• Mar 3, 2019

to dogs, it is not balanced on the structure. The natural forage is not that owners eat. Independently only the experienced dog breeder can pick up the correct diet to a pet, sometimes food for people leads to a disease and the death of the pet. Therefore it is necessary to exclude 9 usual products which can kill a dog, from her diet.

What Products Can Kill a Dog

products, Harmful to pets

Kind of it seemed to much strange, but habitual "human" food is often strictly forbidden dogs. For example, pets are not recommended to eat:

What It Is Impossible to Give to a Dog

The Forbidden Products for Dogs

  1. of Avocado . It causes vomiting, diarrhea and cardiac arrest. Both a soft part, and a peel with a stone are dangerous.
  2. Chicken bones . At a razgryzaniye their splinters can get stuck in a gullet of an animal and lead to suffocation or wound a GIT, the rupture of intestines will turn out to be consequence of what.
  3. Crude meat and fish . They contain a large number of bacteria, and many parasites are mean in not last heat treatment products.
  4. Crude eggs . Cause poisoning if are infected with helminths. Enzyme авидин, contained in eggs, blocks vitamin B, and it by all means will lead to problems with wool and skin.
  5. the Products containing xylitol . It reduces sugar level in animal blood that causes production of insulin and leads to a renal failure. Xylitol is used in chewing gum, pastries and candies.
  6. Raisin, grapes, currant . Cause a renal failure in dogs.
  7. Corn . The undigested remains which inflated in a stomach get to the lower departments of a digestive tract and block intestines. Such problem demands surgery without which the animal will die.
  8. Chocolate . This delicacy contains caffeine which use leads to poisoning and spasms.
  9. Alcohol . Causes loss of consciousness and death. The human dose is capable to kill the pet in several hours. The contents more of alcohol in a stomach of a dog is formed after consumption of yeast dough.

of the Recommendation for owners

If the pet received such products earlier, but nothing bad occurred, it does not mean that he will always cope with them.

Sometimes food has the combined effect, that is one more piece from a master's table can become the last.

needs to teach the Dog to the team "It Is Impossible!" that she did not eat everything.

But if the pet got poisoned, it is necessary:

How to Wash Out a Stomach to a Dog

  • to wash a stomach with solution of table salt (1 teaspoon on 500 ml of water);
  • to provide plentiful drink;
  • to make an enema;
  • to address the veterinarian.

Animal needs to provide the balanced food and in every possible way to avoid getting into their menu of dangerous products.

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