• Mar 23, 2019

Everything think that for protection of the house the dog surely has to be the large or average sizes, unpretentious in contents, angry. No, such animals do not approach. It is possible to mark out the rating of the best breeds of dog for protection of the private house. This list includes the German and Caucasian sheep-dogs, Moscow sentry, a black terrier, a Rottweiler.

The Rating of the Best Breeds of Dog for Protection of the Private House

German and Caucasian sheep-dogs

The Best Breeds of Dog for Protection of the House

the German shepherd — of course, the most popular breed which is known by all. It differs in the mind, well gives in to training, can be both the good security guard of the house, and the friend of the family, but only at the correct education. Many think that the sheep-dog does not need training as it and so by nature clever. But this deep delusion.

The Caucasian sheep-dog grows to the big sizes, and her look already guards.

At these dogs is developed a territorial instinct that promotes good protection of property. Minus is that pets difficult give in to training, and it is necessary to work at their education well.

Moscow sentry

It is possible to tell that it is old breed. It has few admirers, but it is not worse than other sentry.

At animals physical qualities are well developed. For Moscow sentry is characteristic the following:

  • differs in soft temper;
  • it should give physical activities regularly;
  • it is impossible to lead an animal in a string.

Black terrier and Rottweiler

Black Terrier, Security Guard of the House

A black terrier was one of the most popular breeds earlier. He can be both the good security guard, and the loyal friend for family. Behind it leaving as should cut hair of a black terrier 2 times a year is required .

the Rottweiler is mistrustful and attentive that promotes good protection of the house. The Rottweiler — a sleek-haired dog, but at her is well developed an underfur.

Main at education — to pay attention to obedience. Rottweilers since the birth are stubborn leaders.

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