• Apr 29, 2019

Unfortunately, not all people who decided to get a dog care for health of the pet.

The Main 10 Myths and the Facts about Teeth of a Dog

Care includes not only treatment of the arising sores, but also regular surveys: as independently, and at the veterinarian.

First of all always should pay attention to teeth of the pet, it is main dog "tool".

There are 10 myths and the facts about teeth of dogs which application not always is an infallible remedy and can do much harm to health of an animal:

 How many teeth at a dog?

 how to look after teeth of a dog

  1. The smell from a mouth is a norm. If there is an unpleasant smell, then it is an occasion to visit the veterinarian for identification of the reason. Can serve as it: inflammation of gums, raid, problems with kidneys, development of a cancer tumor.
  2. If do not disturb a dog teeth, then he has no problems . In time the performed inspection of a jaw by the veterinarian will help to avoid serious problems further.
  3. Removal of milk teeth happens without serious consequences as they have no root. During removal it is better to use anesthesia as in process the integrity of gums is damaged and the animal feels painful feelings.
  4. If at a dog is broken a bite , then it is necessary to do massage of gums. The established briquettes for correction of a bite can help only in time.
  5. It is possible to do inoculations to a dog only after change of milk teeth. The first vaccination at a puppy is done at the age of 8−10 weeks, and second teeth begin to replace dairy only by 3−7 months.
  6. When changing teeth with constants should train strenuously a puppy . Excessive loading can become the reason of formation of the wrong bite of an animal.
  7. For a dog it is better to use a dry feed. A forage in the liquid state or natural food remain between teeth much more often and promote formation of a raid and stones. The dry feed which is picked up according to age remains on jaws less and has the small cleaning effect.
  8. well is suitable For development of jaws a razgryzaniye of bones . Bones can be injurious to health of an animal. At a razgryzaniye sharp splinters can seriously injure a stomach and intestines, and larger parts — to get stuck in a drink and to become the reason of traumatizing a dog.
  9. It is possible to support a mouth gigiyenichnost by baking soda or usual paste. Cleaning has to be made by special pastes for animals, by means of toys or edible delicacies.
  10. If tooth was damaged, then it needs to be removed . Removal is applied only at strong damage. In other cases the expert can straighten or strengthen tooth and it will serve long time.

At care of pets and their oral cavity to the owner is better to be guided by councils of the doctor-veterinarian.

will Also help to keep health of an animal timely visits of veterinary clinic and routine inspections.

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