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the Dog стафф (the American Staffordshire terrier, Stafford) – breed which has a reputation very blood-thirsty, but, despite it, амстафф enjoys popularity among manufacturers and fans of quadrupeds. The reason of such distribution of dogs of this breed – not their fighting spirit. Contrary to delusion, Stafford perfectly is suitable for contents in the city apartment as a pet and in a country house as the security guard. The Staffordshire terrier – is very bright, friendly and perfectly will suit families with children.

Staffordshire terriers: all truth about breed of dog
the Dog стафф (the American Staffordshire terrier, Stafford) – the breed of dogs which appeared rather recently

the History of origin of breed

Breed of dog the Staffordshire terrier, as well as her ancestors are the English bulldogs, appeared in Great Britain. of Ancestors of staff highly appreciated for their combative skills and widely used in fights with rats. For dog fights popular in those days in England pit bull terriers were purposefully brought, but soon this doubtful entertainment was forbidden in the territory of the Foggy Albion.

But, unlike England, in the United States dog fights continued to enjoy popularity, and the decision on removal of new breed of dog which would be used for participation in them was soon made. Already powerful, brawny pit bull terrier crossed to big dogs of other breeds therefore the little Staffordshire terrier was born.

In the 18th century of dogs of this breed began to consider not only as combative dogs, but also as impartial security guards and brave hunters. The puppy of Stafford had sharp mind, force and the small sizes and perfectly approached for a role of the security guard. At the beginning of the 20th century when bloody dog fights ceased to enjoy popularity, stafford transferred to the status of farmer dogs.

Staffordshire terriers: all truth about breed of dog
Breed of dog the Staffordshire terrier, as well as her ancestors the English bulldogs, occurred in Великобритании

Характер Staffordshire

Puppies of a staffa are very inquisitive and benevolent dogs. Externally dogs of this breed look awful very, but at the same time unmotivated aggression is not characteristic of Stafford. They at all just adore small children. In the best way are suitable for big families, becoming the faithful companion and the reliable bodyguard for each member of household. But the character of a dog directly depends on the correct education and training which needs to be begun at early age.

Most of people are sure that dogs of this breed are extremely blood-thirsty and ready to rush for no apparent reason on the stranger. But of a stafforda are very sociable and are always glad to get acquainted with the new person, especially – with the child. The dog obediently suffers all pranks and games of kids, with pleasure plays with them and looks after, carrying out a role of the nurse. Friendly Staffordshire terriers treat also other pets living with them in one house and animals who are met on walks.

The character of the irreconcilable fighter is shown at Stafford only in relation to the opponent. In fight these dogs are very aggressive and uncontrollable. For this reason the dogs who once showed unmotivated aggression in relation to the person are immediately discharged of cultivation.

Education and training

Stafforda rather appeasable dogs, it is easy to train them. To begin to bring up the four-footed favourite it is desirable from puppyish age. Process is rather simple thanks to complaisance of a staff. He quickly remembers that is forbidden to be done in the house of the owner, and in everything obeys the owner. The child will even cope with training of Stafford with ease, but the adult family member at the same time has to watch process surely.

the Staffordshire terrier in 2 months already is rather obedient and therefore puppies of this breed are very much appreciated. Quite often they begin to be trained with early age further to use in search rescue operations. From dogs of this breed excellent guides also turn out.

One of the main qualities of the Staffordshire terrier is the activity. It is desirable to play more with the pet and to train him. Long walks, jumps and run I will do Stafford good too. Dogs adore when the owner pays them attention and with pleasure play with it.

The dog of this breed will not suit people who like to spend free time of the house. Staffu of a little morning short walking, and for such short period the dog simply does not manage to splash out the collected energy. If not to provide to a dog daily long walks, it will begin to dump energy in the apartment, causing a loss to property of the owner.

