• Dec 3, 2019

Training American to the bull — a task not really difficult. These are quite intellectual and obedient dogs who are perfectly understanding that it is necessary for the owner.

 American to the bull of the house of a photo On a photo: American to the bull

American to the bull does not show aggression therefore and in training it is necessary to adhere to gentle and friendly approach. The best method of training American to the bull — a positive reinforcement.

Surely provide American to the bull access to various toys that he did not miss alone.

The important part is assigned to socialization of a puppy American the bull. In relation to people they are, as a rule, not aggressive, and here other animals can be attacked so since the early childhood accustom American to the bull without aggression to perceive other animals.

American to the bull quickly enough remembers teams, but you should not teach it to all and at once. In the beginning let the dog will master one command, and only then pass to following.

do not allow overfatigue in the course of training American to the bull (to read more about health American to the bull ). It is better if occupations are short and more frequent (for example, 2 — 3 times a day 5 minutes), than rare and long.

Use of physical force in the course of training American to the bull and also the roughness and shouts will do only one harm. The soft and kind pet will not begin to revenge, of course, but will take offense for certain, and it will undermine confidence of a dog in relation to you. And it will be quite difficult to restore trust.

as encouragement at first surely use delicacy which can be replaced then with a praise. Pay special attention to delicacy and to feeding American the bull .

Irreplaceable qualities when training American to the bull — persistence, patience and softness. In this case you grow up the excellent partner.

 American to the bull on photo snow On a photo: American the bull
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