• Feb 24, 2019

Any animal in the house is not only the good friend, but also object of general experiences. Especially strongly it is shown at the moments of any problems with health. To avoid serious negative consequences, it is necessary to know 5 reasons of loss of wool at a dog and ways to help an animal. If it is correct to make everything, it is possible to cure a pet quickly.

The Main 5 Reasons of Loss of Wool at a Dog

Main reasons

Loss of wool meets quite often, and not always it is sign of deterioration in health of a dog.

to begin to deal with this problem, it is necessary to establish the reason of its emergence precisely.

distinguish From the most widespread:

Hormonal Failure at a Dog

  1. Hormonal failure . In most cases it occurs during the important events in the pet's life (puberty, pregnancy, change of a surrounding situation, change of a diet). As a rule, the problem arises at small breeds, but can sometimes disturb also larger animals.
  2. Moult . It is natural process through which there passes each dog. At all breeds such phenomenon is endured differently, and its consequences depend on wool type. Adult dogs fade 2 times a year therefore for decrease in probability of emergence of negative consequences during this period it is necessary to pay special attention to leaving.
  3. Allergic reaction . It meets very often at animals of any breed. Any food product, a plant or an insect can be allergen.
  4. Parasites . Quite often the dog loses wool because of influence of pincers. It is possible to determine their emergence by loss of wool around a mouth and eyes of an animal.
  5. Avitaminosis . If the pet does not receive good nutrition and does not eat the products containing a large amount of vitamins at it the lack of this or that substance can appear. As a result of it skin becomes rough, and wool quickly drops out.

Treatment and prevention

During treatment important not only to overcome a problem, but also to prevent its emergence in the future. It is natural that it is impossible to be saved from a seasonal molt, but it is possible to reduce its influence on health of a dog.

Treatment and Prevention of Loss of Wool

Necessary measures:

Loss of Wool Is Quite Widespread Problem

  1. At emergence of the first signs of loss, it is necessary to ask at once for the help in veterinary clinic. At the same time it is forbidden to self-medicate as the pet can only do much harm.
  2. Fluffy pets need to be bathed regularly (not less than 4 times a month) and to comb out. For sleek-haired dogs will be performance of the first action enough.
  3. Only the veterinarian can appoint drug treatment. During its carrying out it is important to observe the provided dosages and frequency of drug intake.
  4. At detection of wool on a floor, a carpet or a sofa, it is necessary to limit communication with the favourite at once.

If live in the apartment other animals, they are forbidden to be admitted to the sick pet.

Loss of wool is quite widespread problem which practically each owner of a dog faces.

If in time to begin treatment and to observe the recommendations of the veterinarian, it is possible to improve the state of health of a pet in the shortest possible time.

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