• Jul 1, 2020

Many owners are interested whether it is possible the mixed feeding of a puppy whether it will be injurious to health of the kid.

Puppy in a Photo Bowl
of the Photo: publicdomainpictures.net

As a rule, the mixed feeding of a puppy is meant as a combination dry feed and natural products. Whether so perhaps mixed feeding puppy?

If you feed a puppy with a dry feed, its system of digestion is customized as appropriate. And if more than 10% of meat are added to a diet, it can do to become the reason of disorder of digestion. Therefore if you add to dry to forage meat, it should not exceed 10% of a diet. For example, it is possible to use it as encouragement on occupations.

Producers of dry feeds do not recommend to add natural products in diet. It is connected also with the fact that dry feeds (if, of course, they qualitative) balanced and full. And if you add others products, this balance it can be broken.

So the mixed feeding of a puppy (a combination of a dry feed and natural products, especially in one feeding) is undesirable.

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