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, it is quite easy to answer. In spite of the fact that new breeds, the prices for which very quickly change, are removed every day, the cost of the most expensive dog in the world remains invariable – 1.5 million dollars. The red Tibetan mastiff of Hong Dong (Big Splash) is recognized as the most expensive friend of the person. The certain multimillionaire developing the coal industry in the north of China became interested in a mastiff with an unusual name at one of the Chinese auctions.

The Most Unique and Expensive Dog in the World
the Most expensive friend of the person recognized a red Tibetan mastiff of Hong Dong

important to note that the Tibetan mastiffs win first place in the list of the most expensive breeds of the world to this day. Little puppies of this breed can cost about 30-40 thousand dollars. at the time of holding the auction to Big Splash was only 11 months old, and the weight of a puppy was 85 kg. So early age of a dog, the cost overstated by 35 times, excessive media exposure – nothing confused future owner of Big Splash. The multimillionaire could not remain indifferent at the sight of the small playful lump wishing to get the new friend.

The Most Unique and Expensive Dog in the World
the Tibetan mastiffs win to this day first place in the list of the most expensive breeds of the world

At once after the end of the Hong Dong auction in an environment of security guards and the owner went to the new house. Now the dog is about 4 years old. The personal cook who is engaged in development of the special menu, the hairdresser who is carefully watching appearance of the pet, several security guards – all these people are called to provide activity and safety of a mastiff. Persons interested to get posterity from Big Splash have to be ready to pay about 20-25 thousand dollars for copulation. The puppy of a red Tibetan mastiff is an indicator of abundance and luxury as in China, and around the world. Important and that mastiffs – the most ancient breed of dog in the world. The Argentina mastiff, a Tosa Inu, the boxer, a St. Bernard, the Newfoundland dog, a mastiff – all these breeds treat molossa. Molossa – large dogs with a massive constitution and a big skull. It is interesting that the term "molossa" comes from the name of the Ancient Greek people living in the mountainous area of Greece – Epirus.

of Feature of breed Tibetan mastiff (video)

Unique dog

The Tibetan mastiff – the most expensive breed of dog in the world. It is caused not so much by physical data of breed how many its origin. It is especially important that mastiffs are considered as representatives of one of the most ancient breeds of the world. Under assumptions of scientists, this breed already more than 5 thousand years. The silent and majestic nature of Tibet kept all uniqueness of breed throughout so long period of time. How many secrets are shrouded by life of the Tibetan inhabitants, as much mysteriousness mastiffs conceal in themselves. Breed differs in special wisdom, boldness and incredible devotion . The owner of such dog can quite entrust the life to the pet. Relationship with a mastiff is based on exclusive mutual respect. Remember that the dog does not serve you, and gives love and devotion. Representatives of this noble breed demand special contents and leaving.

The sizes of the house in which there will live a dog are especially important. Ideally it has to be the big country house with not less large site.

The Most Unique and Expensive Dog in the World

Mastiffs have the unique character combining steadiness and patience. It is caused by severe climatic conditions in which the nature was formed. At that time the devoted friend and the defender which became a mastiff was necessary for the person. The powerful woolen cover could protect the person from cold, and the courage and courage of a dog ensured safety of the owner. The most expensive dog in the world differs also in quite high I.Q. which formation was promoted, certainly, by human society. The love and careful attitude to children, suspicious mistrust to strangers, appropriate and adequate aggression, patience – all these qualities made a mastiff the true friend of the person. At that time when the Tibetan inhabitants needed to go to hunting, they without thoughts trusted the children to mastiffs. Dogs protected and protected children throughout all necessary time. Keep in mind that a lot of things depend also on the education of the pet. Persistent trainings, love of the owner, patience of both parties – these indicators will help to make of a puppy of the true friend and the defender.

