• Apr 17, 2020

Whether it is possible to train in this team in 2-3 days? Probably and, it is possible to accustom a dog or the shchenochka to resort at the command of a podzyv in 2-3 days in the environment without irritants where it is boring for it and he knows that at the command of a podzyv he will receive many delicacies.

But, unfortunately, such teams which seem to us simple and basic are most often connected with needs of nature of our pets and basic interests, that is to teach our dog to give up games with other animals and to run at the command of a podzyv to the owner …

C of what suddenly to it it has to be interesting to class="img-responsive" to resort to the owner when here it has his friends and it plays tag or fight now, or he found a dead crow and tries to devour it, and here the owner somewhere from far away shouts "To me!", and a crow — it already here, it here. And this natural vidotipichny behavior of our pet.

And if our dog went for a walk in the field together with us, lifted a hare and here she drives, she has a hunting instinct, to her it is interesting and good, she receives dopamines (hormone of improbable pleasure), and suddenly the owner calls a dog at the command of a podzyv from what suddenly our dog has to throw a hare and come running to the owner?

Of course, to train in this team so that the dog carried out it in the environment of complicated, in the environment with strong irritants it is possible, but it will demand our inclusiveness. Will demand working off of a certain number of games if we speak about work in line with an operantny method of training, in line with training by means of a positive reinforcement, we say that we do not punish a dog for the fact that it disobeyed, we say that we offer a dog the whole system of various games from simpler to more difficult. In which we teach a dog first of all: what is team of a podzyv that it implies. Further we begin to work more difficult situations and to train a dog to choose the owner or an irritant, or in the presence of a radrazhitel to choose the owner. Then we teach a dog to be able to stop when the dog runs to an irritant and to return to the owner.

Everything is good in its season and, of course, in 2-3 days we will not be able to teach even to come back an ingenious dog from very difficult environment. But it is possible. But will demand both time, and efforts, and investments our psychological, the correct training, etc.

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