• Mar 29, 2019

the Majority of large four-footed mammals have problems with the musculoskeletal device. It is caused by the raised load of paws of an animal and existence of congenital predisposition. Quite often the dysplasia of joints occurs in pets. 6 breeds of dog most of which often suffer from this disease need the correct treatment and special leaving.

6 breeds of dog most of which often suffer from a dysplasia of joints

breeds Subject to a dysplasia

Veterinarians allocate 6 popular breeds of dog, the most subject to a dysplasia of joints. In most cases this disease affects animals of big weight and a strong constitution.

are In a zone of risk:

What Dogs Suffer from a Dysplasia of Joints

  1. St. Bernard. It is one of the largest breeds which distinctive feature — devotion to the owner and obedience.
  2. Rottweiler. A strong guard dog who is famous for the endurance and good learning ability.
  3. English mastiff. One of the most ancient breeds differing in the big size and friendly character.
  4. Newfoundland dog. The large dog, having congenital skills of the rescuer and the good swimmer.
  5. German shepherd. This office and search breed is distinguished with good mental capacities and devotion to the owner.
  6. Mastino-neapolitano. The large sentry dog capable to protect owners and their property from ill-wishers.

Prevention of a disease

To prevent a dysplasia, it is necessary to watch carefully over health of the pet and to hold obligatory preventive events. Only in this case the risk of emergence of a problem will be minimized.

Necessary measures:

Dysplasia of Joints

  1. Correction of a daily diet. The dysplasia appears from behind excessive amount of calcium in an animal organism. Therefore owners have to give to the dog the moderate number of bones and fat meat .
  2. Regular walks. If several times a day to give to a dog the chance to run much, then it never will touch on an issue with joints.
  3. Absence of injuries. Injuries of extremities often lead to appearance of a dysplasia. That it did not occur, needs to preserve animals against excessive loadings, dislocations and other injuries .
  4. Visit of veterinary clinic. If it is regular to show a dog to doctors, then the problem can be diagnosed at an early stage. It will help to begin with quickly treatment and to avoid a set of negative consequences .

of the Dog which are more often than others have problems with joints, need high-quality departure and regular visit of the veterinarian.

If is correct to care for a pet and to take preventive measures, then it is possible to protect it from many diseases.

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