• Dec 27, 2019

Nature of a veymaraner

The main plus and at the same time minus of a weimaraner, or a veymaraner – immense devotion to the owner. They very much depend on the person.

Veymaraner of a Photo

On a photo: veymaraner

It is ideal if the veymaraner lives with someone, for example, with the second dog. Alone they madly miss, this is a dog tail. Where the owner – there and they. If you go on kitchen, the veymaraner goes on kitchen, go to the yard – too there it is necessary for a dog, gathered for work – the dog gathers with you. And it is a big problem as some owners cannot leave veymaraner of some at home.

Huge works it is worth accustoming a weimaraner to remain alone, and at the same time not to howl, not to whine and not to be bored to death.

But at the same time the veymaraner very easily adapts to new conditions, including to change of the owner. If in the new house to it it is not worse, than in old, he will quickly feel with-it. Of course, if in new family is worse, the dog will miss. But if to pay to the pet attention, everything will be good. To us there arrived a dog from America recently – he adapted in 12 hours. Runs, plays and it is absolutely happy.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: The minimum walks for a weimaraner are 1 - 1.5 hour in the morning and as much in the evening, plus walk in the afternoon. And you should not just stand still, and to go, run, ride out the bicycle – generally, it is not necessary to miss. Only in this case there is a chance that the dog will not carry the house. Because if it is boring for a veymaraner or he is not walked, the dog will find, than to entertain itself. Veymaranera are able to do it excellently: something сгрызть to break, beat out a window leaf and to get out in a window is easily!

Puppy of a Veymaraner of a Photo

On a photo: puppy of a veymaraner

Veymaraner and children

Veymaranera very much love children and perfectly get on with them. Of course, at all dogs different characters, but by the nature weimaraners very kind in relation to all members of the family.

However it is necessary to understand: if you got a dog and allowed to do houses everything that it is necessary for soul, she can become jealous and selfish. And if then there is a child or guests with children come, and children begin to torment a dog, to drag her for ears or a tail, the dog will answer. It is not that breed which will rush, but also in offense of the veymaraner will not give.

of Observation of the manufacturer: At me is a bough which does not love children 8 years are younger. She does not bite them, but can strike with a nose, and then escape, lay down and pretend that it was made not by her .

On a photo: veymaraner

Veymaraner and other pets

If the veymaraner lives in pack (several dogs in family), then he will accept only the dogs. On walk they perfectly get on with other dogs if previously to acquaint them. But if it is just some by running doggie, they will drive it – from the pack. And here the passion joins: ran one, foreign dog it was let in flight – right there all others flocked afterwards.

If the veymaraner lives one, he concerns all animals more loyally. Weimaraners like to play, rage, and they are ready to admit to the company even a cat.

of Observation of the manufacturer: At us there lives a cat, and all dogs perfectly treat her. But again there are nuances: some together with a cat sleep, and someone likes to send a cat on the house, though does not bite. But in general veymaraner perfectly get on with all animals, even with birdies, polecats, etc. They have no aspiration of all to smother and to kill. These are kind, adequate dogs .

Puppies of a Veymaraner and Kitten of a Photo

On a photo: puppies of a veymaraner and kitten

Education and training of a veymaraner

Veymaraner very easily are trained. They can deliver 10 points from 10.

Veymaranera – very clever dogs, they adore training and implementation of commands. a 6-month-old puppy, having completed 3khnedelny a training course, keeps learned in mind. There are enough 3 weeks to teach a dog to everything.

of Observation of the manufacturer: If to compare veymaraner and Labradors who live in our nursery too then veymaraner are more obedient dogs .

Veymaranera are born hunters. They treat the 7th FCI group (continental cops), but veymaraner differ from other cops in the fact that they work both to, and after a shot, in the field, in a pine forest and in water. That is it is universal hunting dogs.

Veymaranera can be excellent athletes. One our dog went to play sports to Chelyabinsk, his son professionally plays sports in Moscow and prepares for the World Cup. But it is a separate line of cultivation, they are higher growth, than standard veymaraner. The standard of a weimaraner is very vague, a difference in the minimum and maximum height in withers – 12 cm. And for sport the maximum growth and still slightly is chosen. These dogs are brought for run (a kani-cross-country, cycling, etc.). These dogs can gather huge speed.

Veymaraner on Photo Snow

On a photo: veymaraner

Leaving and maintenance of a veymaraner

Veymaraner needs the minimum leaving.

As well as all dogs, weimaraners fade. Only the xoloitzcuintle does not fade. But they fade very short wool therefore it is not so noticeable as wool of the majority of other dogs. Veymaraner fade once a year.

Wool of veymaraner has no smell, and it is great advantage at the maintenance of the house.

We wash the veymaraner 2 times a year and also in case of need. For example, if they somewhere were strongly stained or went on meadows and found yum-yum in which rolled about. We sometimes go to the village near Vitebsk, and our neighbors have a horse there – and each trip to the village comes to an end with washing.

I prefer to feed the dogs with a dry feed. The good, balanced forage a premium or a superpremium class contains all necessary elements, vitamins and minerals. In addition we give carrot, cottage cheese, meat, but it is more entertainments and delicacy, than main type of feeding. Dogs perfectly feel, the stomach works, any allergies. The main thing – to pick up a forage depending on age and individual preferences.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Walking has to be 3-hrazovy. They cannot wait all day long, they are not calculated on 2-hrazovy walking. Pools in the house can be till 1 year, but then they begin to ask very persistently if they want on the street .

Health of a veymaraner

Veymaranera – quite healthy breed. At them very few genetic diseases. For example, the dysplasia meets extremely seldom, in isolated cases.

One of diseases to which they are subject is bursita. It is a lot of skin, big lymph flows and when they in a game bite each other, under skin the lymph can accumulate. But it is rather a trauma.

What owner is necessary to a veymaraner?

It has to be very active person understanding that he deals with the hunter. Veymaraner needs to be devoted much time and to load not only physically, but also intellectually.

Veymaraner at a Photo Exhibition

On a photo: a veymaraner at an exhibition

A photo of veymaraner from personal archive of Oksana Leonova

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