• Mar 28, 2019

Gastritis can be caused in a dog by an external or internal factor. In the first case it can be, for example, improper feeding. In the second — the violation which arose in an organism. Having studied 7 factors provoking gastritis at dogs it is possible to prevent serious consequences. Among them — development of enteritis or ulcer. If in time not to carry out treatment, the pet will have stomach pains and a general malaise.

Top of 7 Factors Provoking Gastritis at Dogs

Main reasons for a disease

If the pet ails, it is required to address experts quickly. Among frequent causes of illness:

Reasons of Development of Gastritis in Dogs

  • improper feeding;
  • poisoning;
  • wrong drug intake;
  • the recommended food temperature is not observed;
  • foreign objects in a stomach;
  • problems with teeth and gums;
  • congenital pathology and wreckers.

Symptoms of Gastritis at a Dog

Intake of the spicy, rough or spoiled food is contraindicated. It is necessary to exclude also food with the increased content of spices. To exclude a disease, it is necessary to adhere to a diet .

of Poisoning or the wrong use of drugs — one of the most frequent reasons of gastritis. Attention needs to be paid also to temperature of food. It has to be room temperature or slightly warm.

Food of a Dog at Gastritis

The splinter of a bone or a stick, a fragment of a wooden or plastic toy and other foreign matters do harm to a stomach. They break its habitual activity and lead to an injury of a mucous membrane of body .

Diseases of gums and teeth carry to the internal reasons. The food coming to a stomach has to be carefully chewed. For this reason it is necessary to watch a condition of a mouth of the pet .

the Disease can be caused by congenital pathology. Such dogs need high-quality prevention of gastritis. Among other common causes — activity of parasites and results of development of infections.

Ways of prevention

Measures of prevention are recommended for all dogs. But especially careful observance is necessary after the end of therapy. This advice will help to avoid a recurrence:

  • vitamins and minerals in enough have to be a part of a forage;
  • the pet always has to receive the recommended norm of food, without overeating and without starving;
  • it is worth deciding on feeding time, adhering to the chosen hours.

Prevention of Gastritis at Dogs

The diet of a dog should not contain the food intended for people. Even if the owner does not add salt or spices to a dish. The structure of minerals can not be suitable for an organism of a dog.

Independent selection of medicines or methods of treatment is excluded. It can lead to development of an acute disease and to its severe forms.

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