• May 7, 2019

with the list of documents which each owner of a dog has to have. Under the law, the owner is responsible for the pet therefore he is obliged to take care also of this question. Getting a puppy, the owner should receive on it the pet passport, a metrics and the certificate on chipping if it became. Each paper has special appointment and cannot be replaced by another.

 the list of documents which have to be at each owner of a dog

Pet passport and "shchenyachka"

The main document irrespective of breed and age for any four-footed — the pet passport . You should not confuse it with a family tree. In the passport marks about the done vaccination, processings from parasites are given. There data on a dog and her owner are entered. Without passport cannot receive references on evacuation of an animal. Will not allow without it and before participation in exhibitions. Veterinarians bring marks about vaccination against rage and other diseases.

The metrics (a puppyish card) also surely is given to any thoroughbred dog. It is the intermediate document. B it specify important data:

Dog with Documents

  • Belonging to a certain breed.
  • Nickname.
  • Number of a brand (for identification).
  • Date of birth, floor.
  • Nicknames of parents.
  • Full name of the owner and manufacturers.

should not confuse Shchenyachka with a family tree. It does not grant the right for breeding cultivation. In exhibitions with such document it is possible to participate only in the class "puppies". In 15 months the metrics is replaced with a family tree.

Why having a tail documents

Only official papers give a guarantee that the buyer buys a thoroughbred animal. When to the buyer try "to flog" a puppy without official papers , its origin is doubtful. Presence of genetic diseases, mental health problems is probable.

Documents on a Dog

get Admission to further cultivation only those who have a family tree. If at least one parent does not have it, then and puppies from a dung are not suitable for breeding work.

If the dog not purebred, then is required to her only the pet passport. It is filled out with the veterinarian in the establishment having the license. And here if it is necessary to take out an animal abroad, he should make chipping. It is the modern safe procedure which allows to identify an animal. Under skin to a dog is entered a chip where data on the pet are entered (a floor, a nickname, a color, information on the owner).

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