Numerous manufacturers with confidence claim that staffa are very devoted, good-natured and peaceful dogs who are not posing threats for people around. Not the dog, but her owner who trains her and gives teams is dangerous to strangers. Dogs of this breed in everything obey the owner and always fulfill his requirements.

The puppy will grow the friendly, balanced and sociable pet only at the correct education of Stafford. From early age the kid needs to show that it not main in family. It is impossible to allow a dog to dominate over the owner at all and to take the leading position in the house.

Staffordshire terriers: all truth about breed of dog

Puppies of stafford very playful and active. From the first days in the new dwelling the little favourite has to acquire accurately rules which will need to be observed, living in the apartment. Any of family members should not indulge the pet and indulge him as such behavior will incite an animal against the "strict" owner and the dog will cease to obey him.

At a puppy of a staff in 4 months milk teeth begin to change, and he tries to gnaw everything that will catch sight to him. The owner has to get special toys for the little pet if wants to keep the property safe and sound.

It is desirable from the first days of life of a puppy in the house to allocate it a corner for rest and a laying for a dream. It is better not to allow it to a bed of the owner as it will be almost impossible to disaccustom to this habit of the Staffordshire terrier later.

Only the owner has to be engaged in education of a pet, none of strangers should interfere with this important process. Training can be begun as soon as the puppy of a staff is four months old, and during it it is impossible to shout at all and the more so to beat a dog.

Leaving and keeping of a terrier

Stafforda are not too exacting in leaving, but, as well as any other breed of dog, need it.

Often to bathe a dog there is no need, about two times a year will enough carry out water procedures. And to remove small hairs, the body of the pet needs to be wiped occasionally a damp towel.

Hair of the Staffordshire terrier needs to be combed regularly without use of a furminator . The main thing in what the dog, so it needs long daily walks. In day the pet has to spend in the fresh air at least 1.5 hours. Active games, throwing of a stick or ball will also give pleasure to a staff and will help it to dump energy.

To walk a dog up to one meal better as after a meal active loadings can cause problems with a stomach or intestines. The dog of this breed perfectly will suit the people leading an active lifestyle. On bicycle walk or jog of a staff it is also possible to take with itself.

Both the production forage, and natural food can make a diet of the Staffordshire terrier. When choosing dry or tinned food it is worth giving preference to the checked qualitative brands. Such sterns contain necessary quantity of minerals and nutrients. The budgetary forage, on the contrary, is capable to do harm to health of a pet.

Staffordshire terriers: all truth about breed of dog

If for feeding the owner chose natural food, then it is necessary to include meat, various porridges, fish in a diet of a dog (only sea), eggs and vegetables (in a stewed and boiled look).

At a diet of a puppy there have to be surely products rich with protein as it is the peculiar construction material necessary for the growing-up organism.

Not only the balanced food, long walks, the correct leaving and active games are necessary for a pet, but also timely surveys at the veterinarian. On the first reception, as a rule, the expert makes the schedule of vaccination to which it is necessary to adhere strictly. Planned inoculations will help to strengthen immunity of a canine friend and to avoid in the future developing of diseases.

Health of the pet

Many breeds of dog have "" characteristic diseases. The same concerns also staff which are subject:

  • to skin diseases;
  • to colitis;
  • to problems with a gastrointestinal tract;
  • to ophthalmologic problems (to a cataract and so forth);
  • to arthroses;
  • dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint.

From a serious illness, such as hepatitis and rage, dogs impart at puppyish age. In order to avoid pathologies, characteristic of the Staffordshire terrier, it is necessary to carry periodically a dog on routine inspections to the veterinarian.

Having made the decision to bring the representative of this kind of terriers, the owner will get in the person of a dog of the faithful companion, the brave security guard and the reliable partner. Very quickly the pet will win love of all members of household and will become the real family member.

But before acquisition of a puppy of this breed, it is necessary to consider that representatives of this look need a large amount of attention and the correct education and if the owner has no free time which he could give a staffa, then it is better to pay attention to animals of other breeds.

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