• Aug 10, 2019

Physical occupations on any water object, whether it be the river or the pool, bring unconditional benefit to most of people and dogs. Such procedures promote both training of an organism, and its development. Joint occupations also pull together the person and his pet. But it is necessary to understand that all occupations have the advantages and shortcomings. Games on water with a dog are not an exception here.

Advantages and Shortcomings of Games on Water with a Dog

Visible pluses

It is clear, that the person who took out on the beach not only all family, but also the pet successfully solves several problems at once. It is the organization of joint rest, active pastime, acceptance of air, solar bathtubs and water procedures. Pluses for all participants of such joint walk are obvious. Fans it is possible to bathe and have fun hardly to dissuade from their opinion.

the best points are here:

Games in Water with Dogs

In What Advantages of Games with Dogs in Water

  1. During the games organized in water both owners, and their pets get a lot of positive emotions. Researchers repeatedly noted that it leads also to increase in the general tone of an organism.
  2. Occupations on water objects contribute to the general physical development and improvement of an organism. Exercises not for nothing recommend to the people suffering from problems with a backbone, and an animal at solid age.
  3. In playful way, especially when at occupations there is a competitive moment, it is easier to train, teach the pet to the most various teams. The situation helps an animal to acquire necessary material better. Plus and that more you will not teach to swim either a dog, or the child anywhere. The house bathtub for this purpose definitely does not approach.

Despite big advantage of water procedures, it must be kept in mind that here and the speech cannot be about achievement of result at any cost. If the animal actively resists, it cannot be dragged violently to the river. Violence from the owner can provoke reaction of a dog, threatens mutual psychological with injuries.

Unconditional minuses

Bad points in joint visit of reservoirs including official beaches, of course, are present. the Animal will be quite long time in an environment of foreign people who came to have a rest too will also hardly behave quietly. It can lead to various conflicts. In addition to it the dog can catch some infection.

It is necessary to understand:

Shortcomings of Water Games with Dogs

  1. It is necessary to control behavior of a dog attentively and constantly. Otherwise he can distract on people around and take, for example, for attack attempt accidental collision. Consequences will be unpredictable.
  2. It is impossible to release an unprepared dog far from the coast. According to instructions of the owner he will float behind the thrown stick until there are forces, and as a result can die.
  3. Natural reservoirs are crowded with parasites who are transferred by birds and also harmful bacteria, not to mention dangerous chemicals. It threatens with various diseases.

Now on places almost everywhere make additions to rules of improvement. In these documents outright is forbidden to bathe dogs in those places where people have a rest . So owners of dogs can easily run into penalties.

Rest together with a canine friend on a water object — not it and simple business. For example, the dog cannot allow to drink from a doubtful reservoir at all. And it is almost impossible to track performance of this ban.

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