• Feb 25, 2019

At dogs as at other mammals, the various secrets called for communication with other individuals of the or other types and also for tagging of the territory are produced. But not always owners understand from where the smell of a dog appears and why the domestic dog badly smells when wet. Actually this phenomenon physiologically also should not cause discomfort.

The Smell of a Dog why a Domestic Dog Badly Smells when Wet

of the Reason of a specific smell

It would be incorrect to assume that the characteristic smell of a dog is connected with release of sweat. It's not true, sweat glands at them are on paws, and their allocations cause fragrance only partly. On skin of dogs there are also other glands — apokrinovy, and the specific smell is connected with their activity. These tubular glands open in mouths of hair follicles, and their exact purpose remains obscure so far. However it is known that these educations produce odorous substances thanks to which canids can find a lot of information about each other , for example:

  • floor;
  • physical features;
  • state of health;
  • hormonal status.

can influence release of this secretion many factors, for example, at a stress of a dog the smell can amplify. Also there are breeds at which the physiology put more hard work of glands, and, as a result, more expressed fragrance.

Strengthening of a Bad Smell when Soaking Wool

Occurs opinion that little dogs smell stronger than big breeds, but it not so. More precisely, so should not be in terms of their physiology.

More intensive their smell becomes as a result of the wrong leaving:

  • frequent washing;
  • improper feeding;
  • synthetic or close clothes.

Also odorous substances are allocated more intensively at a disease of the pet and in the period of "a marriage season".

Strengthening at humidity

Why the Dog Badly Smells

On the surface of epidermis of dogs there are opportunistic microorganisms. They allocate muskusopodobny connections which in a dry form practically do not smell. But once wool becomes wet, that smell of a dog appears. It occurs because waste products of microflora are dissolved by under the influence of water , losing chemical bonds.

At evaporation of water there is damp an air around the pet, and saturated air can contain bigger number of molecules including odorous connections. For this reason characteristic aromas from dogs amplify when soaking wool .

Everything the described processes are normal : the pet has to have an individual specific smell. But if it suddenly changes, extremely amplifies or becomes very sharp and unpleasant, then it is an occasion to address the veterinarian.

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