• Feb 20, 2019

and are good security guards. To support them it is difficult — training begins in the early childhood, otherwise instead of the devoted friend the uncontrollable and disobedient dog will turn out. Experts select the list of the most desperate and fearless dogs of combative breed.

The Most Fearless and Desperate Dogs of Combative Breeds

American pit bull terrier

This breed of dog was removed by crossing of a bulldog and a terrier. From a bulldog descendants adopted force, and from a terrier — uncontrollable energy. The combination of these qualities grants the right to consider this breed combative.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Distinctive qualities:

  • force;
  • endurance;
  • lack of sensation of fear.

Despite menacing look, they well get on with children, and in case of danger to the owner will instantly attack the offender.

For a role of security guards this breed does not approach because of friendly character — pit bull terriers make contact even with strangers.

The American Pit Bull Terrier with a Puppy

They need to be accustomed to communication with other animals since the childhood, otherwise any small animal or a bird will be apprehended by them as production — is so shown a hunting instinct.

Caucasian sheep-dog

Caucasian Sheep-dog

Thanks to the impressive sizes these dogs it was used in dog fights earlier. They strongly developed feeling of property therefore they are suitable for protection of the territory more. Without threat the sheep-dog will not attack. Despite it, education and training since the early childhood is necessary. Otherwise a dog will become disobedient and uncontrollable .

The willfulness of character is shown even by puppies therefore the expert has to be engaged in training.

In family the pet will get on with children, will be able to get on with other animals, but in the territory will not suffer any other dogs.

Bordeaux mastiff

Bordeaux Mastiff

Initially this breed was removed for hunting. Also these dogs were used in gladiatorial representations. In fight this dog will show improbable rage, however can kill the opponent only in case of real threat of the life .

Dogs of this breed low, but brawny. Males are more hardy, but also they are tired of long trainings. Mastiffs strongly become attached to the owner and suffer during separation from it . At due education the dog will be obedient and is even tender with members of master's family, including other animals.

Bordeaux Mastiff Fights

Neapolitan mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff

Initially they were brought for hunting. However force and power of these dogs became an occasion of use of mastiffs in dog fights. Thanks to big weight they can easily bring down the opponent from legs and immobilize him.

Nevertheless is a dog defender, but not the forward. If the pet is held in the apartment, it is necessary to give sufficient loading to his muscles, otherwise the dog will become lazy and sluggish, as a result can get sick with obesity.

Neapolitan Mastiff Combative Dog

of Bandog

Dogs of this breed possess not only a frightening look, but also improbable force. Bandog become attached to the owner, but openly do not show emotion. At due education will grow from a puppy a quiet and balanced dog . But if not to be engaged in it, then it will turn into a disobedient and dangerous animal for whom there will be no authorities.


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