• Jan 20, 2019

operation of the new device in the official video presentation. A prototype under the name Heartography — the first-ever device capable to automatically take pictures depending on a condition of a dog. The camera presented to Nikon is not planned to be put in mass production yet.

Nikon presented the camera for dogs

The name Heartography is formed by a combination of the English words heart (heart) and photography (photo). the Device consists of three parts:

  • Easy plastic fastening for the camera with the built-in OLED display, governing bodies and the mechanism of pressing the camera button. Fastening runs after dogs.
  • Standard Nikon Coolpix L camera 31.
  • The elastic bracelet installing electrical equipment. The bracelet measures the heart rate of an animal in real time.

Line of Cameras from Nikon

the Bracelet continuously transfers data on pulse of a dog to the chip which is built in fastening by means of Bluetooth. If the payment fixes sharp jump of warm reductions, then the mechanism of pressing the button of descent of a lock of the camera is automatically activated and a picture is taken.

By default it occurs at jump of pulse 20 points higher than norm. This threshold can be changed manually, having used buttons near the display.

Earlier similar devices were developed by the companies:

The Camera for Dogs

  • GoPro;
  • Motorola;

Nikon Heartography camera

However these devices are not able to trace a condition of an animal and also to automatically switch on and off the camera depending on pulse. These are the usual collars with fastening under the video camera sometimes supplied with the GPS module in case the animal will be lost.

the Prototype of Nikon — the only device providing full-fledged smart functionality.

The presentation did not do without incident. Users saw fraud in the official roller loaded on YouTube. On 51 seconds of video show the picture of a bumper of a car which is allegedly made a dog tester by nickname Grizzler.

In reflection, however, the contour of the person taking the shown picture is visible. Nikon did not comment on a situation.

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