• Apr 13, 2018

Despite the decorative and slightly toy appearance, rabbit rates are beautiful partners, brave defenders of the owner and the real pros of hunting. These lovely creatures with the extended trunk on short bright pads and faithfully looking eyes beads already won thousands of the hearts of dog breeders and are not going to stop.

Surprising rabbit rate: a brave heart in a small body
Rabbit rates are beautiful partners, brave defenders of the owner and the real pros of hunting

Result of labor-consuming selection

The exact time of origin of dachshunds is unknown still. Images of dogs with a long body and the pointed muzzle on walls of the Egyptian pyramids allow to claim with confidence that the breed has old and rich story.

It is necessary to thank for removal of modern tiny rates the German selectors. Hunting, popular in Europe, for hares demanded the brisk and fast assistant capable to investigate rabbit holes. In the Middle Ages for these purposes used the tamed steppe polecats, however uncontrollable increase in population of the rodents devastating farmer grounds forced people to pay attention to breeds of hounds of dogs, one of which was the dachshund.

Surprising rabbit rate: a brave heart in a small body

Several decades manufacturers tried to obtain reduction of the sizes of animals and improvement from them hunting skills. In the 19th century for selection works on standards of breed the special community thanks to which removed "барсучью a hound" or a dwarfish rate was created.

How experts achieved such exotic appearance? As it terribly sounds, the extended trunk and short curve paws are result of genetic anomaly – a hondrodistrofiya (akhondroplaziya) at which at animals in process of growth the backbone and bones of a skull increase at normal speed, and bones of extremities remain small and are bent.

Fortunately, this physical defect does not affect the general health and life expectancy of dachshunds, but it laid the foundation for this remarkable breed.

For further selection chose only the most tiny animals who gave dwarfish posterity.

of the Dachshund in the modern world

Despite pronounced hunting instincts, rabbit rates also found the place in present urbanistic society. The sharp mind, appeasable character, irrepressible energy and excessive affection for the owner made representatives of this breed beautiful pets. Today the dachshunds living in city conditions mostly play a role of a decorative dog.

To positive traits of character, peculiar pretty fidgets, it is possible to carry:

  • friendliness;
  • inquisitiveness;
  • obedience;
  • responsiveness.

The passion and indefatigability in games do dachshunds by ideal satellites for the children and people preferring active lifestyle.

Surprising rabbit rate: a brave heart in a small body

However also the shortcomings put in its psychology by the nature are in nature of a dachshund. The unsurpassed intelligence and independence demanded for catching and deduction of the victim in a hole awarded dachshunds with foresight and obstinacy. The pet will not rush to execute the command of the owner "like mad", and everything will carefully consider. For this reason dachshunds need the sensitive, tender and competent head to whom they will be able to trust completely.

Dogs do not forgive treacheries and extremely negatively react to physical punishments. Despite of short extremities, dachshunds very much like to walk and bathe, are capable to pass long distances easily. The love to the owner is expressed in requirements to sit on hands, kisses.

Having got and having correctly brought up a dachshund, it is possible to be sure that the pet:

  • will patiently wait for walk and not "will do affairs" in the house;
  • will become the good watchman, without barking and without showing aggression without the reason;
  • will not run for cats, pigeons, other dogs;
  • will not be frightened of unusual things which can occur on his eyes;
  • it will not be badmouthed, if necessary will bypass pools;
  • will not take delicacy from foreign person and will not "beg" at a table.

Bringing up a puppy in caress, but not conceding to whims, it is possible to grow up the devoted and obedient friend who will bring joy to all family members.

Surprising rabbit rate: a brave heart in a small body

Exterior of a dog

Classification of breed by standards of the International film logical federation (FCI) is group 4, dachshunds.

Standards of the sizes of animals: growth in withers – 10-18 cm, weight – no more than 4 kg for a male, no more than 3.5 kg – for a female. Average life expectancy – 12-14 years.

Dwarfish rates – some of the most original dogs in the world. The stocky, extended trunk and short paws create a compact general view of an animal. The broad frame and dry relief muscles is characteristic of individuals.

