• Aug 29, 2019
Unfortunately, quite often dogs are thrown. The fate of the thrown dogs is unenviable: they cannot independently survive on the street, most of them perishes under wheels of cars, from cold and hunger and also from human rigidity. Why people throw dogs and what future of unfortunate animals?

 the Thrown dogs of a photo
On a photo: the thrown dog in a shelter

Why throw dogs?

In Belarus of any researches on an occasion of why throw dogs, was not carried out. However in other countries scientists studied this question. For example, the research of the reasons for which people throw dogs was conducted to the USA in 1998

Scientists established 71 reasons for which owners refuse pets. But 14 reasons were mentioned most often.

Why people throw dogs
of % of all cases
Moving to other country or city
Treatment of a dog costs
too expensive
the Owner of rental housing forbids to hold animals
Aggression to family members or strangers
Keeping of a dog costs
too expensive
For a dog time
In the house it is too much animals
Death or serious illness of the owner of a dog
Personal problems of the owner
Inconvenient or close housing
Untidiness in the house
the Dog spoils furniture
the Dog does not obey
the Dog is at enmity with other animals of the house
However, in each case insufficient mutual understanding of the owner and a dog takes place. Even if the dog is thrown because of moving, as a rule, this is a dog with whom were dissatisfied earlier – the owner will take a favourite dog with himself or will attach in good hands.

 the Thrown dog of a photo

the Fate of the thrown dog

What happens to the thrown dogs and what destiny expects them? People who throw dogs seldom think of it. And would cost.

When a dog remains without favourite owner in others place (even if it is a shelter, but not the street), it loses "base of safety". The animal sits not movably, investigates an environment less and tries to call the owner we howl or we bark, tries to find it or to escape if it is locked in the closed space.

the Severe stress leads
to problems with intelligence. The dog can forget for a while teams or it is bad to be guided in a surrounding situation.

the Thrown dogs endure 3 stages of grieving:
  1. Protest.
  2. Despair.
  3. Discharge.
leads the Stress to decrease in immunity of a dog, stomach ulcers and deterioration of wool. Stomach pains and alarm force animals to chew or eat inedible objects that reduces pain, but aggravates problems with health even more.

as a result of disorder of digestion develops untidiness. It is possible to eradicate this habit only when the dog falls into good hands, but not everyone will decide to take a dog with such problems – and the vicious circle turns out.

to the Thrown dog will carry if it gets to good (a keyword "good") a shelter where volunteers will be able competently to take care of it, or will find new careful owners. Otherwise, alas, the destiny it is unenviable – wanderings which come to an end very sadly, or life locked up.

 Sbaki in a photo shelter
On a photo: the thrown dogs in a shelter

How to help the thrown dog?

of the Research of dogs, got to a shelter, showed that at them stress hormone – cortisol constantly raises. But if from the first day to begin to walk with a dog at least on 45 minutes, then for the third day cortisol ceases to raise, so, the dog has a chance to cope with a stress.

the Good sign demonstrating that the dog accustoms to a shelter – the fact that it gets out of the box and gets into it at a dog are lifted ears, a tail and the head is raised. Employees of the American shelters note that the similar state is characteristic of dogs in 48 – 96 hours after hit in a shelter.

As for new house, the easiest to a dog to get used to it if she lives in the open-air cage on the street or, on the contrary, in the master's bedroom.

the First option does not give to a dog the chance to do strong harm to property of new owners, so, it is exposed to pressure less, it has less chances to be thrown again and she can have a rest better.

of Advantage of the second option is faster and easy formation of affection for new owners that does correction of behavior by more possible, despite risk of damage of property and manifestation of behavioural problems.

If lodge a dog in kitchen or a corridor and do not allow to enter the bedroom, then, unfortunately, the probability of repeated refusal of it strongly increases.

All this needs to be considered if you made the decision to take a dog whom the previous owner refused.

 the Thrown dogs of a photo On a photo: the thrown dog in a shelter

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