• Feb 26, 2020

Quite often happens that the puppy is strongly frightened something at home or on the street. What to do to the owner in such situation not to aggravate a situation? Whether it is possible to help a puppy to overcome fear?

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All puppies pass the so-called "period of fears". And at this time it is necessary to show consideration for a puppy especially not to impart to the pet fear of certain things on for the rest of the life. It happens when frightening experience becomes traumatic for a puppy.

What to do if the puppy strongly was frightened?

  1. Sometimes the owner has a temptation "to beat out a wedge a wedge" and right there to acquaint a puppy with a frightening object in close proximity. It is not necessary to do it! The puppy needs to give the chance to get acquainted with a frightening object, but it is also necessary to give it time to recover from a fright to avoid effect of the "stratification of irritants" capable to lead to traumatizing mentality of the kid.
  2. Give the chance to a puppy to watch "terrible things", but only from that distance at which the kid is capable to remain quiet and weakened. In such state the dog is capable to study something, including to treat terrible irritants calmly. If the puppy is frightened or overexcited, he will not learn anything good.
  3. Do not drag a puppy to frightening objects by force and do not allure delicacy. Give to the kid the choice and an opportunity to independently make the decision to start more close acquaintance. You watch language of a body of the pet and if noticed symptoms of a stress, so you too strongly reduced a distance or increased irritant force. If you too quickly force a puppy to approach an irritant or the puppy is forced to interact with it too long, he will even more be frightened, and you only aggravate a problem.
  4. Apply kontrobuslovlivany to create pleasant associations with a frightening object. As a rule, for creation of new associations favourite delicacy of a dog is used. However it is important to apply this method correctly not to aggravate fear of the pet so, perhaps, you need the help of the expert.
  5. If the behavior of a puppy changed too sharply, it is worth addressing for consultation the veterinarian to be convinced that he is healthy. Sometimes the fear is connected with pain. And if the problem root in health of the pet, any behavioural correction does not help.
Remember that it is the simplest to correct many behavioural deviations right at the beginning but not to wait until they develop in the real problem. So you should not tighten.

If you are not sure that you will be able to cope independently, perhaps, there is a sense to ask for the help the competent expert working with method of a positive reinforcement.

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