• Jan 9, 2020

Features of character of a tiny bull terrier

On character a tiny bull terrier – vigorous, very active dog who adores moving and does it promptly. So if you got this dog, it is necessary to provide her active long walking (at least 3 hours a day).

 the Red tiny bull terrier goes on a photo grass

On a photo: tiny bull terrier. Photo: akc.org

The character of a tiny bull terrier is distinguished by some independence and even sometimes obstinacy. However it does not mean that the tiny bull terrier cannot be trained and brought up. Everything is possible, the main thing – to stock up with patience and to keep calm.

If it is correct to div class=" quote to bring up a minibull terrier, he will become the excellent partner. However if to neglect education of a tiny bull terrier, he is capable to cause not so small problems. Including in the absence of due socialization these dogs are inclined to show aggression in relation to other animals.

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