the very beginning he was and is such as it is necessary: the most favourite and good – ours.

the First teacher Gerry was an old black cat Tisha

, having got to us, it was neither the first, nor the only animal in family. At that time at us there lived still an old black cat Tisha and Schur's hamster. If with Shura, of course, the puppy had no common interests, then presence of a cat did not leave the kid indifferent.
Somehow at once animals established to
in the relations the hierarchy. The cat could inform the playful youth: in this territory main it.
to a 18-year lump in principle already a little to what was business, but with a puppy it was always strict. Dzherrik wanted to play with him, and that only waved away from him a paw. But nevertheless the puppy was rather afraid of a cat. If Tisha sat at doors of the room, Gerry never left the first. Ridiculously they went one after another: a cat ahead, a puppy – behind. Tisha goes, goes, and stops, and the dog – time and sits down. Still Tisha taught the companion to beg. When I in kitchen prepared something, the cat became on hinder legs, and lobbies touched. Now Dzherrik does the same.
Kot died approximately in half a year after we had a dog. I lack it very much. I had it from the 8th class. We with mother brought Tisha practically right after moving from Kazakhstan to Belarus in 1998. About it a murlyka, a hybrid of a Siamese cat and ordinary domestic cat, we with the daughter wrote scientific work for school. Tisha is the whole period of our life. Such savage who only on an old age began to allow to iron himself. And if did not want that he was touched, beat with a paw, but that is surprising, never showed the teeth. I endured everything: can, the cat got sick because we got a dog?

Once after New year I found in it on a nipple a small heat-spot. It inflamed and quickly increased. In vt. to clinic underwent inspection. The diagnosis was unfavourable: oncology. Because of age of an animal doctors refused to do operation. Were afraid that the cat will not transfer it. And intervention, really, had to be difficult: it was necessary to delete all limfosistema. The tumor then at Tisha was removed locally. After operation the cat lived 3 more months. He was a fighter! To the last though to it it was sore, did not wet the bed. He climbed up from a laying and crept to a diaper. We put droppers to him every day. All hoped that he will recover and still will live. The last night strongly suffered and when went to clinic in the morning, on the road died. It is very big loss for all of us: Tisha was the real family member. One calms that he was 18 years old: it seems also lived …

Tisha dreamed Recently me: in kitchen the fire, and the cat passed to and fro, and everything abated. Thought: to what it? Perhaps some my favourite warded off a disaster from us?

On last days off were with the husband and the daughter at an exhibition of cats. So to me one kitten, British lop-eared, ryzhenky attracted. After Tisha's death it was sure that I will never get a cat any more, and here suddenly thought: can, after all costs?

What character at a Jack Russell Terrier?

very much friendly . He adores people and dogs. As will see canine friends, rushes to them, wants to play. Once huskies seized him by a collar, began "to shmatat". Next time he again to it ran to play, as well as there was nothing.
. I am glad always and all. Even bears the stones for joy to guests. But the security guard from Dzherrik any. He is coward. If ring a door, somewhere from far away polat, but to doors does not run. And in the evening never one will go to the dark hall, only together with us.
Very true. Knows all of us, grandmothers and grandfathers. But with strangers does not leave. Somehow the girlfriend of mother wanted to take a walk with it. So he so escaped, looked back, whined that she could not take away far it, returned and gave.
Never for 2 years was at it aggression manifestations. It very kind and tender. Its favourite entertainment – to lick the person and to reach ears.
Jack of a rassela – hunting dogs , and our Gerry remembers about the instincts. However, yet never brought production, but adores any holes, chinks, holes. Also digs, digs … Even in a bed everything tries to dig out some hole.
read responses of owners Earlier that it is difficult to cope with Jack Rasselami of the house: spoil, gnaw everything because there is no place to put energy and to them it is necessary to be in the movement all the time. I would not tell that Gerry very much napryazhny. He sleeps much. If I am engaged in something at home, he potters about too nearby or just lies.
In general our dog house. Transfers moving hard, in the car whines, worries. Even in the summer at the dacha he cannot long calm down. Several days gets used, behaves unnaturally, becomes too silent, sad. Very clearly shows what wants home.
Ya would tell that it is rather clean dogs. We had no problems with schooling to the street. While did inoculations, it went to a diaper. And at the dacha – in general miracles: Gerry goes to a toilet only outside the site, for this purpose specially goes beyond a gate.
Very attentive and careful. If the wound and a scratch at someone from us develops, licks. As the cat, feels when he hurts.

