• May 29, 2019

Many like to travel, but almost all tourists have pets who for the period of the cruises are a pity for leaving at home, not all countries are glad to animals. Short top-10 the cities to which it is possible to go with a dog on the vacation will help to choose correctly the place where will accord to a canine friend the appropriate welcome.

Top of 10 Cities to Which It Is Possible to Go with a Dog

the Cities to which fans of dogs should pay attention:

Where It Is Possible to Depart with a Dog to a Travel



  1. Island of Santorini (Greece). Greece treats any animals quite loyally, and the island of Santorini — the region of turquoise domes and magnificent bugenvilliya, will be to the taste to a dog and her owner. However it is necessary to consider what to the long-haired pet can be in the summer very hot there.
  2. Menorka (Spain) is a part of Balearic Islands. Hotels annually increase the number of rooms for accommodation with dogs.
  3. The national reserve Killarni (Ireland) offers tourists the rest in cottages enjoying wide popularity of vacationers and their animals. there the owner and a dog are provided to themselves .
  4. Cornwall (Great Britain). In the English transport are allowed prior to trips of a doggie of all sizes and breeds, the main thing that the dog tourist had the pet passport with a mark about an inoculation from an ekhinokokk.
  5. Fjords (Norway). In the Scandinavian countries often slantwise look at tourists with animals, but an exit is — a fascinating cruise on the Norwegian fiords for a research of rich heritage of Vikings on couple with the dog.
  6. Rome (Italy). The Italians adoring animals of freely allow them in transport, shops and restaurants (large doggies, naturally, in a muzzle and on a lead).
  7. Paris (France). In Paris it is not necessary to tie the favourite near cafe or bistro, he can quietly be captured with himself and to have a dinner together. In some places even serve the special dog dishes.
  8. Amsterdam (Holland). Not only in Amsterdam, but also other cities of Holland are tolerant to manifestation of many human weaknesses. And dogs are on the first place . There, as well as in France, it is possible to have dinner with a favourite dog, without leaving it. In city parks sobakolyuba can go out with the shaggy friend anywhere. An exception are only zones for rest of children.
  9. Berlin (Germany) is expanse for tourists and their fluffies. Dogs are freely passed in public transport (small — in special carryings, large — in muzzles and on leads). In shops, hotels, cafe and expensive restaurants do not object to shaggy clients . But it is necessary to warn administration that the traveler will be not one.
  10. Geneva (Switzerland). Swisses do not object to travel of dogs in trains.

However an animal should acquire the special ticket.

And also are glad to tourists with dogs such countries as Japan, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Israel, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Brazil, Croatia.

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