• May 23, 2019

Sometimes behavior of pets becomes a riddle for their owners. Happens especially unpleasantly when bad habits of animals do harm to economy. So, surprises owners why dogs dig holes. The main reasons for this puzzle are explained by specialists cynologists. They give the advice helping to disaccustom the pets to similar "hooliganism".

The Dog Digs a Hole

Instincts and boredom

An addiction of dogs to dig the earth strongly irritates their owners, especially those who live out of town. The hardworking pet is capable to dig over beds and a kitchen garden, having nullified multi-day efforts of the owners.

Appears, the similar behavior is not a whim of an animal, but a centuries-old instinct.

It is explained by the following reasons:

Puppy Outdoors

Occupation with a Dog

  1. Hunting habits which did not lose many breeds of dog. Dogs dig the earth, trying to find some living creatures, suitable for themselves or to get to the bottom of its hole. Many breeds were even removed for similar hunting. For example, terriers, even their name of breed comes from the word "Terra" (earth). For the same reason with inspiration dig holes of a dachshund and huskies.
  2. Desire to be cooled . In hot summer day to get to the bottom of a desired cool, dogs remove a heated top soil and settle in the formed pole.
  3. Boredom. Many breeds, such as laika, are full of energy. If they have no place to put it, they literally "earth" it. Thus animals compensate for the deficiency of the movement.
  4. Stocks . Many dogs like to dig in to the earth of a toy or the remains of tasty food. That nobody stole "treasures", they regularly hide them in new poles.
  5. Attractive smell . Quite often owners fertilize beds bone or blood meal. The smell of these fertilizers seems to people disgusting, but dogs consider it incredibly tasty. To get to the bottom of its source, animals are capable to dig over all kitchen garden.
  6. Underminings. Owners are revolted by a habit of dogs to arrange underminings under fences in hardly noticeable places. Rats, caress, polecats and other robbers willingly use the dug courses. Similar wrecking is explained by powerful aspiration to reproduction. It is very difficult to hold an ungelded dog if he scented techny to a bough. The dog will surely dig undermining and will get out to will.
  7. A hole for posterity. Boughs very often dig the earth to arrange themselves a den. Especially pregnant animals like to be engaged in it.

induces them the ancient instinct of reproduction forcing to prepare the shelter for future posterity.

Professional advice

If to show patience and persistence, the dog can be disaccustomed to addictions. Experts recommend to the following:

Why Dogs Dig Holes

Leisure with Pets

  1. The animal needs to allocate the small site where it will be able to dig a hole in the pleasure. There fill a little clean sand, it is possible to bury a favourite toy, let the doggie look for it. If the dog digs in other places, it is necessary to use team of the ban. The animal will gradually get used.
  2. In hot weather not to allow overheating, the dog is transferred to the cool place. There it is possible to put a damp rag or to put a trough with water where the doggie will be able to be cooled.
  3. With too active animals it is necessary to spend more time, to increase loading during walks. If the dog digs the earth because it is constantly overexcited, it is necessary to normalize its emotional state.
  4. In not put places where the pet likes to rummage, spray special spray.

to disaccustom an animal to addictions, it is necessary to show consideration for his requirements and to try to understand the behavior reasons. At careful and patient owners everything will turn out.

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