• Feb 17, 2020
If you train in

a dog by method of a positive reinforcement, then in you pass a certain moment into the mode of a variable reinforcement.

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If you constantly give out reinforcement, you teach a dog to expect an award for each action. If you you use a variable reinforcement, the dog learns to continue to obey you, even when delicacy or a toy is given not every time. Actually, if it is correct to do everything, you will be able to pass into the mode when the reinforcement is given quite seldom.

Variable reinforcement much is more effective than constant. Dogs become some kind of "compulsive gamblers", trying to achieve "jackpot".

But it is important to pass correctly from constant encouragement to variable. And for this purpose it is necessary to convince a dog, that the award all the same will be. It is necessary to make a little more efforts only.

Begin "to thin out" delivery delicacies gradually. For example, encourage a dog for every second exercise, but very quickly you pass into the unpredictable mode of encouragement.

The matter is that dogs not bad consider, and still they perfectly define time intervals. And if you is constant you encourage every third exercise, the dog will very quickly get to the core of your system.

Instead change conditions. Encourage for 3 exercises, then for 1, for 5, for 2, for 3, etc. again

As a result dog, which not knows when it is waited by an award (but which is sure that a prize all the same sooner or later will be) will begin to try even more – each exercise brings closer it to the desirable!

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