Standards for puppies of a rabbit rate, description of breed:

  • growth in withers does not exceed croup height;
  • the trunk has the size from 15 to 18 cm in length;
  • the head of the form extended, pointed closer to a nose;
  • a forehead convex with smooth transition to a muzzle;
  • nose tip dark, large;
  • lips well close jaws;
  • nozhnitseobrazny bite, teeth equal, snow-white;
  • auricles are lowered down, rounded slightly off on the end, and their length reaches a nose tip;
  • eyes of the average size, dark brown color (an exception – dachshunds of a marble color);
  • the back is long, direct, without deflections;
  • the broad chest which is sticking out with small hollows on each side;
  • forepaws are wide, powerful, short, slightly curve;
  • back extremities brawny, strong, widely placed;
  • a tail with the thick basis and the pointed tip, length until the end of a hinder leg.

Despite diminutiveness of a rabbit rate, a silhouette it is copied by appearance of larger relatives.

Surprising rabbit rate: a brave heart in a small body

of the Version as wool

The appearance of tiny dogs is extremely various. As a woolen cover rabbit rates can be sleek-haired, long-haired and wire-haired.

the Sleek-haired dachshund – the most widespread look which became the ancestor of other subspecies of dogs of this breed. Hairs at animals thick, short, skintight to a body. Well-groomed wool makes an impression of brilliant, soft and velvety fabric.

the Long-haired dachshund was brought in the decorative purposes as her appearance is considered more effective. The small, beautiful, shaggy doggie which is lying on a silk small pillow or looking out of expensive leather handbag became a symbol of luxury and good taste.

the Wire-haired rabbit dachshund possesses dense wool with an underfur, dense, similar to a bristle. This species of dogs was removed after attempts of data of ordinary dachshunds with the English, Scottish terriers and dwarfish pinschers. Representatives of wire-haired dachshunds on appearance remind sleek-haired, difference only that at the first hairier muzzle.

Surprising rabbit rate: a brave heart in a small body

How to the majority it was habitual to see dachshunds of usually brown color, but in a color of this breed there can be distinctions taken for norms for this breed.

The types of colors recognized by the FCI standard:

  1. Monophonic rates. Have light brown, red, red coloring. At the same time claws and tip of a nose always dark. Existence of dark strips on a back and tips of ears is allowed.
  2. Two-color rates. Individuals of a black or brown color with burn marks of a red, cream, yellow shade over eyes, on each side muzzles, on the internal surface of ears, a front part of a breast and tips of paws. Small sites of white wool on a neck, a thorax are admissible.
  3. Color (spotty, marble, tiger) dachshunds. Shades of wool vary from black to red and light gray. The spottiness is not expressed brightly, with prevalence of one primary color. A nose and claws – black.

Carry double marble (on wool there are large spots of white color, eyes can be blue) to non-standard colors, white and spotty (spots on a white main background), sable (a red color with transition of tips of wool on a stomach and ears in black color), chocolate, cream, purely black. The most rare representatives of breed are white rates (animals albinos).

Surprising rabbit rate: a brave heart in a small body

Contents in the house

The choice and acquisition of a puppy – business extremely responsible. It is the best of all to buy the kid in officially registered nursery with good reputation. It is necessary to consider that sleek-haired puppies are cheaper long-haired, boys are more aggressive and active in comparison with girls.

It is desirable that at the time of moving to the new house necessary vaccination was done to a puppy and anti-parasitic therapy is carried out.

It is necessary to ask the manufacturer on a diet of the kid surely. It is the best of all to feed a dog with the natural products which underwent the minimum thermal treatment: porridges (buckwheat, yachnevy, rice), cottage cheese, low-fat meat (beef, turkey, chicken meat), offal. It is necessary to trace the animal weight as babies are inclined to obesity.

"Rabbit" includes care of a dachshund:

  • frequent (1 time in 7-10 days) washing by clear flowing water without soap;
  • weekly toothbrushing by means of special toothpaste for dogs and a nozzle on a finger;
  • regular survey of auricles regarding pollution and existence of parasites;
  • wiping of eyes and removal of allocations by soft natural fabric;
  • clarification of interdigital intervals after each walk;
  • trimming of claws by means of a kogterezka at least 1 time in 3 months;
  • regular prevention of the main diseases, helminthic and parasitic invasions.

the Interesting facts about dachshunds (video)

The long-haired dog demands careful care of a head of hear therefore it is necessary to buy special shampoos for washing, crests and brushes from a natural bristle for wool combing. Having got long-haired "rabbit", it is necessary to be ready to removal of garbage, prickles of wool, koltun in the period of a molt. The special device – Furminator will help to cope with it.

Dachshunds adore walking, digging holes, to dig out rodents therefore for walks it is better to choose forest plantations, fields, natural parks. Duration of walks – not less than 1.5-2 hours in the morning and in the evening.

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