• Feb 21, 2019

of the Dog accompany the person from time immemorial. They are represented on rock paintings, but nobody knows when dogs were tamed. People sacredly believe that they know about them everything. But whether so it? Modern scientific researches represent 7 interesting facts about dogs about whom very few people heard.

 Several interesting facts about dogs

Sense organs

The dog quicker than the person finds objects, picks up a trail and finds production, as possesses phenomenal sense organs:

Scent at Dogs

  1. Dog scent . Always was considered that it most sharply among land mammals. However it is not absolutely the truth. The dog concedes sense of smell to elephants, bears and many wild predators. However, it more sharply human in 100 thousand times. The dog catches smells at distance to kilometer, and sometimes more — everything depends on intensity of a smell. Smells in "dictionary" of a dog nearly half a million. And it makes her irreplaceable searching both people, and threats for their life.
  2. the Absolute truth — dog hearing . On range it, of course, concedes to a cat, but in auditory acuity costs as equals. And, certainly, surpasses the person — hears 75% better, and on distance to a hearing source — is 6 times farther.
  3. was considered Until recently that dogs are color-blind persons , see in principle badly and the lack of sight to them is compensated by sense of smell and hearing. Yes, it happens if the dog grew blind — he is quite capable to live fully in society and to be guided in the house and on the street. But their sight is developed not much worse, than human. Let's tell, they see in the dark much better, have a bigger viewing angle. Just the intensity of flowers at them is lower, than at people and red with green they see as grayish-yellow therefore they practically do not distinguish.

of Breed, noses, intelligence

Breeds of dog — great variety. They can differ with the structure of a body, color of wool, a shape of ears. But representatives of any breed have the identical number of second teeth and bones.

it is difficult to believe

B, but also the kid has a chihuahua, and at the Tibetan mastiff 42 teeth and 321 bones.

they Differ only with length and the sizes .

The Interesting Facts about Dogs

  1. The majority of artificially removed breeds — the beings, extremely whimsical in respect of health, who are seldom living up to 10−12 years. The cause is — bunches of hereditary diseases. Even if the test of parents shows negative result, say, of a dysplasia - it is not a guarantee of healthy cubs. The interesting fact, but without exception all dogs are subject to the same disease — obesity. Most often in it entirely wine of owners. Not a rarity — poisoning with chocolate and sometimes even very modest dose of grapes, up to an allergic coma and fast death.
  2. At dogs it is possible to remove prints. No, not small pillows of paws, they are not unique. The pattern on a nose — just as human fingerprints is unique. Dogs are not to two identical prints of a nose even in one dung! Before introduction of chips in some countries the card file of noses on a case of loss of the pet was conducted.
  3. The dog has sensitive mind, but very few people heard that intelligence at her at the level of the child of 3−5 years. Among canids she will concede, perhaps, only to a wolf — that is intellectually about 2 years more senior. Dogs can remember more than two hundred combinations of words and gestures thanks to what they rather easily pass to other language. They are not deprived of envy and competitive spirit that becomes invaluable during the training and preparation for exhibitions. And still dogs are empaths. They feel emotions of owners so that can test them. Also the empathy together with a scent makes them quite good diagnosticians of many diseases including cancer.

Here such surprising facts are suppressed behind four paws, a unique nose and a tail.

of People surround sversushchestvo with daltonism and intelligence of the baby which won love of mankind long ago.

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