• Dec 24, 2019
of the Dog in my life were since the childhood. In the beginning a lap dog, then the German mastiff became my dream (and in student's years I fulfilled this dream). Then bought a Labrador and, once having arrived with him to an exhibition, saw a wonderful dog — it was the American Akita. And when we with the husband decided to get the house, there was an opportunity to fulfill one more dream. Our love to akita began with that moment.


the American Akita is a large, proud, self-confident dog. They are rather quiet, balanced, do not require special attention to themselves. That is they will meet you, to make up, pay a tribute of respect, and then will leave to go about the own business.
of Observation of the manufacturer: The American Akita is almost imperceptible in the house. She is compact and quietly lies on the place. This dog will not get under feet and to prevent to live. Probably, it is distinctive feature of breed. With them comfortably and comfortably to live.
the American Akita does not need intensive physical activities. This is not a working dog therefore it is necessary to load her exactly so much that she well felt. Naturally, walks and the movement are necessary for akita, but not to compare them about huskies or Samoyeds — working dogs whose distinctive feature — endurance. The Akita has enough 40 minutes of trainings a day when there is a serious preparation for exhibitions. Of course, when akit there was not one, but four, in the house appeared exercise machines: the racetrack, kavalett, etc. for training of dogs for large exhibitions. But, nevertheless, it is rather quiet and inactive dogs.
However, the American Akita — a powerful dog who if necessary is capable to maintain quite big loadings. For example, our dogs can run behind bicycle of 7 — 10 kilometers. It is remarkable that at all their power, they very fast and resourceful.
American an Akita do not love other dogs. But if they treat small doggies with neglect, then perceive big as rivals. However, for example, at exhibitions they accurately distinguish dogs of the breed and treat them more loyally. However, if they are not touched, the conflicts do not provoke. But if there is a fight, then it will be a serious fight, and an Akita, owing to the power, can easily put injuries to other dog. It is necessary to remember it. However it does not mean that Akita will do it without the reason. Most often it is self-defense.
of Observation of the manufacturer: As for relationship with other pets, here everything is individual. If to bring a puppy of the American Akita to the house where there live cats — he will perceive them absolutely normally. But as for our dogs, foreign cats to our yard ceased to look.
Aggression in relation to the person at the American Akita is a disqualifying defect. They "plush" and very tender.
American an Akita perfectly concern children. I will not speak about the dogs — they do not communicate with small children, except for guests — but very many bought from us puppies in families with children, and there are no problems. Everything depends on education.
At the American Akita very high pain threshold. Therefore they stoically transfer, for example, painful veterinary manipulations.
Observation of the manufacturer: There is an opinion that it is very heavy to deserve the authority at the American Akita, and to some extent I agree with it. I worked at one of exhibitions with others akita which saw for the first time in life and which did not understand the Russian speech, and everything passed remarkably. Probably, the dog understood that I work with akita that I know on what "button" to press. But I know also the mass of cases when the handlers who got used to work with more active and obedient dogs could not find a common language with the American akita.
American an Akita absolutely normally transfer loneliness. They just lay down and sleep, they have no enormous energy, as at many other breeds. More likely, they even enjoy loneliness and sometimes want to stay alone with themselves and to have a rest from all.
American an Akita — taciturn persons. It is necessary to try very much that they published though some sounds.
American an Akita — devoted dogs also quite difficult endure change of owners though it happens that to them look for new family. Sometimes, unfortunately, people take them, without realizing that it is large, serious breed, rather capricious, and do not cope.

Education and training of the American Akita

the American Akita is a dog partner. Its main destination — to be with people. This is not the "professional" security guard and not the hunter.
Observation of the manufacturer:
of Ya saw a lot of American akit with which seriously are engaged. They master both freestyle, and dog agility, and protective guard duty, and the general course of training … anything! But consider that the American Akita up to 2 years cannot be trained to bite, and in principle, it is not really suitable "work" for representatives of breed. In genetics the lack of aggression in relation to people is put and if a young dog with not created mentality to learn to show this aggression, there is a contradiction, and there are "failures" after which to restore a dog extremely difficult, it is almost impossible. Though they protect the territory.
often ask Me: and what they will do if thieves get into the house? I answer that I do not know until nobody showed willingness to try.
If to begin occupations with the childhood, the American Akita perfectly gives in to training. After all in this breed blood of German shepherds flows, and it is shown.
For me training — not the most important. I work with dogs on contact more to achieve obedience — just for comfortable life and safety of the dog. Plus to it as dogs exhibition, we are engaged in exhibition training.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: The American Akita not really likes to play with a ball and to aportirovat therefore to motivate them with a toy quite difficult. Among akit there are food industry workers who are simply mad about food, and there are those who treat "vkusnyashka" absolutely calmly. Most likely, the best motivation for them is a contact with the owner or the handler (eyes, voice, exchange of positive emotions).
Socialization of puppies we begin
with two-week age when they open eyes and they begin to hear. Loud sounds, presence of people, turning on of the tape recorder in meal time, the lawn-mower, a saw — schooling to all this begins with the smallest age. Plus to everything as soon as all vaccination is done, I take each puppy and I leave with it to the city. We walk among people, among cars, on crosswalks. Thanks to the fact that the American Akita — the dog contact also loves people socialization takes place easily.
But not too be under a delusion with
. If you take the American Akita as "teddy bear" and do not make efforts to gain authority of a dog, the dog will be quite capricious and will begin to do that she wants, but not to you. However if you inform of a thought the pet that "so it is impossible", she will listen to your opinion.
Observation of the manufacturer: When I undertake to train foreign dogs, I never do it in the absence of owners. I teach people to treat a dog correctly. Because the person needs to explain what is dog language as to understand it that the dog wants how to convey the necessary information to her. We, communicating with our dogs, we understand what they want from us — and to them enough sometimes one gesture, a semi-look, a half-word.


As the American Akita — a heavy dog, a dysplasia — one of genetic diseases to which the breed is subject. All my dogs surely take tests for a dysplasia, and all of them are healthy.
Happen allergy cases. And at one of our dogs the allergy to own wool in the period of a molt, but when the molt comes to an end, passes everything by itself.


American an Akita fade 2 times a year. I resolve an issue simply: every week my dog, I blow her the compressor and I remove wool. Therefore the molt passes with the minimum discomfort for us.
of Observation of the manufacturer: American an Akita — exclusively clean dogs, are quickly accustomed to a toilet, and them rather two times walking.
I wash with
Ya dogs in process of pollution and before exhibitions. If exhibitions every week – means, dogs wash every week, irrespective of weather. It is not difficult to me to wash 4 Akitas in one day. And as our dogs live in the house and sleep with us in a bed, the fact that they clean, soft and fluffy is important. But wool at them self-cleaning, they in principle do not go dirty.
American an Akita adore winter and snow. They bury in snowdrifts and go bananas. Summer they transfer quietly, adapt to a heat: choose the town more cool and lie there till the evening.
surely regularly we cut with
claws, we brush ears and teeth. I consider that toothbrushing is obligatory at least 1 time a month.


Ya — the adherent of ready-made feeds. Tasted both porridges, and the mixed food, but nevertheless came to a dry feed. First, for a large number of dogs it is heavy to weld on food, and secondly, it is rather difficult to balance a diet. I watch the dogs and I see in what they to a form. Therefore for us it is the best exit.
But we do not forget
about vitamins. 1 time in half a year each dog receives the course. Adult dogs — just supporting multivitamins, young people — collagen, хондрозамин, hondroprotektor.

American Akita: video

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