• Jan 26, 2019

the widespread stereotype that dogs of this breed are very aggressive Exists. Many cannot be defined who bull terriers are murderers or friends. All truth is that the rage and aggression in relation to other animals or people is not property of breed. Those pets who were incorrectly or cruelly brought up can have such behavior. Actually these dogs have gentle and tender disposition.

Bull terrier

Description of breed

Bull terriers in England were brought. In 1835 there were dog fights in which bulldogs were involved. But as they were very slow, the idea to remove new breed arose. James Hinks in 1862 crossed a bulldog to a white English terrier and as a result received an ideal fighting dog — a bull terrier.

After them began to use as sentry dogs and shepherds. Even it was fashionable to support a white bull terrier as the intelligence of these dogs subdued students and teachers in Oxford.

of Feature of appearance

The Facts about a Bull Terrier

According to standards of breed, growth and weight of bull terriers are not limited, but usually they are from 30−61 centimeters in withers, and average weight varies from 18 to 36 kilograms. These dogs brawny, powerful and dexterous.

Standards of breed:

Who Such Bull Terrier

  1. The head long and low put. In a form reminds egg a little.
  2. Eyes have unique triangular shape. They deeply are also slantwise put. Are at quite long distance from a nose. Eyes have to be dark brown color.
  3. The nose is lowered and has pronounced nostrils.
  4. The bite is correct, and the lower jaw is especially strong.
  5. Ears small and thin. Stand vertically.
  6. Extremities strong and brawny. Forepaws are developed more, than back.
  7. A broad chest with the acting edges. Back short and strong.
  8. The tail short is also narrowed to a tip. It is low put.
  9. Wool short and rigid to the touch. Has the expressed gloss. There is a soft underfur in the winter.
  10. The color can be clean - white or color.

Necessary leaving and feeding

Bull terriers do not demand special leaving. Wool is enough to comb once a week. It is possible to use not a hairbrush, but a special mitten. These pets fade twice a year .

During such periods owners should pay slightly more attention to care of animal hair.

Several times a month it is necessary to cut claws. Weekly it is necessary to examine ears of a dog and to make cleaning. It is desirable to brush teeth several times a week.

In total about Breed a Bull Terrier

As bull terriers very active dogs, to the owner it is necessary to walk often and long with the pet. It is necessary to choose those places where the dog will be able to be run much. Without physical activities the character of the pet can deteriorate, or the animal will grow lazy and will begin to gain weight.

It is possible to feed representatives of this breed with ready-made feeds or natural food. the Dry feed has to be high-calorific and also specialized for bull terriers. It is not recommended to change grades needlessly.

Naturally food has to consist for 50% of crude meat. Sometimes it is authorized to give an ocean fish (without bones), chicken or an offal. It is possible to add a diet with porridges, bran, fresh vegetables and fermented milk products. of Bull terriers categorically cannot be fed:

What It Is Necessary to Feed a Bull Terrier with

  • sweets;
  • farinaceous food;
  • to fried;
  • chocolate;
  • nutlets;
  • pickles.

It is necessary to feed a dog twice a day and it is desirable at the same time. Between meals it is not recommended to feed up. Clear and fresh water always has to be in access.

Character and behavior

The reputation of bull terriers in society is extremely ambiguous. This breed is considered fighting and therefore there is an opinion that her representatives are very aggressive. But dog breeders speak about these pets as about faithful and intelligent animals.

Behaviour of a Bull Terrier

Bull terriers can be excellent partners to the person. They prefer not to remain alone, but at the same time are not imposed to the owner, requiring constant attention.

It is simple to be for them enough nearby.

Dogs of this breed are very clever and bright. The correct education will lead to unconditional obedience. Since childhood it is necessary to be severe with bull terriers, but not in cruelty. Should follow several rules:

  1. The need to tame a puppy to share toys.
  2. The training is not recommended to be held if the pet was tired.
  3. The slightest manifestation of aggression from a dog needs to be stopped, showing discontent.
  4. It is impossible to indulge whims.
  5. The owner should be firm in the decisions.
  6. The pet cannot be abused for outstanding team.
  7. It is possible to encourage with delicacy or a praise.

Only the quiet, persistent and patient owner can bring up the dog safe for society. Initial trainings have to be held by professionals.

Pluses and Minuses of a Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are quite good sentry dogs which will bark at appearance of strangers. But here as security guards it is not recommended to take such dogs extremely as aggression not in their nature, and they will not rush on malefactors.

Representatives of this breed do not love when they are teased therefore it is better not to involve dogs in games which they can incorrectly regard.

If bull terriers were not socialized at early age, then with other dogs they can show aggression. Ungelded dogs are especially spiteful therefore it is not recommended to keep them in the house with other pets. The relations with cats can be good if animals together grew. But all the same owners should look after interaction of pets.

Owners of bull terriers emphasize the capacity of love of such dogs. Despite their ill fame, these pets very kind and tender. Features of behavior can be corrected the correct education. It is very important that training was timely and appropriate, and then from "murderer" it is possible to receive the gentle favourite.

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