• Mar 11, 2019

Going to the resort or to a tourist travel, owners of pets face a problem of care of favourites. They need to be walked, fed and shown to the veterinarian regularly. There are 10 ideas where to attach a dog for the period of the holiday. It will be anyway necessary to consider all available options and to choose from them the most suitable.

Where to Attach a Dog for the period of the Holiday

the Best ideas

Any dog will always miss the owner therefore owners of a pet need to find a way to reduce negative consequences from temporary separation.

the Best ways to attach a pet:

Useful Tips from Professional Setters

Zoohotel for Pets

Leave a Dog in the Film Logical Center

  1. Relatives . Going on the vacation, it is possible to leave the dog to parents, children or other close people. In most cases relatives with pleasure will agree to care for an animal and to play with it.
  2. Neighbours and friends . If there is no opportunity to leave a dog native, it is necessary to look for options among acquaintances. It is the best of all to give a dog to not indifferent neighbors whom he treats kindly. In this case the animal will not need to change a situation and to move from the dwelling.
  3. the Coming assistant . It is possible to find many people who offer services of care of pets in the Internet. It is important to choose carefully the candidate as the person will not only care for the pet, but also to regularly visit the apartment.
  4. Dogsitter . Recently the profession became demanded. Her representatives carry out a role of the nurse for a dog and follow all instructions of owners.
  5. Zoohotel . There are special hotels for animals where any pet will better look after, than the person. However such pleasure costs quite much and not each owner of a dog can afford it.
  6. Overexposure . There is a set of services which offer similar service. In case of the consent of the owner, the dog will be given to the checked person who will care for her. Overexposure much cheaper than zoohotel therefore needy people can use such option costs.
  7. Veterinary clinic . Some veterinary clinics offer owners of animals of service of overexposure. In this case the dog will live in the special open-air cage established in the territory of clinic.
  8. Film logical center . It is possible to send the pet to this organization and not to be afraid for negative consequences. Here the animal will be supported in warm open-air cages and to feed with quality food.
  9. Hunting farms. For owners of dogs of hunting breeds this option will be the best. The animal will receive good care and will be able to participate in catching of birds or animals.
  10. Specialized bases. In most cases they are located outside the city therefore the dog will always be in the environmentally friendly area and to receive full care.

Useful tips

To avoid any problems with pets, it is necessary to consider the recommendations of professional cynologists.

They will help to prevent negative situations and to improve keeping of an animal.

Useful tips:

Councils how to Control a Condition of a Dog Remotely

  1. Before giving the pet, it is necessary to make the instruction. In it preferences of a dog and feature of his behavior have to be specified.
  2. To be sure of good attitude to the pet, it is necessary to ask a setter to send it to the photo daily.
  3. Each animal has the character therefore it is better to warn people who will look after it, about possible problems.

the Dog is a loyal friend who will never leave the person alone. However it cannot be told about people who sometimes should leave the pets.

That time of separation of an animal from the owner was less painful, it is necessary to be prepared and consider all features of character of a dog in advance.

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