• Apr 16, 2019

Definition of a techka at dogs is necessary for carrying out knitting for the purpose of receiving posterity. Experienced manufacturers usually notice approach of this state on some features in behavior of an animal. But sometimes happens so that this period passes imperceptibly, the behavior of the pet does not change. Then it is extremely difficult to define time for knitting. What is the hidden techka at dogs and how to distinguish this phenomenon, it is worth sorting in detail.

The hidden techka at dogs: signs of an ovulation and how to distinguish this phenomenon

Main signs of an ovulation:

The Phenomenon of the Hidden Techka at Dogs

  • The behavior of the pet changes on playful or, on the contrary, aggressive.
  • Urination becomes frequent.
  • The animal does tags for dogs.
  • Sometimes at this time there is a molt.
  • The vulva bulks up, from it allocations appear.

Sometimes signs of an ovulation are not shown in any way, but hormonal changes in an organism happen.

it is possible to Define it in that case:

Signs of the Hidden Techka at a Dog

  • Visually — watching behavior of the pet . The way is not always reliable, especially if externally signs are shown inertly.
  • by means of special devices . The sensor of the device is entered into a vulva and, having received result, compare indications to the table.
  • by means of a mini-microscope . Take a little saliva from an animal, analyze it. During an ovulation the pattern of saliva reminds "fir-trees".
  • Having visited veterinary clinic . The doctor by means of laboratory methods will be able to learn whether the animal has an ovulation. Carrying out a research requires blood, saliva or animal slime.
to Determine by

the period when the dog is ready to knitting, not so difficult. The main thing — to choose a suitable method.

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