• May 30, 2019

of the Dog, as well as people, have specific features. There are 9 most unusual dog records which are written down in the Guinness Book of Records. These achievements were not surpassed meanwhile by any four-footed pet. For example, the dog whose age was nearly 30 years died not so long ago. He set a record on life expectancy.

Top-9 the Most Unusual Dog Records

Unique achievements

Alton Bol started to set a record on deduction of delicious stones on the head of a retriever. The owner accurately stacked each delicacy to a dog on the head and Golden held 36 stones short time. Other tricks:

Tibetan Mastiff

The dog jumps

  1. the Tibetan mastiff is considered expensive dog in the world . In the CIS countries the puppy of this breed costs an average of 7500 dollars. In Tibet these animals sell at 10000 dollars. One multimillionaire bought a thoroughbred dog for 1.5 million dollars.
  2. Günther IX is a richest German shepherd in the world . According to some information, four-footed possesses a fortune in 373 million dollars. Such wealth remained to a dog from his hostess Karolita Libenstein who bequeathed to Günther everything, than she owned.
  3. Dog Aida managed to run through a tunnel from human legs . People got up in a long column, put legs at shoulder length, and Aida without vanity and panic quietly ran through this tunnel. Before the terrier to Ella was a champion.
  4. one Japanese cynologist has a dog by nickname Mayonnaise which by accident wanted to jump with the owner on a jump rope . After that the cynologist trained 13 quadrupeds. They at the same time jumped through a jump rope and set a new record of Ginnes.
  5. the Dog by nickname Pie set for once two records . The owner delivered on the head to a dog glass with water weighing 141 grams who went down on 10 steps and rose back back to front, without having poured water. Other achievement — overcoming 100 m of a way with a can on the head for 175 sec.

The heaviest dog is Flynn whose weight is 128 kg, and a neck grasp — 96.5 cm. Therefore mastiffs and St. Bernards by right are considered as heavy breeds of dog in the world.

However a record is kept by the English mastiff. Its weight was 156 kg, and growth in withers — 95 cm

Surprising records

The long-haired chihuahua by nickname the Woman from Kentucky was considered as the most tiny. Its growth is 10.16 cm. But this record was not so long ago broken by Millie's dog: its height is 5.53 cm, and weight is only 170 grams. Other achievements:

Irish Wolfhounds

  1. The Irish wolfhounds and the Danish mastiffs — the highest breeds. Recently the record was set by a mastiff by nickname Zeus: its weight — 110 kg, length from a nose to edge of a tail — 210 cm, and growth — 111.8 cm
  2. St. Bernards the strongest. In 1978 a dog by nickname Bear could drag the cart loaded with rails on distance of 4.57 m. Lump of freight was 2905 kg. Four-footed weighed 80 kg. This record is still not broken.
  3. Greykhaunda — fast dogs which reach weight to 40 kg. The pet by nickname Is old Taytl ran a short distance with a speed of 68 km/h. These quadrupeds are often used for hunting for hares.
  4. In 2006 the borzoi known as the Cinderella set a record, having jumped in height on 172.72 cm. And in 1849 грэйхаунд Beng in a pursuit of a hare jumped in height on 140 cm and in length of 9.14 m

the Dobermann terrier Zauer is considered the best pathfinder. To this day any dog was not compared to it.

the Pinscher could from the crime scene on traces find villains who were for hundreds of kilometers.

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