• May 15, 2019

of Attempt of a puppy affection cause to draw attention of owners. There is nothing terrible that the fluffy lump jumps or licks the face of inhabitants of the house.

Ways to Teach a Puppy It Is Correct to React to Guests in the House

But not to all guests such behavior amusing, but nevertheless an animal can be pleasant.

of the Dog grow quickly. If not to pay attention to their behavior, then and owners can suffer from sharp claws.

That it did not happen, it is necessary to study secrets which will help to teach a puppy to react correctly to guests in the house.

Experts consider that can even disaccustom an adult dog to a habit to rush on everyone entering the house . For this purpose several tens of pieces of favourite delicacy and a little time are required.

needs to be realized In the beginning as the puppy has to welcome owners and guests. Obviously, it is the best of all sitting, it can be stroked and are not afraid at the same time of aggression or excessive love.

Actions for training are as follows:

How to disaccustom a dog to bark at guests

How to teach a puppy is correct to react to guests

  1. Daily for several weeks a moment before feeding when the pet is full and quiet to bring it to a door is chosen. to Then, having given the sit team, to support the actions with a tasty piece . If the puppy executes everything, it is necessary to consolidate achievements, having held a training several times. The animal has to understand that it is necessary just to sit, without moving, without trying to bark or rush on the owner with delight. It is necessary to tell further that he is free and to throw food far away from an entrance. If the doggie does not understand team, it is required to show the discontent and to give food only when he stops undesirable actions.
  2. After the first stage will be passed and the puppy will learn to control the actions, it is necessary to pretend that the owner leaves and returns. For an insurance is required to fix a lead that it did not run out from the house . If the animal does not get up from the place and does not give a vote, it is possible to encourage it with a tidbit. This exercise needs to be done until the necessary result is not achieved. It is possible to add a call or knock to a door.
  3. the Third exercise needs to be carried out with the assistant , and it is desirable that he was not too familiar to a canine friend. The puppy undertakes on a lead before the guest calls a door. After the team of the owner he has to sit down if it does not occur, it is required to ignore it completely. And so also the assistant has to make. When the animal calms down, it is possible to encourage him with a praise and food.
  4. As soon as the pet will begin to behave correctly, it is possible to replace a lead with a thin string. It is not removed by several days that the habit was developed. Only for the night or when all leave the house, it is possible to save the little fidget from a string. After a while he will develop a reflex how it is necessary to behave.

All these actions will help to cultivate discipline at the growing-up animal. Then guests bravely will enter the house and will even be able to play with the four-footed pet.

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