The Most Unique and Expensive Dog in the World

New friend

Having decided on purchase of the Tibetan mastiff, keep in mind that such dog cannot be bought in usual pet-shop. Only specialized nurseries can present to you the real representative of this noble breed. Pay attention and to thoroughbredness of the pet: metises can behave is rather unpredictable and is a little aggressive, and thoroughbred dogs are completely balanced. You should not take a dog if it is your first experience in the content of such large breed. Can tell about much and behavior of a puppy – the thoroughbred and healthy pet always freely makes contact with the person. Certainly, it is necessary to check all documents of the pet.

Begin to accustom a puppy to discipline from the very first day of stay in the house. But do not fixate all attention only on education and teams, also care of a dog is not less important. The most important element of leaving is the grooming (combing and a hairstyle of wool). The molt occurs all once a year, but even during this period it is quite difficult to cope with abundance of wool. For this reason people with an allergy to wool cannot bring into the house of a mastiff at all. It is desirable to comb out wool a large rigid brush. The most expensive dogs in the world have distinctive feature – the increased cleanliness allowing the pet to remain always well-groomed and clean. Irrespective of weather it is necessary to wash the pet 2 times a month. It is desirable to use special dry shampoo in the winter.

The Most Unique and Expensive Dog in the World

As by nature these dogs are allocated also with excellent physical data, it is necessary to devote to keeping fit much time. The pet needs frequent walks and active entertainments.

Advantage of a mastiff in his wool allowing to spend long time in the fresh air. Hobby of the pet is bathing in the winter in snow as the warm underfur keeps heat and does not allow to freeze. Remarks of the Tibetan monks on a color of a mastiff are interesting: the speck on a breast symbolizes courage and courage of the pet, and small burn marks over eyes allow a dog to glance in soul and heart of the person.

Faultless food

Expensive breeds of dog demand due leaving and food. The impressive sizes of a mastiff are not reached by overfeeding at all. It is necessary to observe a specific mode of feeding. For example, the puppy at the age of 2-3 months needs to be fed 5-6 times a day. Fermented milk products – cottage cheese and kefir are the most preferable. It is useful to include in a diet of a puppy and meat – boiled beef. It is gradually possible to add to the menu of puree from steam vegetables. It is possible to dilute puree with 1 tsp of vegetable oil. In process of growing of the pet it is necessary to decide on a forage. The choice of a good dog forage is very important therefore surely consult with the people having experience of maintenance of this breed. Accustom the pet to a forage gradually, adding it to the main food. Watch reaction and health of a mastiff. It is not necessary to force a dog to eat a certain forage if it does not suit her. Besides it is desirable to feed the pet with natural products. Existence in a diet of crude meat is especially important. Also fish products will not prevent.

On a question of what breed of dog is the most reserved in food questions, it is easy to answer. mastiffs possess self-checking, not allowing a dog to eat more, than it is necessary for it. This feature completely excludes emergence of the problems connected with development of obesity. Keep in mind that it is necessary to develop the special menu in the summer. It is connected with the fact that the dog eats much less, than in any other season. It is not necessary to force violently the pet is if he does not want it. Mastiffs have the strong immunity not subject to influence of various serious illnesses.

The Most Unique and Expensive Dog in the World

Important choice

Does not matter, how much is a dog and how many prestigiousnesses she will bring to you. Much more important – conscious desire to get the new fluffy friend. The dog is the best friend of the person already for many thousands of years. More than 30 thousand years ago the person tamed a dog, and in exchange received the true devoted friend. Today more than 500 various breeds surprising and striking the person at first sight are known. The sharp mind, ingenuity, speed of movements, force, devotion, individual character – all this combine dogs. It is not surprising to have desire of people of such beautiful pets. But before purchase of a puppy it is necessary to consider the decision carefully.

How much time you will be able to devote to the pet? Whether you will be able to provide due care? Only consciously having answered similar questions, you precisely are defined whether it is necessary to get a dog at present or it is worth waiting. The pet in the house – not a toy, and the full member of family requiring constant attention and care. Communication both with fellows, and with the owner is very important for a dog. The factor of time plays a major role at making decision on whether really you need a dog. At least two hours a day need to be given to walk with the pet, to games and physical activities. Besides, time will leave also on care of appearance of a dog. Besides time factor, there are some more main recommendations about the choice of a canine friend.

