• Mar 5, 2019

Process of acquisition of a pet is quite responsible action which it is worth approaching most responsibly. It is the most difficult to make a right choice of a dog. Professional manufacturers allocate 9 main mistakes made upon purchase of a puppy. They often lead to the fact that the animal quickly turns from an object of general love into a burden.


The people wishing to get a dog often neglect rules of her purchase. Because of it there is a set of problems which lead to the worst consequences for an animal. That it did not occur, it is necessary to try to avoid the following mistakes:

Optimum Age

Puppy on Hands

Choice of a Puppy

  1. Not enough information is collected. Most of families buy to themselves a dog, being based only on own preferences. It quite often leads to emergence of numerous problems with an animal. The careful analysis and detailed studying of all available breeds will help to avoid them.
  2. Acquisition of the first animal. All puppies are charming therefore people often buy the first seen kid. However not always such choice will be correct.
  3. Purchase of the cheapest animal. Sometimes it is possible to find dogs whom sell several times cheaper, than there are puppies of their breed. In this case should study attentively an animal and to check his family tree .
  4. Ignoring of personal impressions. The appearance of the manufacturer and his methods of treatment of pets can tell a lot of things. If there are doubts that animals grew in good conditions and have ideal health, then it is better to refuse purchase.
  5. Lack of acquaintance to parents. Before paying money, it is necessary to look at puppy parents. It will help to see the bought dog such what she will be in several years.
  6. Overdue paperwork. The sold puppy surely has to be correctly issued. Otherwise there can be difficulties with establishment of its family tree.
  7. Buyers are not interested in health of an animal. It is the most frequent mistake which leads to acquisition of a sick dog.
  8. Full confidence to the manufacturer. Not all sellers of dogs differ in honesty. To avoid problems, it is necessary to take part not only in the choice of the pet , but also in its registration.
  9. The contract is not made. Without this document it will be impossible to prove the fact of purchase of a puppy. If something goes not so, then it will be quite difficult to return the paid money.

That process of purchase of a puppy did not turn into the presents test, it is necessary to take in attention of the recommendation of experts. They will help to avoid mistakes and to find to the person of the loyal friend.

Useful tips:

Mistakes at Purchase of a Puppy

  1. It is necessary to buy the pet together with the skilled friend or the acquaintance.
  2. At the time of sale to a dog of small breed there have to be not less than 8 weeks, and large — 12.
  3. The seller has to have all documents on an animal and also references from veterinary clinics.
  4. The buyer has to ask in detail the manufacturer on nuances of care of an animal .
  5. It is impossible to buy a dog from unchecked people.

a puppy, it is necessary to consider the recommendations of experts and to avoid serious mistakes.

If is possible to make it, then the new family member will become not just a pet, and the true friend.

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