As Jack Russell Terriers concern children?

With children at Gerry full idyll. When they "are felt sorry" with Sofya, squeals-piskam do not have a limit. They even joint have game – fight. Gerry jumps on the daughter and tries to reach ears, and she hides. With pleasure play together balls, strings.
the Special relations at Dzherrik with the younger daughter. Cyrus there are only 6 months, and he for it as the nurse. When the baby wakes up, he the first runs to a bed. Also sits, protects.
Can lick also the Piglet to the baby. The daughter got used. Perceives a dog as something self-evident. For her it was always. We play with her on a floor or on a sofa, it is with us too. Pulls to the daughter the toys, shares. Everything is interesting to it that occurs in the house. I change to Kira a diaper, and it here. Very curious, participates in all household chores.


Easily study Jack Russell Terriers?

Gerry very well gives in to training. And it besides that only the daughter is engaged with him. As any child, does it when it wants her, not systematically. But he perfectly knows the main teams. And "gopher" does, and turns over. Sofya watches training video lessons on youtube, then on Gerry works. It works for encouragement, yum-yum. But even without entertainment then shows us what learned. We, of course, praise it. I think, at the one who will set the object to make from Jack of Russell the trained doggie , there are very good chances. Dogs clever and obedient.

Difficulties at us arise on the street. It is a lot of energy in Gerry and when he sees other dogs, forgets about everything on light. Therefore we do not lower it from a lead in the city, we are afraid that will be run over by a car. But in the country, at the dacha – for it expanse. It is run so that the following with a force of two days we push out it on the street to take a walk.

these dogs are How simple in leaving?

the Main problem – wool. It everywhere! Gerry very strongly fades. Also it is necessary to remove, vacuum, wash constantly the floors, to clean clothes from wool … Besides that wool – white. The dog should be combed out. The main delusion of beginners dog breeders – from sleek-haired dogs is not enough wool. Very much and there is a lot of it!
Last winter we experienced
that the dog should be dressed in a frost. He at us froze slightly, got sick with cystitis. Began to go often to a toilet, even wrote with blood. Treated, pricked an antibiotic. And it is a problem of all short-legged dogs.
As I already told
, Jack Rassely – dogs active. Therefore also walks are necessary to them long. This duty at us generally – on the husband. But in good weather also I can take a walk with a doggie, and the daughter.
we Feed Gerry twice a day with a dry feed. Tried to transfer to natural food. But very troublesome to follow all rules. Plus to everything it began an allergy: around eyes high temples began to be formed. Passed to a forage again – everything passed. It is so simpler and more correct as it seems to me: it already contains all necessary vitamins and additives.
Is indulged, of course. We buy to it pogryzushka, yum-yum. He adores dog white chocolate. And still – tea with milk! And it is its addiction against which we are not able to fight. He such eyes watches that it is necessary to share with it tea and a piece of roll.
One more our omission in education: the dog has no place. Gerry sleeps with us, with Sofya – with whom will want. And he just has no place. We tried to lay to it blankets, matrasik, but they instantly turned into lumps and rags so we ceased to make to it "den" and followed the tastes of the weakness and dog cunning.

What owner will suit a Jack Russell Terrier?

Of course, kind, vigorous, active and very loving. With whom it would be possible and on the street in will to run about, and houses in an embrace to have a sleep. It seems to me, this breed will suit both the beginner, and the experienced dog breeder.
the Riddle from Snezhana Antsibarova:
When we lived in Kazakhstan, near our house the big tree grew. And here the big Siamese cat climbed nearly an every day it to us on the fourth floor. Or sat at entrance doors and waited when open for him. Having got to the apartment, passed to the room and laid down on the same chair and slept … And then left. Whose it was the cat, we still do not know. But he was domestic: sound, well-groomed, not hungry. It was huge and important. And we were rather afraid of it. Perhaps would also keep it a tomcat, but it every time left. So the whole summer proceeded. And then it just was gone. I often remember this unusual cat and I think what can mean such strange behavior of an animal?
of the Photo: from personal archive of Snezhana Antsibarova.

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