The Most Unique and Expensive Dog in the World

of the Recommendation about the choice of a dog

Deciding to bring a dog into the house, consider the next moments:

  1. pet's Size. to Representatives of large breeds needs a lot of free space, so you should not bring into the small apartment too a big dog. The following breeds are suitable for room contents more: Welsh Corgi, Scottish Terrier, Pomeranian spitz-dog, dachshund.
  2. When choosing the pet needs to consider his temperament: some breeds are quite sociable and playful that allows them to live in big family, others, on the contrary, feel is disturbing in the house with a large number of people. The noisy family with children best of all will suit a golden retriever.
  3. Decide by on for what specifically you need a dog . For example, it is desirable for the hunter the hunting dog who is easily giving in to training and got used to physical activities. An excellent hunting dog Portuguese a mayfly is considered, and the Bavarian hounds best of all pursue the victim on a trail of blood. The spaniels having incredible endurance are recognized as the best search dogs.
  4. the Most noble origin. be defined In advance, the origin of a dog is how important for you. Thoroughbred dogs from a family tree are ideal for exhibitions and competitions. One more advantage of thoroughbred puppies is that you can predict its appearance and character. Now all unblooded dogs are called "mongrels". Such dog is not distinguished maybe by a valuable family tree, but it does not prevent the pet to become your friend. Any puppy is capable to present you love and fidelity.
  5. Choice of a sex of a puppy. Advantages and shortcomings are both at female dogs, and at males. It is better to study all features in advance. For example, it is much easier to train female individuals, but there is a set of the problems connected with a techka. Advantage of males in lack of a techka. Besides they are more disciplined following the results of training.
  6. Keeping of the pet demands considerable expenses . Expenses on a forage, fee of the veterinarian, purchase of various additional things – all this does not make even a half of what is required for keeping of a dog. If you think that small breeds demand small expenses, then know that it not so. Dogs need a special diet which will force you to buy qualitative expensive forages.

The Most Unique and Expensive Dog in the World

the Best of the best

Knowing what most expensive breed of dog uses the greatest interest, there is a wish to learn also about other expensive breeds. Not less expensive and special breed is Lyon a bichon. Other name of breed – a small lion's dog . There was this breed in France, and then extended in Spain and Belgium. Now the breed Lyon a bichon is entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most rare in the world. These are absolutely small dogs with a short body and rather long wool. Quite often do to puppies a special hairstyle because of which they become similar to a lion. For this reason the breed is called lion's. Lyon bichons differ in gentle and kind disposition, playfulness. The cost of a puppy is 4000-10000 dollars.

In considerable cost also in pharaoh hounds differ . It is rather ancient breed differing in special hunting skills and high intelligence. This breed on the island of Malta from where in 1920 got to Great Britain was created. Pharaoh hounds differ in harmonious proportions and grace. It should be noted that despite kind and tender character, dogs have some authoritativeness. It is possible to buy the representative of this breed for 3000-7000 dollars.

One more representative of ancient dogs – an affenpinscher. Initially this breed was removed in Germany in the 18th century. Later similar dogs appeared in Austria and the Netherlands. Affenpinschers possess rigid black wool and long moustaches. The character of a dog allows it to live in big family. The fervent and active affenpinscher is always ready to play with children and once again to prove the love. The cost of this breed is 2000-6000 dollars.

the Most expensive dogs in the world (video)

The breed to an akina-in differs in special devotion and restraint. Other name of breed – "The Japanese treasure". These are quite large dogs with dense red and red wool. The genetics of this breed is very close to genetics of a wolf. Akita-inu puppies easily give in to training and education. The big popularity to this breed was brought by the eponymous movie "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" in which the extraordinary devotion of a dog is shown to the owner. Today the cost of a puppy is equal 3000-4000 dollars.

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